I'm Finally Getting my Butt Done and I'm Nervous As Hell - Lauderhill, FL

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I'm getting my surgery done in 8 more days and I'm...

I'm getting my surgery done in 8 more days and I'm excite and nervous at the same time I'm going to Strax in Ft. lauderdale Fl with Dr. Dean one of my close friends did her BBL with him and her results was amazing but he has so many bad reviews on here and it's driving me crazy don't know what to do should I switch doctors also I need to make a list of things that Ima need after my BBL

I'm so scared to see Dr Dean

OMG the reviews are really bad at strax and on Dr. Dean like wtf I'm two days away and I been waiting 2 years to do this I finally got a whole month off work and I brought everything I need and my surgery date is two day away my best friend girlfriend just went to get hers BBL done and he did a good job on her however she did complain about her butt going down after 3 weeks and she is mad that it's not bigger but I like how her butt looks she is really short so I don't think she needs a big butt ,she wanted to look like K Michelle lol and it's didn't come out that big however it look great so I said that I wanna go to him but man these reviews are terrible and I emailed the sales lady Tammy and told her to switch doctors and I'm going up there early tomorrow morning to see if it's possible I can see another doctor because this is crazy

I did it ladies

So I finally did it with Dr. Dean he was nice and he made me feel so much better! He hugged me and said I did great he took out a total of 3800 cc and he transferred 1300cc in each side of my butt it was not painful at all it was slot of pressure and it really did tickle a lot ....,, however one of my nurses was a really big BITCH to me I swear I ducking snapped my god if u don't like your job then quit !!! She didn't but my garment on right and I'm trying to tell her and she was getting mad at me I'm like wtf bitch really my results depend on this shit !! The other nurse was great however and she helped me out a lot I'm not in too much pain and

My first week update ladies!!

So far so good I'm happy that I went with Dr Dean at strax I paid a great price and he did great. The first day was so painful and bloody and lots fluid !!! I can't walk or stand on my own my fiancé didn't really now what to do lol poor him I was driving him crazy but my mom came over and she took over the pain is ft raking real omg I cried like a baby the first two days lol I was taking my pain pills every 6 hours. At first I really didn't see the difference in my butt area however by day 3 u notice my butt bigger and my hips wider and my garment was getting big so my fiancé said that I needed to change it my first bath was ok my mom took her time to shower me I felt so much better and my stomach went down a lot I'm so happy I had realistic results and he did better then I thought my stomach was big as fuck I can now see my waist line it's still a lot of skin but it's getting better I went from size 3xl to XL in my main garment I have a lady who will take my sizes in as I get smaller for $10 and she is great! I picked it up today she made my garment small in the waist and open my butt part wider it's perfect here is some photos ladies of my first week process lol

My ass looks bigger

Please pray for me ladies I don't want my butt to go down at all it's so perfect right now ugh I keep seeing that some people are saying they ass is going down ugh I hope it don't go away as soon she I do my one week post apointment on Monday Ima starts doing squats I'm doing at least 100 a day !!!! Lol

Trying on clothes I'm liking my results

Today I was playing around in some clothes I can't wait to go home and play in my closet and start shopping

Update my stomach getting smaller day 10

So some are asking what garment I'm using I don't know that name and I threw the package away! this shit has my stomach going doing good I'm only 10 days post op!!! I paid $120 for it and plus the lady make alterations to it as u get smaller so you won't have to pay for another garment and she does a great job. When I first brought it, it was size 3XL now it's a size Large and butt part is a size XL she custom my size based on my weight and measurements as my fluid and swollen went down all I have is the business card I will post it if u in Miami go shop for garments these are the real deal !! Some might say it's too much however I wanted the best results and that's what I'm getting

Sitting down

Well today makes it 14 days since my BBL and the pain is still here on in my stomach tho idk but the pain hurts I'm so sore and it's so hard to stay in my garment over night I'm sorry but I be taking them off at night :( it's hurts so freaking bad and I think my stomach got a little bit bigger idk maybe in looking to much but I have a lump growing on the side in the front my doctor told me to monitor it and call him by Tuesday to put hot towel on it and try to massage it out with my hands any who did u ladies start sitting down yet I know he said only 10 days no sitting however I'm scared to sit I tried one time and it hurts lol so I was like oh hell no Ima wait

Im a little depressed ladies

Okay it day 16 and my Butt as gone down a lot!!! I knew it was gonna go down but it went down more then I thought and my doctor said that after about a month whatever fat is left then that's what my size of my butt will be! I'm like fuck, I have 14 more days to go that mean it can go down some more please I hope not because I'm gonna be pissed and I cant do an revision the pain is too much lol. I can't say he didn't do a good job because my liposuction came out great he took out the whole 4000cc however he only put 1260cc in each cheek ;( I wish he had put more. My boyfriend is telling me that I'm crazy that its in my head but noooo it went down. I'm really sad right now I started doing my squats with 5lbs weights and working out my arms ima work out my butt everyday for the next 30 days wish me luck I pray my butt gets bigger and more round! I'm on day 3 of my workouts

Pic update 16 days after BBL

23 days post op

Okay ladies I'm 23 days post Opp and I'm doing good my stomach is still going down and my butt is looking better I been doing better at wearing my garment everyday I really like my liposuction results if I work hard in the gym I won't need a tummy tuck at all my skin bounce back good all the doctors I went to said I was gonna have lots of extra skin and I was scared but it was good. My booty, I just wish it was a little bigger and idk if one cheek is bigger then the other just a little bit however I think because my stage 1 garment was so tight and the but holes was Fiting me weird lol but no one can notice but me I ask my BF all the time he is like he don't see if lol. It could be me lol

I'm one month post ladies ;)

So I'm official one month and I'm still happy with my BBL Dr Dean did good. But man my lower back still hurts like hell when I touch it I still on my pain killers and I put this pain gel on it every night! I started was it training yesterday I really want my waist to get smaller so I don't have to do a tummy tuck my butt feels like it be up and down I was going crazy but hopefully it don't go away or go down anymore since it's an month and I hope I start fluffing thing happens like most of the ladies talk about. And man I been eating like shit :( I try to eat good then I see cookies and I go crazy lol but Ima get it together I promise

9 weeks update

I haven't posted in a few weeks I been busy but I'm loving my butt however I want it better lol so I might do a revision lol my stomach was so flat after my BBL however it did get a little bigger I haven't been eating good at all smh but I do work out almost every day . I don't do cardio to much I do at least 100 sit ups a day and 100 squats a day I waist train but I think that shit is making my waist like and back smaller but pushing fat to the middle of my belly i have fat around my belly button and idk why it just started getting big I thought I was pregnant man lol because my boyfriend can't keep his hands off me .... Omg ladies guys are crazy over big butts lmfao it's crazy but here is some new pics

3 months update

It's been 3 months and two weeks since my BBL and o looked my results however o gained a little weight back I started a new job and I been lazy I just started back in the gym I feel like my stomach is getting back bigger ugh so back to eating healthier and gym every day lol I will up load pics goo luck ladies PS I'm doing a revision on my LIPO I want more fat taken away !!
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