5'9" Active 27 Year Old, No Kids, Massage Therapist Ready for Boobs! Stony Brook, NY

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So like many of you on here, I've been mulling...

So like many of you on here, I've been mulling over the idea of a BA on and off for the past 10 years. 1 year ago I finally decided to commit to it and research everything and find a PS that is right for me. In my research I found Dr. Mark D. Epstein MD of Stony Brook New York to best meet my goals. I also have learned everything that I could possibly learn about BAs short of going to med school! I feel confident, informed, and above all, VERY EXCITED!!!!!

I had my first consultation with Dr. Epstein on February 23 2015. I had my pre op appt this past Tuesday and my surgery is next Tuesday May 26th!!!!! I can't believe that it's finally happening. Now that it's a week away, time is flying by!

I have all of my post op meds filled and my procedure is all paid for! I am currently a 34 large A/small B. I'm getting either 270cc or 310cc Natrelle Allergan 410 textured shaped full height Moderate profile implants under the muscle. I am 5'9" about 130 lbs. I'm taking 3.5 weeks off of work as I have a physically demanding job (lots of pec work) massaging private massage clients as well as at a spa. All of my coworkers and most of my friends have been extremely supportive!! As for the haters, haters gunna hate and I can't stop someone from turning their insecurities into envy. I can only meet them with compassion and understanding. I'll update more as I get closer to my surgery! Thank you to all the ladies that have posted reviews, questions, videoes and pictures, pictures, pictures! They were SO HELPFUL!

A few pre pictures

Here are some pre pics as well as the Vectra 3-D imaging of the shaped 410FM Natrelles in 310cc

2 more days until I have woman boobs

I can't believe that my surgery is in 2 days!! Just gotta make it through Sunday and Monday and then 8am on Tuesday I'll be off to get my fancy new boobs!

Today it was so difficult for me to focus at work. I want to shout it out to the world and every person that I pass by that I'M GETTING BOOBS ON TUESDAY!!! I'm so excited!! Thankfully my coworkers are amazing women that have maintained the same excited positive attitude for me that I feel now. Everyone at work is ready to see the transformation, but nobody is more ready than me!!

So 7am Tuesday morning I have to take my anti-nausea and the first of my antibiotic. Then my boyfriend and I drive over to Dr. Epstein's office, then ITS HAPPENING! It's so cute, even my boyfriend now is referencing what will be my "fancy new tits". He was hesitant when I began this journey but now he is excited to see how excited I am about this. I'll keep you all updated with pics and deets as to how the surgery goes!!! And good luck to all the other ladies getting their procedures done!!!

Pre surgery jitters

So I was riding high on cloud 9 until the operative nurse called me last night to go over the million rapid fire medical questions. I've answered these questions what feels like a hundred times over throughout this whole process but something with that last times made it feel so much more real and SCARY! I have the Implanon (birth control implant in my arm) and I keep reminding myself of how nervous I was when I went in for that and how easy and pain free it was in the end. And I know I'll get put out and then wake up with fancy new boobs like it was all a quick dream but I'm still so nervous. Still very very excited but very very nervous now also.

So to keep me strong, all day today I've been wearing an unpadded bandeau under my tank top to remind myself of why I want to do this so bad. It's worked wonderfully! I hate how the padding in my bras make me sweat in any kind of heat and I hate how flat and boyish I look in an unpadded top. Just a good reassurance so I don't chicken out.

Oh and my surgery got moved up to 7am tomorrow!! It's going to be here so fast! Thank you for all the well wishing!! I GREATLY APPRECIATE all of the positive vibes being sent my way! And I'm sending them out to all who have their surgeries to come too!

45 minutes away!!!

On my way to surgery! My brother texted me this morning (5am), that was so awesome! Thankfully I have an early time, I couldn't sleep much last night. I'm Just too excited!! And sort of surreal feeling

They're here!!

I'm home and not feeling too bad! Got to the office at 7am, went into surgery by 8. Dr. Mark D. Epstein and the operative nurse Arlene were so nice and amazing and calming! I got the sedative put in via IV and the last thing I think I remember is meditating "you are strong, you will wake up with the perfect breasts you've envisioned for yourself". The I woke up loopy as hell in the recovery room. The nurse dressed me, my boyfriend helped me drink water and then they walked me to the car. I took a 2 hour nap when I got home, then woke up, ate half an egg sandwich and drank a fruit and veggie smoothie and then took my antibiotic and IBuprophen 800mg. I have to do arm and chest exercises every hour on the hour. I feel better after I exercise but I'm still very tight and swollen feeling. Walking around helps a lot too as did the shower i took. The hot water was so nice feeling on my breasts. My boyfriend has been amazing!


I got natrelle 410FM style in 310cc both sides.

1 week post op

I LOVE them!! Dr. Epstein did an amazing job! I followed my recipe for recovery given to me and my recovery has been fantastic! My friends and family can't believe I've been walking around since the DAY OF SURGERY and every day after that. Day two may have felt a little more tight and sore around my ribs and under my arms. But that was most likely the excess fluids passing though.
Warm showers and these arm raises he has me doing are the best things. I've done my 5 days on ibuprofen and have now moved onto Tylenol once a day (closer to the evening). I can't say enough how much I love my results!!! Both my boyfriend and myself can't stop looking at them! Thank you!! And thank you for all of the support!!

A little over 1 weeks post op

Everything feels perfect!! Aside from massaging, I can do everything else! I LOVE my new boob! I still can't stop looking at them! Everything looks better on them than it did before!

About a week ago I started to break out between my breasts. Really small red bumps only on my sternum and a tiny bit on the medial portion of both my breasts. I've been washing my incisions and breasts with dial soap and then (very carefully) the break out zone with acne wash. Has anyone else has this problem?

My right one (left in the pics) is definitely settling into place quicker (I'm assuming bc I'm right arm dominant and automatically do more stuff with my right side & arm) but both are healing wonderfully!

3 weeks PO

I finally got the clear to remove the dermabond and start my scar treatment!!! My incisions look FANTASTIC! I couldn't be happier with my results!! Dr. Epstein is an artist and a genius!

Here are some before and after pics as well as a glamour shot ;p

4 1/2 months PO and loving it!

So I'm about 4.5 months p.o. And I am THRILLED with my results! I am not restricted in any way. The only new sensations I get is when I bend down without a bra on I feel the implants move with gravity and it feel crazy. I rub mederma onto my scars as part of my scar massage daily. As of right now I am measuring as a 34D!! ???? I am so happy that I went through with this procedure!! I uploaded some more profess pics to share. Unfortubately its a pain to try and blur out my tattoos otherwise I would have a ton more to share.

Also, has anyone else gotten stomach/gallbladder sensitivity/pain since their surgery? I'm thinking that it may have been due to the heavy antibiotics I, understandably so, had to be on for this procedure. I would say about 2.5 months after surgery I started having frequent pain. Went to my primary care physician, ran tests, came back neg., since then have been eating very healthy to avoid any digestive pain. Since I'm surrounded by people who are more into eastern medicine, it's gotten me thinking that the antibiotics may have wiped out the good bacteria in my digestive tract. I started taking probiotics daily and Zantac when I'm confronted with food of suspect health content. Hopefully that does the trick!

But I digress, I LOVE my breasts! I 100% recommend it to anyone who has thought a lot about it and is of sounds mind and health. I will warn you, I have lost a jealous female friend (who just couldn't stop trying to put me down to compensate for her own insecurities) and a few others have strayed. When you go through this, you (or at least I did) want to be able to openly talk about it without shame. Some people just can't handle that, and that's okay, they just aren't for me then. But I've also made a bunch of new female friends that have also had this procedure done and love to have someone else who can relate to talk to too.

Just about at the 6 month mark!

I am so happy that I did this! I LOVE my results! They feel so natural and like they are a part of me! No one can ever tell that I have implants, they look perfectly proportionate!

Push up bra vs normal bra

Here's a few pics to show the different looks between a push-up underwire bra and a non padded underwire bra on anatomically shaped implants. I have Allergan style 410 implants in size 310cc full height moderate profile. Both bra are a size 34D and both are comfortable :). As you can see in the pics, my nips are just at the top of the cup in the blue push up bra, where as in the pink non padded bra, my nips are closer to the center of the bra cup. I hope this helps!

10 months PO

I am at my 10 month mark and I LOVE THEM!!! I am so happy that I did this and my confidence has skyrocketed! Here's some pics of my incisions as well as different angles in their final stage of healing :D!!
Stony Brook Plastic Surgeon

Nice, clean office. Friendly responsive staff. Dr. Epstein is very nice and direct. I have enjoyed every interaction I've had with the entire staff. He knows what works and looks best on you based on measurements. I trust in his advanced surgical techniques and post operative recipe for recovery.

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