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I have had significant eye/brow asymmetry since I...

I have had significant eye/brow asymmetry since I was a kid. I never thought it was due to actual bone abnormalities or anything; my forehead muscles on the right are just totally hyperactive compared to the left. So much so, in fact, that my worry lines are almost exclusively on the right! Anyway . . . When I was about 13, I started plucking the top of one eyebrow and the bottom of the other to try to make them look more even. This didn't improve the eyelid appearance obviously (just the brow), but it balanced things out a bit, which made me feel a little better.

I'm now 38 and have been doing this annoying plucking ritual for twenty five years. Twenty-five. Gah!! When did I become almost 40??? Anyway, after lurking here for a year or so, I finally decided to go on a fact-finding mission to see what it would take to "fix". And I feel like I should admit that plenty of people have told me they don't even notice it, but *I* notice and *I* hate pictures of myself and *I* can't ever do the make-up looks I like because my eyes don't match. And yes, I know no one is perfectly symmetrical, but this is more than a little bit different in my opinion. This has bugged the sh*t out of me FOREVER and I just feel like . . . well . . . like I don't want it to bug the sh*t out of me anymore. :-P

Hey. Wait a sec. Why do I feel like I have to justify myself on a plastic surgery board, where everyone here is thinking about it or has already done it. Ha! I'm a nut job. :-P

Anyway, so I got in touch with a very highly-rated local office and ended up making an appointment to see a nurse injector for a consultation and possible Botox. I was so amazed that there could be such a simple fix!! I posted here for the experts, to inquire if using Botox for this purpose sounded like a good idea and I got so many awesome responses that I felt comfortable proceeding, if in fact that's what the nurse suggested, which she did. She recommended a super conservative approach (which I totally appreciated!) and I ended up having just three units: one to settle my right side down a little, and two to bring the left up a bit. It has been three days since then and I totally notice a difference. There's still asymmetry, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was. One thing I'm finding quite amusing: because of strategic plucking, now the formerly low side is the high side. Ha! Time to grow these babies out and invest in some good brow products in the mean time!

I know Botox effects can continue to work in the days to come, but I just figured I'd share. I'll post updates if anyone is interested. Thanks for listening!

7 Days Post

So, the Botox I had over the tail of the high eyebrow to bring it down definitely worked. However, the inside half is still more active (or whatever the term is), so now the angle of the brow looks a little weird, like I'm worried, but only on one side. :-P I did get some brow lift on the droopy side I think, but don't see too much change in the eye. If I try to relax my face (which takes some serious concentration, otherwise I'd just do that all the time!), I can still get them pretty even, so I still think there's just a rogue muscle or two.

Note: If you didn't read my other post, I have been plucking the underside of the low brow and the top of the high brow for 25 years to help them appear more level, so now that they actually *are* more level, there's new asymmetry, BUT I expected that and know I have to grow my brows back. Hoping I can!

Third update and I'm soooooooooo happy!!!

I ended up having 7 more units on 8/4 - 15 days after my first injections - for a total of 10 units and $140. Sarah put some in that pesky "hyperactive" muscle I mentioned (above the inside of my right eyebrow). She put a little between my eyes also, I think just to keep everything even. Result: pretty much no more asymmetry!!!! I am so flipping happy! I'm able to do make-up without any weird strategies and camouflage, I am not self-conscious making eye contact with people (and I very much was!) and I'm successfully growing my brows back after 25 years of crazy plucking in an attempt to make them look less uneven. It has seriously changed my whole face - and outlook. I cannot believe how easy it was to resolve this lifelong issue. I wish I had done it sooner!!

HUGE bonus: the hyperactive muscle was so hyperactive that it actually created a bit of a bulge above the inside of my eyebrow. It's hard to see in the pictures, but trust me, it was there, and people sometimes even asked me about it, thinking I had hit my head or something. LOL! Well, the bulge is gone, AND what I thought were super painful ethmoid sinus headaches for 25+ years seem to have actually also been that stupid muscle. Since it has relaxed, nada.

So so happy. Thank you again, Sarah!!!
Sarah Proulx

So far my experience here has been awesome, from my initial inquiry to more in depth discussions by email and phone, to my actual consultation and procedure. Shelley at the front end was super sweet and accommodating (even though I'm pretty sure I was a total PITA with a million questions!) and Sarah (the nurse injector) was wonderful as well. She obviously knows her stuff and took the time to understand what I wanted and what my expectations were, as well as answering all my questions. The procedure itself was a breeze. I'm a huge baby when it comes to needles (especially coming at my face, i.e. at the dentist and stuff), but Sarah was quick and gentle. I was also very appreciative of her conservative approach. I feel like we live in a day and age where everyone is trying to up sell, whether it's truly indicated or not, and she didn't. Thank you, Sarah!! I don't know if I will end up needing more for this "first fix", but I have a follow up in a couple of weeks. Regardless of if three units is where I stay, I will be back to at least do this much again when I need to. I soooooo wish I had explored this sooner!! I would have done it 20 years ago!

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