Loving my new body!! 28 4'11 and 150lbs BBL - Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I've gained a lot of weight in the last year and ...

I've gained a lot of weight in the last year and am at my heaviest at the moment. I'm very short so 150 lbs on me is considered almost obese. I've always had a nice shape especially in my butt and just wanted to enhance its shape with a flatter and slimmer waist. I consulted with Dr. Kelly at strax rejuvination and am going to a second consultation with Dr. Zeichner. I have a lot more questions this time around being that I had no clue what was going on and what to ask on my first visit. My procedure is paid for I'm just doing my research now trying to figure out which doctor will be able to give me the most desirable results.

Dr. Drew Kreegel

I'm meeting with DR Drew Kreegel for my second consult. I can't find any of his BBL online but he does amazing lipo work wich is my biggest concern being that I have a full bottom already, would just like to shape an contour it to that "perfect" hour glass shape. Excited to see what he can do for me. I've uploaded some before photos wich are all when I was about 15 lbs lighter

My desired results more or less...

Thin waist big hips and butt.., I Wiiishhh

Side view

Side view more or less I know it looks kinda funny but u get the idea of what I want

It's really happening!

My surgery date is set for the 19th.. Exactly two weeks away!! Im so excited.. And nervous. My boss sent me a text this morning trying to talk me out of it.. She scared the crap out of me saying that two of her friends had life threatening complications after bbl surgery. But I've done my research and I'm confident in my ps. I'm so scared now tho...

Dr randy dean

Switched doctors AGAIN.. But hey my body my money. I've read mixed reviews on him but seen bbl's from him that were encouraging.. Two weeks away... NERVOUS!

Pre op

Dr dean answered allll if my questions, was very sweet and very confident that my shape and results are going to be beautiful. I'm so excited!

Bye bye old wide body... I will not be missing this size.. Goodness I can't wait for my curves!

My butt pokes out a little lol. But then again so does my stomach ????

Tomorrow is the big day

I'm nervous and excited! And sad I can't talk to those close to me about it... Some don't agree and others I don't wish to tell.. I'm a big ball of mixed emotions but there's no turning back now.

The big day has arrived!!

I got to the office at 10am and was brought back soon after to get ready for the procedure.. Just waiting to speak with the dr.. I'll keep everyone posted! Wish me luck and successful results! I posted my final before pics and the view outside of my room this morning... Beautiful day.

Before n after

Not the best pic but I'll post better ones as soon as I'm able..

Another before and after.

I can just imagine how much more I'll like it when the swelling goes down ????

Before n after


Ok pics never uploaded let me try again lol

Day 2 post op

Took some better pics

Small update

Dr. Dean was able to inject 1000 cc's in one cheek and 950 in the other.. My butt looks massive in my opinion being that I had a fairly big butt to begin with. I wanted more of the hour glass shape than projection because I already had it. .. But there's still ALOT of swelling and I'm sure when everything settles I'll be very very pleased. I'm happy over all but am one of the few that wants my butt to shrink a little lol

More pics

Still swollen sore and miserable..

Little over 1 week post op

I'm moving around pretty much like normal.. Still lots of stiffness n soreness. Swelling was horrible last night I felt like I was going to pop.. I'm assuming it was because of what I ate for dinner so I'm being much more careful about my eating habits.. I wanna maximize results not ruin them. My butt has dropped a little and is a little softer so I'm excited about that. It looks so good y'all I can't wait to see what it looks like in a few weeks. I'm so happy. My stomach is still swollen so it's hard to see what I might look like in the future n I'm a little dis encouraged about that.

Two week post op

So I'm two weeks in! I'm moving around almost normal.. When I bend over or get up too fast I feel like my stomach is ripping open.. I started to sit here n there being that I have to drive now.. I sit on a pillow when I do. My measurements are holding up at 32 waist 47 hips. Would love to get to 28 on the waist. I'm still swollen in places and numb in others.. But I feel really good. I'm loving my body more and more as I heal!!

3 week post op

Three weeks in!! Swelling has gone down so my butt shrunk some but my hips remain slightly under 47" and my waist is slightly under 31" I still live in my faja.. I don't feel comfortable without it.. I started putting a waist cincher over it today so we'll see how this goes.. It's uncomfortable I must say. I'm still sore in places and I do sit a lot without a pillow now. Incisions above my butt cheeks are still very visible n most of them Have healed nicely. Still loving my results :)) posted a couple of pics I took yesterday enjoy.

7 weeks post op

Still lumpy and bumpy in lipo areas.. No weight change at all :-/ still loving my results. 46 1/2 hips 30" waist currently. Still striving for 28" waist. Added before and after pics enjoy :))

4 1/2 months post op

Pics.. thinking of more lipo summer 17.. my stomach has a small bulge where my navel is and I haaaaateee it.. loving my hips and butt projection though ????????
Randy dean

Very happy with my results so far

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