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3 doctors, 3 different approaches.. One decision!!...

3 doctors, 3 different approaches.. One decision!! Wow! Didn't know how many different ways things could be done! At the age of 15 I lost 80lbs. I was 4'11" and weighed 180#. After I lost the weight in 6 months (the wrong way mind you) I kept the weight off with the exception of having two children. I have always worked out, but just in the past two years have been hardcore about it. No matter how hard I try nothing is going to make the loose skin go away.

So after 20 years of wanting this I have finally decided its time for me to have the stomach that I have never had and always wanted! I have plans to become a crossfit coach in the future and this is going to let me feel more confident about my body.. It's just so discouraging when your doing a push up or downward dog and you see your belly skin hanging there. I'm so excited in three months I will have what I have dreamed of for 20 years!! I know I'm going to cry when I see my tummy for the first time!

My husband is very supportive and he wants me to be happy because he sees that I work so hard at my body.. Eating clean(Paleo) and working out with a mix of crossfit, Zumba, spin, strength,tabata and yoga 6 days a week. There is so much to research. I've been doing it for a couple years but I really stepped up the research this year. Every PS I went to had a different way of approaching the consultation.

My final consultation was "the one"! No drains!! My doctor explained everything, took his time and answered all my questions.. It is mandatory that I say in a hotel near his center the night of the surgery just as a precaution, no other surgeon required that. He was impressed with my questions and drew on my belly to show exactly what would happen!! Soo awesome!! Oh and the staff are amazing friendly and personable! Now I realize more staff at ps offices are that way but they were interested.. I didn't get that feeling anywhere.

I actually found my ps by looking on this sight.. Great reviews and he answers a lot of questions on here.. The thing that sealed the deal was he was recommended by my cousins friend who I know is very particular... :o) Happy New Year to Me!!

Ok so I have 2 and half months till I have my...

Ok so I have 2 and half months till I have my surgery and I started doing crossfit at a local box three weeks ago after I had been doing crossfit to the best of my equipment ability in my garage. I can't believe the changes in my body already! I'm wondering what I will look like by the time I have surgery :o) ....I know the next two and half months will go fast...I'm starting to get nervous already,lol
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Realself helped me find him!!

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