3D Brow Microblading - Stoney Creek, ON

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*Treatment results may vary

First appointment August 11, 2016 - During first...

First appointment August 11, 2016
- During first hour the Anesthetist took many measurements and marked me up, to ensure brows will be correct in lenght, thickness, evenly and properly spaced apart, arch is correct for my face and features - everyone's arch and spacing is different depending on how far apart your eyes are and the desired effect. I am happy she spend this much time with me getting it set up properly.
- We decided colour would be mix of warm and cool tones of dark browns using USA made organic pigments. USA made pigments are important, as cheaper Chinese imports can have metals that change bluish or greenish in color and can fade faster, sometimes they have additives unknown.
-I was shown what they will look like prior to procedure and I agreed.
-she put on a numbing cream, it really did nothing for me, pain level was 9 out of 10. Once some initial scratches were done she added more cream, again it really did nothing (I must be more sensitive than the average person, or it wasn't left on long enough. I was nauseous from the pain, truthfully it really hurt, like a slow torture, good thing I was laying down.
-the procedure itself took about 1/2 hour. She made an initial scrape on one brow, then moved to the other side, and went back and forth like that.
-she sat me up to look at it, we talked about a few minor adjustments. I got more numbing cream, this time it helped a bit with the pain, but not much.
After Care - I was told to only use organic coconut oil or grape seed oil to sooth my brows. Brows were a bit red and a bit swollen. The coconut oil really helped. I applied it 3x day.
-Brows were very dark with pigment and from normal healing in the first two weeks. Keep this in mind if you have to go to work. People will notice, there is no getting around this. Take a weeks vacation off work if you want to avoid the 'looks'..... If you ever saw that 'Seinfeld' tv episode where Jerry's dad drew on his eyebrows? then you get the picture...
-After two weeks they started to get a lot lighter. This is the flaking stage, keep applying coconut oil with a sterile Q-Tip to keep them soft and non-tight to help retain the pigments. Sleep on your back. You will loose some pigment no matter how good your aftercare, this is why there is a second appointment. You can shower after two days, but try not to soak them, get in and get out and do not ever rub them dry, pat with paper towel.

Second Appointment October 24, 2016
- had another consult to see if I was happy with the colour and if any adjustments were needed, other than filling in.
-I felt one was a tad longer and thicker and the arch was a bit off (this is because I lost some pigments)
-more measurements were taken and my arch adjusted, and I wanted them thicker (this was the whole point of me having them done in the first place) She showed me how they look thicker and adjusted and I agreed
-More numbing cream, and again it did absolutely nothing for me, I learned to breathe through it this time, and I knew this appointment would not be as long
-Once micro blading was done, she sat me up to look. I requested a few more adjustments.
-Remember eyebrows are not twins, they are more like sisters, no one has two brows exactly and completely symmetrical. We notice it on ourselves, but others looking at as usually do not. Most people have one bigger dominant eye than the other as well, or its a tad higher or lower, this can make your brows look a bit off. Your anesthetist can not change that, but if she is skillful she can help even things out.
-I had another look and was satisfied
- It was recommended to come back for a touch up after a year, some people can last up to two years if they wear sunscreen and do not exfoliate the brows.

Final outcome
- I am very happy with my brows, you have to have realistic expectations. I think the more eyebrow hair you have initially, the more natural they will look. If you have no eyebrows at all then yes, people can tell to some extent because the ink is under the skin and natural hairs are above, so just keep your expectations real. I went with a more rounded natural look as opposed to a more square look. Sometimes before and after pictures can be misleading as photos can look better than real life, as pictures make things appear softer.
-Now in the morning it is no fuss no muss.

*If I could give anyone advise it would be to choose your anesthetist carefully, they all have different levels of experience and skill, price can reflect that, but not always, because some are crazy expensive. Usually people who are very good and very experienced do charge more, so if someone is offering micro blading for 99.00 I would be very weary. A good anesthetist knows her worth. My pricing was cheaper because its a home based business with not a lot of overhead. Pricing in my area usually runs between $300.00 - $650.00 and some places in Toronto (a major city) up to 1.200.00

It is definitely worth doing, if its done correctly.

3D Microblading Brows

This shows before, right after first session, six weeks after first session, and right after second touch up appointment. Once I'm fully healed I will post a finished photo.

Happy with results.

Starting to heal, getting a bit itchy, going through the darkish phase right now.

Loosing pigments

I'm still in my healing phase after the touch up appointment. I get disappointed every time I notice more pigment flaking off as it heals.
I really liked the thickness right after my touch up appointment but as they heal more and more pigment loss. I did not loose like this after the first appointment. They are still thicker than what I started with. I hope it still looks ok when I'm all done healing. Have a clump like scab on the right brow where it looks darkest, so I know when that comes off it will take pigments with it.
It hasn't quite been two weeks since my touch up. I'm hoping it's not all patchy when it's done.
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