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I am new to the community of surgery of any kind....

I am new to the community of surgery of any kind. I have wanted to get breast reduction surgery for about 5 years now but I have been scared that I will be denied by my insurance (medicaid) because I am overweight. I am 5'8" and 228 pounds. I am considered obese but I have actually lost close to 25 pounds since the beginning of September 2013. It is now October 30th so within two months I feel that is a really good number. I have already called my doctor for previous years and gave them the heads up that my surgeon will be calling for any medical records detailing back/neck/ shoulder pain. I have a consultation on November 15th at 4 PM.

Am I a G or an H?

When I went to my doctor the other day she asked what my bra size was. when I told her a G she was really surprised. Most people don't realize my breasts are as big as they are because I try my best to conceal them. Back in September when I first decided to lose weight I measured myself and realized that instead of wearing a DD or a DDD like I thought I wore I was actually supposed to be wearing a G. So I ordered a G from online (because there are no stores around her where you can buy them from) and when I got it it was amazing. I fit in it really well. That is I thought I did because I was so used to squeezing into a DD that there was just so much more room. But yesterday with the G bra on I measured myself again and now I believe I am really supposed to be wearing an H. I'm 8'' in difference between band and cup and most charts I have seen say that should be an h cup! Holy cow that is just crazy.

Only ten days until my consultation!

I got my recommendation letter from my chiropractor yesterday. She is such a great woman. She joked with me about not writing one for me because she was afraid she would lose my business if I got smaller boobs but in the end she wrote it and I was so happy. I have my permission to release medical records paper ready to fax to my old doctor so that my surgeon can get info for insurance. I am trying to think of everything I can do to get approved and I was even thinking how wonderful would it be if I got approved and able to have my surgery before Christmas? I know it is a long shot but if my consultation is the 15th of Nov. and the insurance gets back to me within the two weeks after that and my surgeon doesn't have to busy of a schedule it might happen! It would be great because I usually get about 2 weeks off for Christmas break from my job so I wouldn't have to miss to much pay....

Well anyway, a girl can hope right? LOL Wish me Luck Ladies!

One week until consultation!

I am dying! I can't wait for my consultation so I can get this thing going! Wish I would have gone with the first appt. time available but I didn't because I had to work. Now I am wishing I would have just skipped work that day because the waiting is killing me! Anyways, I have been out shopping lately and I was checking out the matching panties and bras! OMG they are so cute! I haven't owned any since the beginning of high school 12-13 years ago! This weekend I am going to find my goal bra. I have pics of before and after to show the surgeon what I am hoping for and ones I don't like. My friends at work are starting to get freaked out by me because I keep staring at their boobs. I am totally boob obsessed right now. Well here are some pics. May I will post more later.

Consultation on friday!

Ugh.... it has seemed like such a long time since I set up the appointment. At this rate I know all the other parts of waiting (waiting for approval, waiting for surgery, waiting for drains to come out, waiting to heal) are gonna be killer. But I know it will totally be worth it. So anyway, I got stuff at the dollar tree for after surgery ( pads and gauze for dressings, paper tape, and Cocoa butter too) but I am not sure if I will use the paper tape if I can find something better. I bought the fruit of the loom front closure bra size 42 from walmart and tried it on and I love it! It fit me decently right now pre surgery so I actually wore it to work today, and I bought a new one size 38 for after surgery. I hope it will be the right size. I am continuing my weight loss. I'm now 223 so that is another 5 pounds off of me and my cup size hasn't changed but my band size did. I was 41.5 (rounded up to 42) and I just measured last night and it dropped to 40. I am still hoping for a December surgery so I hope the insurance company decides quickly once they get my info. I will be one of those crazy woman who call every day until I hear if I have to! I have also been wondering about size as well. I am undecided about where I want to be post surgery because I feel like I wouldn't identify with myself with small boobies! I have always been the girl with big knockers (just like all of you). I'm tall and stocky, but up until about two months ago I thought I was wearing DD's and when I realized I was really a GG/H I was blown away. Even when I thought I was DD it was too big for me to fathom so I think a large C would be the best for me.I know I need to be porportionate too so I hope a C will be good as a D is just to close to a DD for me to want anything to do with! Anyway, if you are reading this wish me luck that I get approved! I


Going for my consultation today! I'm nervous, and normally I am not but when I do get nervous I sweat. Poor doctor is going to have to examine me all gross and sweaty. Guess that will just add to the list of my problems that are caused by my huge boobs. LOL

all done

I just finished my consultation. The doctor was very knowledgeable and she made me feel comfortable as well. She said I am a great candidate for surgery and the only thing she sees that may hold me back from getting approval from is not having recent physical therapy. So I have been referred to do that in the mean time but she will turn in the papers on Monday so we can wait for an answer. I will have to get a mammogram because there are parts of dense tissue but she doesn't see it coming out bad. So now I'm playing the waiting game.

A little humor to keep me going .....

At my consult yesterday my PS told me that she will try really hard to make my breasts sisters once the op was done but they may end up cousins! LOL she said it is like that for all ops and that she has had so many patients worried about being perfectly symmetrical. I told her as long as they are a lot smaller I don't care! I was laughing so hard when I left my husband (who was in the car waiting) was so confused. He didn't get it when I told him so I had to explain in detail. He asked that they at least be related somehow! LMAO

Feeling discouraged

At the consult my PS ordered a breast reduction and physical therapy as well as a trip to my PCP for my shortness of breath. I had my first PT session yesterday and it went well. The therapist acted sort of put out that I was only there as an insurance requirement. My PS did not say why she wanted me to attend PT so when I told him it was basically because my insurance will most likely not cover my surgery unless I had participated in PT he was upset. I don't blame him because in all honesty it does seem like a big waste of time for him and me! I think some of the things he worked with me on will help for after surgery though so it won'e a total loss. I need to work on my posture as my big boobs have made it really hard for me to sit straight up and I have a very noticeable hunchback. Then today I went to my PCP for my check up for the shortness of breath and she ordered chest x-rays and blood work as well as a lung test. I was todl the blood work and xrays could be done in the same building but had to schedule an appointment with another building for the lung test on a different day. So I went down for blood work and after checking in and waiting for 3 minutes the secretary asked me if I had anything to eat yet. Seeing as how it was almost 4:30 by this time I was surprised that she asked because duh yes I had! well that nixed my blood work as one of the tests needed me to fast for 8-10 hours ahead of time. Waste of 30 minutes! i was upset because I was missing work for nothing. Then I go to my chest xray. It went well and I went back to work. So now I have physical therapy 2 times a week for one month and more after that, a mamogram that is schedule in a town 2 hours away from my town, a lung test, and a sleep test as well. these all take place the next town over which is 16 miles from my house and gas is not cheap! On top of all this I am scared I will be losing insurance soon because my husband is in the process of switching to a new job! I can't take the pressure! PS said they were going to submit the claim without PT and should have done it yesterday but I called my insurance today just o confirm they receive a claim and they havent! I know I am being a tad over dramatic and over obsessive but I really need and want this!


Been on the phone all week back and forth with drs, insurance and ps. Called ps.dept to see if had been submitted yet and they said yes. Called insurance and they didn't have it. So lady for insurance call ps office and they told her they were waiting on my photos to come back. They said sometime next week. Hopefully by wednesday because thursady is turkey day. Im just so frustrated. Insurance will only last maybe for the next two months and once they get info it could take up to 14days for a decision. Then I could get denied because I don't have enough physical therapy. What is a girl to do? It sucks hubby has to decide to switch jobs all of a sudden!


It pretty much looks like I am screwed. My medicaid ends 12/31/13 which is just a few short weeks away and info to insurance wasn't turned in until the 4th of december. It takes 14 days to hear back for approval which would put it at Christmas eve before I know. Called to see if I could schedule for any of the four business days after that and they said they cannot schedule without approval or I would have to pay up front. It is a company policy. Plus my ps is booking out to january already anyway. :( I'm just so frustrated. I get my hopes up just to get them knocked down again. It will take years for me to save for self pay ! This sucks, unless I get a miracle I won't be having surgery. Well at least not for the next few years anyway.


I was unfortunately cut on hours at work and that should allow me to keep my medical insurance for a while. Also I just heard from my PS and then a few hours later her nurse when she told me I have been approved! So really here is what happened. PS submitted letter to insurance on the 4th, I called on the 17th and they told me I was denied! I asked start the appeal process and wrote a letter for my PS to send with additional info to the insurance company. My PS called today and explained in depth why the surgery was denied. The company was basing the grams to be removed off of the Schnur scale and my PS said she could not commit to removing 895 grams per breast because it would leave me with nothing. So she asked me what I wanted her to do and I asked her if she thought they could be convinced if she explained to them why she wanted to only take 500-550 grams per breast. She said she would try her best and we got off the phone at 11:30am. I received another call from Her nurse at 3:19pm today where she informed me that My PS had convinced the insurance to approve my surgery and that the Ps told her to tell me Merry Christmas. I was so excited I almost wrecked my car! Good thing there were no other cars around! Anyway, I know have an appt. schedule on Jan. 3rd at 11 am so that we can discuss what they compromised on. The nurse said she thinks I will be pleased. I am so excited!

Got some new stuff today!

So I went out to the store to get some stuff for the surgery and I found some great deals. I got a goal bra ( 40C ), a post op bra (fruit of the loom, hot pink size 40) vitamin E oil, Scar strips which I found at a discount store where I live for 12 dollars and the entire store was 50% off so I got them for 60 bucks. There was a second box that was damaged and the cashier just opened it up and took the strips from it and put them in my box so I got double the amount! I checked at walmart after I left there and they sell for 20 bucks. So I got two boxes of scar strips for basically 85% off! I also got a bed rest pillow from that store that was originally $40 and it was 75% off so I got it for $10! I got pj tops that button ( i was hoping to find some short sleeved ones but no luck), cough drops, stool softener, and a few other odds and ends that I thought I would need. I am so excited for this. Also posted some pics of me in some bras.

next appoint in three days!

Only three more days until my next appointment. I'm not sure what its for exactly because I don't think it is a pre op appt. But I'm excited none the less. I am guessing it just to get more info from me and so I can set up a surgery date. I can't wait until this is done. It is going to make my life so much better. I still have the normal reservations about the shape and size as well as infection and nipple placement. I am going through with this for medical reasons but I don't want to be cosmeticallly flawed either. I've seen some great outcomes but teyve been on women with a lot of fullness on the tops of their breasts. There is virtually no fullness to mine in the top. Its all in the heavy sagging bottom. And my nipples are much bigger than the normal standard size so I am looking forward to having them reduced to fit my new boobies too. I just can't wait. I'm dying of excitement. How does everyone get through this?

more disappointing news.....

Ok so I went to my appointment today and found out it was to be one out of two pre ops that are required by my ps. With all the issues with my insurance we couldn't do anything we were supposed to because they now need a letter in writing stating that my approval is extended. So once that is received I can schedule my surgery. The ps is out of the office the first week of feb. But she would like to schedule for the middle or end of that month. I can't wait and the sooner the better. I hope they get the letter back soon. I am so ready for this to be over and done with.

Once again the insurance is screwing me around...

So since my insurance was discontinued for three days I now have to wait until Feb. 1st and then my Ps has to resubmit the pre-authorization letter! This is really pissing me off! It's one thing after another and I am so angry. I am on a short time schedule where fiance needs to get back to work and can't because he is waiting until after my surgery. So instead of middle of feb. to schedule the op I have to wait to see if I am approved again and won't know until the middle of feb. Then it could be up to a whole other month before the surgery can be scheduled again! I'm losing my mind!

Time to drop some weight...

So tomorrow marks the first day I am eligible for insurance again so I have been on the phone with Ps office all day back and forth. They asked for confirmation of my eligibility so I had to call insurance and ask them to fax a paper. Now I need to schedule an appt with a nutritionist because my BMI is just a little over 35 and it need to be under. So monday PS office is going to submit a letter for pre auth again and we hope since it was already approved once just a month ago they will be quick to re-approve it. I already have a pre op scheduled for the 12th of Feb so I hope we hear from them before then. I also have to get my weight down by at least 5 pounds by then. It doesn't give me much time. Less than 2 weeks..... I have never used diet pills but I am thinking I will be looking for some tomorrow. Or maybe just some good pooping pills? LOL Any advice? Don't tell me not to use them, I need a quick plan and then I can start doing it the right way after the op.


Next appointment is in two days and I still haven't heard back from insurance. My weight has been up and down so I know they will be upset I haven't gotten down far. I am really trying hard too. I excerise for 30 minutes everyday and I have been counting calories and doing the 5:2 diet. It seems to help but the few pounds I lose from fasting come right back on my next regular day. It sucks. Anyway, I feel like I have done so much research one reductions that I could probably do one myself. The videos on youtube are horrible and they make me scared. If you haven't watched any then dont! It looks so bad when they are just cutting someone up and leaving then hang open while they do the other side or clamping the skin closed with towel clamps to see what the breast will look like after its stitched. It was almost enough to make me forget about this surgery but I can't live my life like this anymore. All the wonderful results on here make me face the music and give me confidence. Fear of the unknown is scary too me. But ya if it weren't for the whole having to sleep through the surgery I could probablydo my own reduction with all the knowledge I have now! Lol just kidding.

Home from my first pre-op.

Well they told me they have verbal confirmation that my surgery has been re-approved but they need to have it in writing so we can't schedule it until then. Hopefully I will have a date within the next few days. I am so excited. I got my bmi down enough to satisfy my Ps and am planing to continue working out and dieting. I've only lost 5 pounds, and I can't put it back on or they will cancel my surgery. Keep me in your thoughts and send me good vibes.

I have my date (hopefully)

Waiting on confirmation yet again, but this time it is for my surgery Date! Nurse called to say March 20th was what she is looking at. she just has to make sure PS is ok with it and book the op room! I still can't believe it

I got the date confirmed

Surgery date: March 20th! I know it will be here before I know it but the sooner the better! :)

Weight loss is making me feel so good about myself.

I've dropped 10 pounds since the end of january. It might not mean much to some, but it is such an elevating achievement to me I can't stop working out. I feel so good about myself and I know this will stick after surgery. I can't wait to be skinny this summer. I got 3 months until summer, if I dropped 10 pounds in one month and I continued to lose at least 5 pounds for those three months that would be 25 pounds lighter. And that is keeping my goal low. I could probably lose more if I really tried. I am so pumped up for summer. I'll have great boobs and a bikini body (not really) but anything is better than where I started last month. How have I never been this determined before? My fiance says when I really want something I tend to get obsessive. I guess that means I just didn't really want to lose weight this bad before. I forgot to say, my pre-op is March 12th, and I have to have another for testing at the hospital where my surgery will be done just in case they need to know my medical history.

some humor

I am looking forward to not having to readjust my boobs 50 times a day. I find it weird that my breasts are so long and saggy that I can position my nipples to look anywhere up, down, right, left and where ever they want. It sucks cause on a cold day they can be facing two different directions and if I don't notice later when I do I hope nobody saw them. "The girl with nipples facing two different ways" I won't have to worry about that after surgery! Can anyone relate??

Down to the Wire....

Just two weeks and two days left. I am have been thinking a lot about going braless after surgery.
I mean not immediately of course but once I am healed. I think it will be so nice. I never leave the house without one, probably just like the majority of you ladies. My back it hurting pretty bad right now so I have been really thinking about my op coming up. Plus my girls at work have been asking about it. They are all interested. I showed them some before and afters from on here. They want to see my boobs but I won't show them. I am just to embarrassed. I told them just wait until I get my surgery and I am healed. I will be so proud I will flash them all they want! LOL


Only ten days left! Going for my pre op Wednesday. If I have anything to report I'll let you all know. Hoping to get a lot of answers. I am having weird dreams almost every night and although I'm not really nervous when I thought about it earlier today I got butterflies

delay in surgery

Had my pre op yesterday, had to tell the surgeon that I was taking antibiotics for an abscess in my jaw (which I had a root canal for- OUCH) and we had to cancel surgery. They said hopefully we can get in on the 31st. The ps wants to wait at least one week after I am done taking antibiotics before the surgery to make sure the infection is completely out of my blood stream as it could cause unforeseen complications with the anesthesia. While waiting for my appointment I went to the mall which was right beside the ps office and got sized at three different stores. Lane Bryant said I am a 40 F and Victoria secret says I am a 38 DDD. The other store, which I can't remember the name of says I am a 38 G. So who really knows? I have been wearing 40 G's and they seem to fit well other than the band being a bit to loose. Also my ps told me this time that I will have the full anchor scar. Last time she said probably just the lollipop incision but she changed her mind because I have a lot of extra skin that would give me a bad shape. I am not allowed to ice for swelling, she said I will just have to bear through that as using ice can prevent nipple sensation from coming back.

New date

Surgery on the 31st of March @ 12:30 and I need to be there at 11:00

Should be 1 day post ....

so yesterday was my original date, but my surgery was rescheduled so now I have 9 days still. Ugh..
Tomorrow I am going to the IX center (indoor amusement park) with the family. Just ready for this to be behind me. I read a review about a woman who was having a tt with her reduction and so I went to the tt reviews and now I am very interested in getting one. I promise I will do my research and this won't be happening any time soon. But maybe in a year or two after I've lost some more weight! Currently are 218 so I have lost 11 pounds since February.

And here comes the dreaded second thoughts....

tomorrow is the big day. I sent my son off to his aunts house this afternoon so I could get ready and get the house in order and I cried like a baby when he walked out the door. Just thinking there is always that slightest chance something could go wrong. I don't want to leave him without a mother. I know I can get through this, I don't know why I have to feel like this. I'm not a particularly religious person but I have faith. If you pray say a little one for me and my family. I would appreciate it. Talk to you lovely ladies when I'm coherent enough to update!

I'm done

I got bity boobies......

dr. took more than she thought she would.

She told me she would only take around 400 from each and it turned out she took the 732 from the right and 600 from left. I told her I was bigger than she thought. I'm at the hospital still, trying to sleep to no avail.......

how it went down

So my time was supposed to be @ 11 but it was moved up and I was never told. Hospital called at 9:30 asking ifi was almost there. I hadn't even left yet. I live an hourand a half away from surgery center so we rushed to get there and arrived at 10:40. They took me back and got an i in me. Then ps came and marked me up. Then they rolled me to op room. Some guy told me I had cute toes, I said I didn't think so and he said let me show you mine and you'll know how cute yours are. Then they put the oxygen on my face and I was out. I woke up at the end and remember telling them I was feeling sick. They gave me the patch behind my ear. Then they rolled me to recovery. I asked to see my family and then weren't allowed to come back til my heart rate went down because it was so high. I finally got to see my mom and fiance after an hour or so and they took me to my room for the night. It hurts so bad when they moved me to the other bed. I didn't get any sleep because if the medication they gave me. I've taken it before and my mind just races so I asked for something else. Got about an hours worth of sleep and then the dr came the next morning to check me out. She said everything looks good , gave me dischargeinstructions and told me to get some breakfast since I hadn't had anything to eat in such a long time. I ate then the nursegave me a huge bag of supplies and sent me home. I'm gonna try a shower later tonight as I got friends who want to visit. Will tell you more later.

things i thought were weird

Also I have little cuts all over my body like the surgeon was lining up her knife to cut. And I have something filmy in my ears that I cant even begin to understand the purpose for.

Not much new to update on

I am healing very well, but I am extremely swollen. I had no swelling until my post op appointment 7 days after surgery. The swelling started that night and I think it had to do with my dr. peeling off the tape that had been put on after surgery. I haven't seen my incisions completely without the tape on them because she replaced the tape after she clean the incisions but I go back on the 23rd for my next appointment. I can feel my incisions on the sides and they are pretty hard but they look like they have healed really well already. So far I have not had any issues. Ps said not to worry if the tape falls off so I have just been trimming it when it gets bunched up and twisted. She said to shower daily and make sure the water runs over the incision sites. I still have glue that won't come off but a lot of my bruising is faded with only the worst ones still prominent. I have been getting zingers and weird feelings like there is drops of water rolling down my sides were the incisions are. The first few days I felt very little and around day 4 is when I started feeling like there were little spiders crawling around inside me. The zingers aren't to bad (at least not yet anyway). I am still terrified I will develop holes but I haven't so far. I have been getting back to my normal routine around the house but still trying to take it easy as well. I have to return to work next Monday but it has been really nice to have this time off. I still can't believe that my breasts were so small after surgery. Right now, due to swelling they are almost back to the size they were before surgery with the exception of them not sagging. They feel so full. I never had any depressed days like some people have but I did ask myself why I went through with surgery on the few days post when I was so sore, tired, and in pain. It was just because I was frustrated that I couldn't do much. I never really regretted my decision though.


Franziska Huettner

I don't know much about this doctor, but I am happy I got a woman. I really hope that she is a good fit for me because I think I would feel much better with a female surgeon. I looked her up and from what I can tell she only has 4-5 years experience so that has me a little worried but I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. She went out of her way to secure insurance approval for me and that really made me feel like she is the perfect surgeon for me.

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