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Hello ladies! I just have to say, as so many...

Hello ladies! I just have to say, as so many others have, that this site is nothing short of a miracle when it comes to help when deciding to have work done. I am 32 and have never had surgery done before. I'm even afraid of having my blood taken!! But after years of struggling with my weight, I have finally reached my physical goal and wanted to do something to make myself feel better. Some people don't realize how hard it is when struggling with ones weight. Especially when you have an eating disorder such as I did. Mine was overeating and I struggle with that everyday still. But with the help of nutrisystem and a desire to live longer and feel better I finally stopped dieting and started living a new lifestyle! And to celebrate all my hard work, I am having a BA in May! Hey that rhymes!! I can not say how all of you ladies on here have made me feel stronger and less fearful in making my decision. All the reviews, pictures, and advice I have read and taken to heart. I appreciate it all and hope my story as it unfolds helps someone out there looking for a booby buddy, has questions or wants someone to share in their joys fears excitement and wonder as mine and your experience takes its course!! Any comments, etc are welcome! Looking forward to keeping you updated as time goes by!!! XOXO

Hey hey hey! im sorry i havent posted much on here...

hey hey hey! im sorry i havent posted much on here recently but there isnt much to update right about now. ive been so busy following all of you girls that had or are having their BA's recently. but today marks a milestone for me so i thought i would share lol from when i first made the decision to have my BA i thought it would be motivation in a way to start adopting healthier habits that i have been avoiding doing for a while. i basically NEVER drank water, and im pretty healthy otherwise. i just HATE the taste of water, its do damn watery! if they made water taste less like water and more like diet soda, then id drink it all day. but never the less, i started drinking between 4 and 6 bottles a day, and stopped drinking caffeine as well. i know it was already keeping me up til the wee hours of the morning each night but i also know it isnt the best thing all around, and thought it would be a healthy step i can blame on my boobs lol also, i take a allergy pill each night (or more and an advil PM is i really cant hit the hay) to help me sleep each night. since i know i basically cant take anything leading up to my surgery i decided last week to stop taking anything that i didnt need deserately. so no more fake benadryll (aka the walmart special), no more advil PM's and what nots. so of course today, i got my "you know what" so im training myself to deal with the cramps without regular advil cause knowing my luck ill get it again right before surgery and i wont be able to take it. so today is day one and the cramps are kicking in. oh joy lol thank god i never travel far without my heating pad cause its helping..... a little...... im trying to be a tough girl cause i think it will help me come the time around my surgery! anyone else start or started adopting these little things to help them get by?!? im pretty much blaming anything i can on my upcoming surgery now lol

Hello every one out there in mamory land! hope you...

hello every one out there in mamory land! hope you girls are all doing well! i was just going over my wish list i set up at amazon for all the things i would want or need for my upcoming surgery and just shared it with another lovely lady on here in case anything i had on my list would help her out. so since i had it all written out real nice and pretty i thought i would post it on here in case someone else was in need of some pre or post op ideas. ive been reseaching for about 2 months now so ive collected quite the list lol so i hope this helps!!

Hobe Naturals Vitamin E Oil, 7,500 IU, 4 Ounce -------after to put on my skin and i was gonna use it on my face too lol

Kirkland Signature Vitamin E 400 IU, 500 Softgels -----after--they say vit E is great to help heal and with CC

Vitamin D3 5000 IU, 360 Mini Softgels (GMO-free, Preservative-fr?ee, Soy-free, USP Grade Natural Vitamin D in Organic Olive Oil)
by Nutrigold----------good for healing afterwards

B-6 100mg 100 Capsules
by Now Foods ----------good for healing afterwards

Plain Long Spaghetti Strap Tank Top Camis Basic Camisole Cotton (Small, Beige/Oatmeal)
Hollywood Star Fashion-------they say really no bra for the first few weeks so these camis with the built in bra are great and they come in so many colors, got great reviews and are cheap! im gonna get a bunch of colors.

Vitafusion MultiVites Sours Gummy Vitamins, 150 Count
by Vitafusion-------id start taking asap and then afterwards too as a yummy daily vitamin

TheraPearl Sports pack - Rectangle Bag
by TheraPearl---------these are great ice packs they are like little bags of frozen peas so they are great for afterwards

Sock It To Me Sock Monkeys Red Knee High Socks--def a comfort item for me. they say wear comfy socks for the surgery and i love sock monkeys so i knew they would be both soft and keep my spirits up lol

Intimo Women's Poly Charmeuse Pajama Set, Red, Small
Intimo-----i read some where that a girl wished she has nice soft satiny pajamas to help her shimmy off and on her bed since her flannel ones were acting like glue and she couldnt move around a lot with limited use of her arms. so im gonna snag a few pairs and they also button down the front, and i dont have any PJ's that do that.

Kikkerland Telescoping Back Scratcher, Silver
by Kikkerland-------i read somewhere that one of these was a life saver to reach for itch places that were hard to get to with limited arm movement.

Good Cook Drinking Straws, Pack of 50-----read that some girl swore by having these so i got them because they were cheap and looked like the bendy necks would help with drinking and reaching beverages.

Shapewear Seamless Smoothing/lifti?ng Bra (34 (Medium), Beige)
JEM Shape----------post op no underwire bra type support

Shapewear Seamless Smoothing/lifti?ng Bra (34 (Medium), Black)
JEM Shape----------post op no underwire bra type support

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E -- 13.5 fl oz
by Palmer's-----great after lotion for healing and nice skin

Vitafusion Fiber Gummies Weight Management, 90-Count Bottle
by Vitafusion---start asap at least a week before if you can and take until a few weeks after surgery id say just to help stay regular.

Vitafusion Power C, Gummy Vitamins For Adults, 150-Count
by Vitafusion---start asap at least a week before if you can and take until a few weeks after surgery id say just to help your immune system stay up.

Vitafusion Multi-vite, Gummy Vitamins For Adults, 150-Count
by Vitafusion----------same multi-vite but in non sour flavor for those who dont like sour patch kid type gummy candy lol

Hylands Homeopathic Arnica Montana 30X 250 Tablets
by Hyland's Homeopathic-------for swelling/bruising--start maybe a week or so before then maybe a week or two after--couldnt hurt the longer the better

Brentwood 4036 Georgia Suede Bedrest, Driftwood
by Brentwood-----pillow with arms for bed

Nelsons - Arnica Cream - 30 grams [Health and Beauty]
by Nelson------some cream to help topically along with the arnica pills

im also preparing by grabbing/doing the following to help ease the process anyway i can!

grabbing the following grocery items:

saltine crackers
diet gingerale
activia yougurt--will start eating a week before a few times a day to help it kick in when/if i start to feel backed up after surgery
pinapple chunks--an ingredient in pinapple is said to be good for swelling/bruising and also healing and i love it so a double win!
black beans--i love them just plain with some EVOO and spices so i will make a big batch and keep in the fridge and it is also chock full of fiber
fiber one bars/cereal

and extra prep since i will be staying in a hotel for the first few days after surgery:
cooler for ice packs and refrig foods
ipad and headphones
zippy front hoodies
flip flops
loose sweatpants

im also going to have the girl i work with do a double french braid with my hair (one on each side) that way it will be up, out of my face and i dont have to worry about it when i shower and what not but it will still look cute!

Ok so i havent posted much lately because i still...

ok so i havent posted much lately because i still have a bit of time away. but the days are kinda flying by! yesterday was the 6 week mark for my surgery, 5 week mark for my bloodwork and 4 weeks until my pre op! i think when its more like 1 or 2 weeks til my pre op then ill be really starting to wiggle my toes in my shoes and being to get mega excited. right now im just enjoying the stories and triumphs of my ladies on here who are about to or just got their surgeries done. thank you all for sharing your stories im so happy you are all doing and looking so well. and im also happy to make new friends on here too! it seems like there are a few ladies with my BA date or around my date who understand the waiting game im going through right now, so its nice to have the support. im so anxious i just cant wait! suprisingly im not scared, like i was feeling right after i booked my date and got my packet in the mail. im just super excited to have it done and see what i will look like afterwards!

Hello ya'll!!!!!! just wanted to hop on here and...

hello ya'll!!!!!! just wanted to hop on here and do a quick update since i havent in a while and things are getting pretty close. tomorrow is my pre op apt and weds is when i have an apt to get my bloodwork done oh yippie lol i HATE having my blood taken it grosses me out but i know it is for the cause so i cant complain. i started taking my vitamins about a week ago, i got gummy multi vitamins, vitamin C, daily immune and fiber ones--all in gummy form! i swear now im psyched each morning to wake up and take them because they taste like candy... all except the daily immune ones, they are just YUCK. so i also had my last sips of booze until wayyyyy after my surgery. im not a huge drinker to begin with but i had family partys all weekend and knew i would need a drink or two so i indulged! and now its down to the wire. weds will be officially 2 weeks to B DAY and i cant wait. every so often i start to bug out a bit, like how am i gonna feel when i first wake up, will i barf, will i be able to handle the feelings that will come with the surgery, both physically and mentally, and since i basically am always on the go, will i handle being down and out of commission for a few days/weeks?! i stocked up on DVDs including the whole Munsters series, and got my boyfriend a bunch of them too that im going to give him with a card right before my surgery to say thank you for all the support up to this point and in advance thanks for taking care of me after : ) normally for me May sucks since ive lost so many of my close family members this month (including my dad on the 13th) but between the surgery and all of the activities ive been pre occupied with, i have barely had time to stop and be sad. so in a way im extra happy to have the surgery ahead of me and good things to be grateful for. i hope all of you guys out there that are healing and about to have surgery this week/next week are doing awesome and just know that im thinking of you guys and here when you need!! xoxo

Bom bom bom!!!!!!!!!! hello all my beautiful and...

bom bom bom!!!!!!!!!! hello all my beautiful and lovely ladies on here. my dedicated friends who have been following me and sticking with me through out my story i want to give you guys a special shout out and say thanks for making the wait time so much more do-able and allowing me to share with all of you guys and learn from your stories and triumps. now with that being said, i am offically starting the countdown... one week!!!!!!! by this time next week, god willing lol, i will be just waking up from my nap with my new twins. "mother and children are resting comfortably" lol i just said it in the car while on lunch to my friend, holy crap by this time next week it will all be over--how freaky!!! i am really excited and i just cant wait to get it over with and see how things will turn out. i know i am staying cool now, which to those who know me is surprising. i told my BF on the phone today ill probably start freaking out when we are on our way to the hotel the night before. then ill be having palpatations and all kinds of what have yous. but for the time being, im ok! i swear if it wasnt for this site id be bald right now and thats a fact. im so happy to have so many new friends on here. my only complain is not being really able to find any bras, because i really have no idea what size im going to be afterwards.... any one else having this same prob? other than that im just lucky and blessed to be healthy and able to go through with this and anxious to get it done! and i swear to god is it just me, but every time i looked at my boobs this week and i swear ive been eying them up and down, they dont look half bad! im like whoa, the implants are only going to make them so much better! i took a farewell pic of them for prosterity, and that ill always remember the good times we had. they will be gone but not forgotten.... lol hope you all are doing ok out there. just posting on the 1 week mark since i will be MIA this weekend. my phone doesnt let me post or respond and ill be without a computer or Ipad so after friday ill be gone til monday. xoxo

tomorrow.....tomorrow.......ill love my boobs, tomorrow......they're only a day AWAY!!!!!

in the words of the great annie, tomorrow is only a day away. and so is my surgery, as i know many other ladies' is as well. very exciting time for all of us but i know also nerve racking as we scramble to do the last of what we need done. i have great faith that everything for ALL OF US will turn out amazing and all this waiting will be well worth it. im pretty much all done except for a few last loose ends that i have to do and finish packing. looking forward to going out to dinner with my BFF before my BF and i leave for the hotel later on tonight. so im sure i will be on here again before tomorrow i just hope i get internet connection so i can be all up in my ipad cause my phone doesnt let me do anything on this site. so until later on my lovelies!!!!

hey there miss new boobies!!!!! the photos are up!

the weight of the world is on my chest.... lol

hello all of my beautiful ladies out there that have been with me from the start. i missed you guys!!! I'm sorry i have been MIA for the past few days but i just did not have the energy to post or even go online. i had like a million emails! lol but i am happy to report that my surgery went amazing and my PS said i did perfect. i was once was the girl who cried even when she had her blood taken and blossomed into the brazen young lady who hopped right up on the surgery table and said lets do this! i am beyond amazed at how well it all went and how talented and awesome my PS is. without him i would never have had the outcome that i had. everything that he promised came true. no pain, no need for pain meds, no need for anything other than tylenol! and its true! don't get me wrong, i am super sore and being uncomfortable is unbearable at times but more because you cant really do anything as opposed to being in pain. no pain i tell you! just tight, swollen and heaviness on the chest. and i also want to give a special thank you to all of the amazing girls I've met and become friends with out there. without you guys i know i wouldn't have had the courage to go through with this.. so thank you guys : ) so now its on to the healing stage and as far as i can see we are all doing awesome!! yah us!!!!


so holy crap its been a week already! blowing my mind!!!! i cant believe the time is flying by so quickly. still feeling good, no pain just sore, and the incisions are tender and sore as well. but trucking along as good as anything! spent 2 nights at the hotel the night before and day of my surgery. had my post op visit on thursday and then came home. hung out thurs friday and saturday just chilllin, eating like a beast and icing like it was nobodys business. but by sunday i was ready to start clawing at the walls so my BF and i broke out and went to his weekend house in PA. the ride was a bit ahhh at times but just because the bumps made the sore feel well, more sore. but i made it, a 2 hour ride, and it was really no big deal. i even went to a BBQ that day! then just relaxed monday and tuesday, did more of nothing but watch DVD's and drink fluids lol came home last night and had my first day at work today. should have left early because by the end of today i was BEAT! so tired and still just a bit sore. but i have to say for the first week post op it has been cake. and i owe it all to my PS. he is the best and i cant not say enough good things about him!!! please anyone feel free to ask any questions that you might have and now that i am with internet again i will be updating more often. just couldnt get my lazy butt up to do it the first few days post op lol

Post op day 9 recaps and dress up!!!

hello again everybody!!!!! today was day 9 post op and it truely is amazing on how things change bit by bit each day. im seeing more slight changes in the right one which was as most experience the problem boob so im thrilled about that. still a bit high and i believe that my nerves are starting to grow or come back now cause i be feeling my incision sites a lot more now than an other day. really between yesterday and today was the most awareness ive had from the incisions. sore but not overly painful. just like a feeling of hey, im here, you were cut and now were letting you know it lol and i wore a dress to work yesterday that was apparently way too small on me so i paid for that today with extra soreness and major discomfort : ( but lesson learned!!! no more tight apparel for me for the time being. still i guess too sensative to rock a tight strapless anything at this point and time. but other than that, im trucking along about the same as i was after just one day. i have to admit though that being back at work wasnt the most awesome part of my week. i should have prob worked partial days from weds to friday since getting back to the normal routine was hard. just getting up and getting ready i was so tired before i even left the house, and carrying my big ass pocket book and work bag was killin me a bit. and for as much as i was bored when i was home watching TV i now miss it terribly lol this weekend i plan to do more of nothing pretty much. just relax rest and heal. it sucks because i dont feel bad at all so i want to be so active and what not but i have to remember that just cause i feel like i can doesnt mean i can do everything right off the bat. i must practice patience!!! that might be the hardest part of all being patient and waiting for nature to take its course and heal me up right. i hope everyone out there is doing good too!! i posted a bunch of dress up pics and a few ones that i forgot to post in the beginning including a before pic of me and some other random ones as well........... : )

Sore and sunburnt?!

Hey ladies!!! Hope all is well with you guys! Im fastly approaching post op 2 weeks and i am feeling the sore and sunburn aspects I've read about.... It's the weirdest feeling the sunburn but that is the way i can best describe it. And im pretty sore on the bottom sides and under my pits. But hopefully this will past and i will continue to feel better each day. Im also having crazy nipple feelings it kinda sucks lol i can barely wear any clothes at all!! Anyone else feel free to vent... Seems like week 2 is a bit tougher than the first one.... But still an overall good experience just frustrating you can't be back to normal yet : / Oh and I have a few new pics from today and the weekend. Best dress up i could do was a wife beater... Sorry nothing fancier right now.... : )

Happy birthday to them!!!

Ladies ladies ladies where has the time gone?!?!? I am officially 4 weeks post op today. Happy birthday to my boobies!! I have to say each day it gets a bit better. The sunburn feeling and nip sensitivity gets less as time goes by but its still there. And my right feels great but I'm still sore a bit on the left side on the side below my armpit and underneath. Tomorrow is my post op apt so we will see what the doctor says when I go. Otherwise I'm back to all normal activities for the most part and look forward to seeing what they look like next month! Hope everyone out there is doing well and as happy with their new girls as i am!!!

post op apt and bikini pics....the girls had a big day today!!!!

so last night i decided to play dress up with all the bras and bikinis i inherited. well that didnt go so well..... lol all the bikinis were for the most part meds and the bras 34C's. and by the looks of it ill probably be at least a 34D if not bigger, and at least a large in the bikini tops! so next month, ill have something else to buy lmao no bras though not until im 3 months post op, then maybe ill splurge and get one. until then its bandinis and going commando for this girl and her girls lol and as for the post op apt i had today i got 2 thumbs up! all is perfect healing is going amazing and no problems so i thank god for that : ) hope all of my beautiful friends out there are doing good. another update to follow soon! xoxo

Teenie bikini!!!

Me and the girls!

Hey ya'll!!! Hope everyone is doing good out there in boobie land!!!! Weds was 5 weeks post op and i can't get over how time if flying by. The girls are doing good, better each day. The nip pain and sunburn feeling have gone away tremendously and I feel almost back to normal as far as soreness and tenderness are concerned. They are also getting bigger from what I can tell so they must be fluffing more. Which is only a bonus!!! Bathing suit tops that fit in the beginning of the week dont fit anymore lol now i just need to get back on track physically and ill be ok. Feeling like a huge beast in all other aspects yet im in love with my rack. What a weird position to be in lol i love me from the waist up but not from the waist down.. Still 3 lbs up from my pre surgery weight and im already subtracting my implant amount from my current weight : / We'll see what happens in the weeks to follow!! Hope everyone else is doing amazing and healing well xoxo

Bikinis sunburn and everything in between!!!

Hello everyone!!! Sorry for not posting in a while but with the holiday week last week i was busy as heck!! Now back to the grind. Tomorrow i will be post op week 7 and im feeling almost like my normal self. My left one still feels a bit odd at times ESP when i try to lay on that side but i guess that comes with the turf. Maybe after a few months post op i will feel 100%. Otherwise me and the ladies are good! Getting really soft and squishy i swear i dont feel the implants at all sometimes. They seem to still be fluffing and droping a bit more so by 3 months post op i will be ready for bras!!! Right now we are on the hunt for some better fitting bikini tops since the ones i used to wear and the hand me downs i got dont fit lol but it was well worth it.... I hope everyone is doing great out there and know that im always thinking of you guys!! xoxo

Me and DDD... And i dont mean diners drive ins and dives!!!!

OH LORD LADIES!!!! i know its been a hot minute since ive been on here as far as updates go but as ive told my many lady friends on here from month 2 to 3 there wasnt much of a visual change for me to post about. and i knew once their 3 month birthday rolled around i would be lettin that camera snap snap snap! i have taken so many pics im like a photo hoarder so i hope you ladies arent busy for the next 5-10 mins lol as far as it goes there really hasnt been much change. they seem a bit bigger and thing that were fitting last month suddenly arent or are super tight, at least when it comes to bikini tops and such. but as far as pain wise goes, etc i pretty much feel 100% normal and like they are apart of me. when i sit on my tummy of course i can feel them and it feels weird. not bad weird just weird lol and the nip pain for the most part is gone away and i only feel a tiny bit sore when i lay on one side while i sleep for too long. now as far as what kind of bra i got, i went to vickys of course cause for one, i had a gift card just waiting to be spent and 2, if you used your angels card you got 10 off each bra. so i paid 42 for one and 28 for the other! not too shabby! since i opted to not get a lift right now i obviously wanted a bra with some push up to it, and with all my new tops and dresses i got multi way bras in both colors. i was measured at a 34DDD and i was like WTF?! i thought i would be maybe a D, MAYBE a DD POSSIBLY.... but when she said that i was shocked. needless to say very happy since i was a B cup to start with but still a shock. so im hoping they are done growing. because although visually they dont look huge unless im wearing a bra to me i think if i went any bigger i would be sagging already for sure. they are perfect and now that i know i can dress them up in a bra or leave them commando and still have them look perky and fluffy im a pretty happy woman. i will continue to update as the next 3 months goes by and take pics/post when i can. thanks to all of my amazing girls who have been checking on me and requesting some visuals. i hope you all enjoy the pics!!!! XOXO
Stony Brook Plastic Surgeon

i found doctor epstein on realself and almost couldn't believe the reviews about him. they were all perfect and seemed too good to be true. i like to consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to the internet so i googled and searched and read up on him for over a month and still could find no wrong. so i scheduled my consult and when i met him i knew he was the one. i CAN NOT say enough good things about dr e. everything and i swear everything he promises is true. everyone was shocked at how amazing and natural my results were after just a day or so and the recovery was just as promised. i was actually cleaning up and unpacking the night of my surgery and the day after. i got yelled at for doing too much by family and loved ones! but i felt like i could and wanted to be active. it was unbelievable. i actually didn't even really need to take the ibuprofen that was prescribed but did it just to be on the safe side. i was never even in any pain. i was sore, tight and uncomfortable at times, but never an ounce of pain. the staff there were just so good i cant even give them and dr e enough praise. i have never had surgery before and i was so scared at how i would handle it and how things would turn out. but after spending time with dr e i knew things would turn out perfect and they certainly did. if you are at all considering a BA and even if you live out of state or out of the country please i implore you to check out dr e it is worth a 5 min or 500 mile trip to him i can guarantee that... thank you so so much dr e for making me feel beautiful again!!!!!!!!!

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