Breast Reduction in 3 DAYS - Stony Brook, NY

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Hi everyone, I am so happy that I have found this...

Hi everyone, I am so happy that I have found this website. I have gotten a wealth of information lurking on this breast reduction community. I am 27yrs, 5'5" and around 176lbs with DDD breasts. Originally a 38D I went up to DD after my 1st son was born and again to DDD cup size after my 2nd son. I was actually told by a ob/gyn that my breasts will go back to per-pregnancy size after I stop breast-feeding and my milk dries up. Well now my younger son is 2.5yrs(stop almost 2yrs ago) and I still have lactation.

In early June I went to a plastic surgeon whom said that I have dense glandular breast and recommend reducing me to a D cup to relieve my back, neck and chest pain. I told her that I would prefer a full C cup. She took measurements and photos to send to my insurance. Also gave me a script to get a mammogram done(aunt is a breast cancer survivor).

Mammogram came back normal. Went to an endocrinologist to inquire about lactation before going further, she requested blood work which came back normal and said breast reduction was fine to do since my lactation was non-spontaneous.

July 3rd I received a call from my insurance company(Empire Blue Cross) saying that they had approved me for a breast reduction on July 25th and gave me my authorization number. I was not really expecting to be approved so quickly, much less be told to have surgery in 3 weeks and instantly got scared instead of happy. I called my PS, whose assistant told me that its a "dummy date" that they have to give insurance companies and went on to scheduled me for August 9th.

Went for my pre-op testing on July 26th, whereas they took blood and urine samples, quickly saw anesthesia and gave me a sheet of instructions to follow for August 8th. I was told to call 5-9pm on August 8th to get the time that I have to come in for my surgery.

Been excited reading about breast reduction and people saying how worth it it was. Nervous about how it would look in the beginning, but based on peoples reviews and photos it seems to get better. The last few days my excitement has subsided and been replaced by fear.

My husband has taken off work but has to stay home and watch our 2 little sons, 2.5yrs and 4.9yrs. So, I will be taking a taxi and going to the hospital by myself and he would pick me up after surgery with the boys. I feel saddened that I would be all alone for my 1st major surgery but I have no choice. Worried about how my boys would be,they are both active and like to rough house and my 2yr old is 26lbs and would only allow me to put him to bed. So hoping they go gentle on me, but I know my 2yr old would scream his head off if he does not get my attention if I stay away in my room.

Going to get my hair done and do some last minute shopping tomorrow. Then have to cook food in advance for my boys since they prefer my food over their father's.

I went for a breast reduction consultation in 2009 but was told to wait if I planned on having more children, due to possible loss of breastfeeding abilities.
I have wanted this for awhile now, but have put it in the back of my head until now. I want to be relieved from these large breasts that has been growing since puberty. I just hope I would not regret going under the knife...

I unfortunately came down with a cold and mixed...

I unfortunately came down with a cold and mixed with my seasonal allergies, have really bad nasal congestion whereas I had to cancel my surgery for tomorrow. Plus, both my sons have also come down with the cold and I don't want to be in pain and bedridden from recovery(even if I didn't have a cold) while both my kids are sick.
My surgery has been rescheduled for Thursday September 6th.

I had my breast reduction surgery on Thursday 15th...

I had my breast reduction surgery on Thursday 15th at Stonybrook University hospital. It was supposed to be an outpatient procedure but due to dehydration,low blood pressure,low grade fever and bleeding from left breast I was admitted for overnight observation.
Today is day 2 and I still feel totally drugged-up, basically been sleeping whole day and barely have an appetite. I am going ti start taking Tylenol tomorrow instead of the percocet pain medication in hopes that I will be less drowsy. After bleeding, doctor rewrapped me with clean surgical bra then covered my breasts with ACE wrap. I was told to remove the ACE wrap on monday and have a 10am appointment on Wednesday 21st for my follow-up. Upset that I was too drugged up to ask doctor any questions about my breasts after the surgery.
When I first woke up after surgery I had this strange fear that she removed my entire breasts, though now looking in the mirror at home I am worried that she did not remove enough - but it's hard to tell, I seem to be wrapped up pretty good.
I do not really feel pain in my breasts unless I actually press on the sides or bottom or when I raise my left arm. When I was at the hospital it felt like my back pain had disappeared but now at home it's aching
again, though I think that could be because of my bed, i miss the reclining hospital bed!

Post-op day 5. Going for follow-up tomorrow and...

post-op day 5. Going for follow-up tomorrow and have a lot of questions to ask my doctor since I was too drugged up to ask when I saw her the day after surgery. I have not taken the percocet pain medication since late sunday night on post-op day 3 and barely took the Tylenol extra strength, but have still been really drowsy and sleeping most of the day. Happy to be done with the antibiotics, really hated the side effects. Hurts where the incisions are underneath my breasts and itchy. I was able to feel sensation in my left nipple on the same day after the surgery but I still feel absolutely nothing in my right nipple which is also sunken-in. I was but into a size large surgical bra at the hospital, yesterday I switched over into a snug fitting 38C cotton sports bra - though I can fit into a 36band I didn't want it to be too tight on my anchor incisions. I think I barely have any swelling being that my breasts feel soft and not hard (though right feels a little softer than the left breast). I had ordered Sineechi arnica montana online to help with bruising and swelling. I was unable to take the arnica montana pills the same day as the surgery being that I unexpectedly had to stay overnight at the hospital , whereas I took the pills the following afternoon when I returned home. Thinking I would take the percocet pain medication tomorrow when I see the doctor just in case she takes the stitches out. So far I guess I am happy with the outcome of my surgery though I am still very much worried about the lost of sensation in my right nipple and worried about how my incisions/scar would look once she takes out the rest of the bandaging. My doctor was surprised that I was able to feel sensation in my left nipple right away, so have my fingers crossed hoping that I would feel sensation very soon in my right nipple.

I can wear a 38C bra and all my breasts fit, NO BULGING ON TOP!
Dr.Tara Huston

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