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I was quite hesitant to get this done, but was so...

I was quite hesitant to get this done, but was so desperate for something that could help. I used to be dripping with sweat ALL THE TIME, it was gross. I am male, 6 feet tall and 220 pounds and I used to sweat even when watching tv. After finding Botox could help, I was about to get the injections when I decided there must be a better way (I hate needles). I used to sweat ALOT... so much so that there was nothing that I could compare with on any website! You may think that you sweat a lot, but when I got the procedure, they couldn't get the templates to stay on I was so wet! The tech told me that I was the most serious case that they had seen (we are talking puddles of sweat on the chair before my treatment) but not to worry.

I had my first treatment in November in Calgary. The staff at Storwick Dermatology was great and very helpful. Once we figured out a way to mark up my pits as the templates wouldn't work (we tried 3 times and ended up using permanent marker), the Nurse / Technician froze me up and we were off! The whole time the Nurse made me feel comfortable and I only had 2 areas that didn't freeze properly. In hind sight, for the results, I would have done the whole treatment with no freezing if required. When they do hit a spot with no freezing it does hurt, but not the end of the world (WORTH IT). After the procedure I followed the directions to ice the area, and had no real issues. There is some numbness going down the inside of my one bicep, but it is really minor (WORTH IT). I had some swelling like the other pictures on the site, but that goes away soon enough.

Initial results (6 weeks) were great! I was completely sweat free! I knew that since I was such a serious case that I would be going back for the second treatment, so when I did get a bit (tiny) of sweat after around 2 months, I wasn't too concerned. Due to having a crazy life and working way too much, I haven't been able to book the second appointment yet, but will be looking to book sometime in 2014.

The current state is that I sweat like a normal person now, I still have some sweat from my pits when I work out or when I am stressed, but for the most part I am dry. Honestly for $1500 to get to this state is a deal! I would say that after one treatment my sweating has reduced around 80%.

When at the Dermatology office, the thoughts that they had were that most people can deal with just the one treatment, but most prefer to be 100% dry, so they go back for a second treatment. They said most of the second treatments were women who probably didn't NEED it, but wanted it so they wouldn't wreck clothes. They also said that a lot of men who stayed in touch after the fact were quite happy with the results even if there was some sweat still. So in the end it is up to the individual to see what they want from this.

Another fun part was since the treatment was so new in Canada, the insurance companies hadn't figured it out yet, so they wouldn't cover the treatment even though they would cover the Botox costs... In the end, I used my "Healthcare Spending Account" through my work, and there were no issues. Dr. Storwick was really helpful in all of this and provided letters for my insurance claims.

So if you are reading this in Calgary, go see the nice people at Storwick Dermatology, and see if it is right for you. Odds are if you are reading this it will most likely change your life. This is defiantly one of the easiest problems to solve in life, you just need $1500 (which is a deal if you consider how many clothes you ruin with the sweat), and a few hours or your time. DO IT! You will be happy you did!

Dr. Storwich was great! He had some questionable reviews online, but they couldn't be further from the truth in my experience. The nurses and technicians were awesome! A big thanks to all of them!

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