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I'm going to try to make my long story as short as...

I'm going to try to make my long story as short as possible. I should of have been updating as I went not at 6 week post-op. But I still will review and answer as many as questions as I can.
I just turned 40 and decided to do a few "updates" starting with my breasts. I've wanted implants for years anyway. I guess it was my thinking that they would inflate my extremely droopy, heavy breasts. I was dead-set against a lift though, didn't want the scars that went along with them. I went to Dr. Epstein on the recommendation of a friend that was very happy with him. Unfortunately, my breasts were fairly far gone and in his opinion, I not only needed a full lift, but wouldn't even be eligible for implants, because of my poor skin quality and level of sag. My skin wouldn't be able to hold implants up. Dr. E felt I had the breasts of a massive weight loss patient. I would be able to qualify for a special auto-augmentation mastopexy, which would rearrange my own tissue to give me closer to the appearance of implants that I wanted. Although I was extremely disappointed, I did feel like he knew what he was talking about and didn't really think I should 2nd guess what he said. He spent probably a hour talking and consulting with me and it probably would have been in his best interest to sell me a pair of implants also, so this obviously wasn't about a sale, it was about what he thought would be best for me.
After taking a long time to think about it, I did realize how bad my natural breasts really were. I'm 40 now, usually 120-130 lbs, no kids. But my breasts have always been like this. 34DD and extremely heavy and saggy since they grew in as a very early teen. I've never been able to go bra less, or wear any bra w/o underwire. I finally decided that no matter what happens, they probably couldn't come out any worse than they are, right? So I decided to go for it!!!!!
Made my appointment for April 29.
The day before my procedure Dr. E called me personally and wanted to talk about a new product. I guess he was at a conference that was for Seri Scaffolding. He said he thought it would be a great addition to my breast lift and give me more of a lift than my own skin probably would. He had my pictures with him at the conference and the Allergen reps thought I would be a good candidate. He had the reps give him a free product to try out on me. I don't remember the exact number,but I believe he said this saved me 5k. Maybe, looking back I should have thought it through being a new product and all. But the day before surgery all I could think of was nerves and anxiety and I was extremely confident in Dr. E knew what he was doing and would only do what's best for me. I was in his hands, and fine with that.
The day of surgery itself was pretty standard and straightforward. Dr. E came in showed me the Seri product, it was kind of a soft feeling plastic made out of silk. He explained he was going to put it along the bottom, kinda like a shelf I guess. Then a strip along the top, to try to give me the upper pole fullness I really wanted originally with implants. He also assured me there was going to be another Dr. from Seri there, in the operating room helping/observing, I guess. Like I said, everything else was fairly straightforward, I guess. This was my first surgery ever, and everything seemed to be going well.
Now when I woke up, I was in horrible,excruciating pain. It was not what I expected. A lot of other reviews of lifts, often describe the pain as discomfort, tenderness or at the very least moderate pain. This was NOT my experience LOL.
I had the kind of I thought I was dying kind of pain. I know I have never had kids or any other surgeries to compare it to, but this was the worst pain I could ever imagine.
I'm not really sure what went on because I was so out of it. I know I didn't want to wear the clothes (zip up hoodie) I brought with me because I felt like it would be too tight. The nurse let me go home in their scrubs shirt. I also didn't know I was supposed to bring food with me for when I woke up, (just didn't think of it) so the nurse found me some cookies. I was terrified of getting in the car for the hour long car ride when I was in so much pain just sitting still. I dont really know what was going on, but I finally felt like just getting out of this nurses hair because I had probably annoyed her enough for the night.
The car ride home was just as bad as I thought, my side (bottom of anchor incision) kept opening up and I could actually feel dripping....blood, fluids. idk
The next 3 days were really just as bad, I had Tylenol 3s for the pain and they barely touched it. I could barely move my arms at all and that incision opened again a few times. I don't know what the problem was, but it have a feeling I'm just one of those people....anything bad that can go wrong will...... If 1 in a million have bad pain with this surgery, it would be me. Again Idk.
By day 4, I started to come around. Took my first bath, walked around the house a little. I think I bled through my tape and glue and shirts for probably the first week, I'm so lucky I don't have a job I had to get back to.
This was also the first real look I got at them. Immediately, I loved them. So higher, and full. I never had breasts that didn't hang before. I was laying on my back, and they were on my chest... Lol They were usually laying next to me haha!
After that, I did start to heal. I had one setback about two weeks in, I don't know if I over did it, but somehow I went back to day 3 pain. It's been very hard not being prepared for a long recovery neither.
I got my tape off at 3 weeks, that was great I could finally really wash up. I had a lot of glue and cat hair stuck to me. At the appt we talked a lot about scar guard, mederma, lasers etc. but I've had a lot of fluid leakage and pus sorry TMI...... So I put that off for now. I have another appt Thursday and I'll find out what I should be doing.
Overall, this was such a roller coaster experience. Even now wearing a bra, I'm so much more comfortable. No weight on my shoulders, no underwire digging into me. I have a feeling in the long run this may be worth it. As far as the lift goes, the Seri definitely has me on a shelf(that's what I call it). I can look forward to no under boob sweat this summer.
I do want to say that as far as the pain I don't blame anyone or anything else. It was probably just me. If it's 1 in a million, I'd be that one. That's all. The big picture is that they came out great and in the end that's all that counts. I'm going to try to post pictures now, and answer any questions. This forum was so resourceful when I was researching, it's the least I can do to help anyone else out.



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Stony Brook Plastic Surgeon

I went to see Dr. Epstein after a recommendation from a friend. I planned on seeing other Drs but was very satisfied he would do a good job. I'm very appreciative that he considered me and got me a sample of the Seri. He came into the recovery room a few times to check on me, although I barely remember it. I was having a lot of pain and he called my husband daily to check in with me. He was been very nice and attentive my two post- op appointments also.

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