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About 9 months ago I saw one of my FB friends...

About 9 months ago I saw one of my FB friends mention on her status "-60". I inquired and she told me she had had gastric bypass surgery. In the back of my mind I always wondered about it since I had been heavy as long as I could remember. Once she described what a positive experience she had I watched a two hour video on the various surgeries put out by her Dr. I was very impressed at how thorough it was.

I made my appointment and went to a consultation. I could not have felt more comfortable with Dr. Sandor and his staff. I went through all the preliminary testing, got approved and I am scheduled for a Sleeve Gastrectomy two weeks from today.

I just completed my first day of the liquid diet and I can't say it was fabulous but tolerable. I am VERY excited about the surgery and what is to come. Feeling better overall and not ever having to ask for a seatbelt extender on an airplane again. The one thing I am concerned about after reading a lot of these posts is the shoulder/back pain a lot of people have complained of. I need to ask some more questions about this because I hadn't heard of it before. I am 5'10" and my weight today, Day 1 of pre-op is 287.

I had the surgery on April 22 and I could not be...

I had the surgery on April 22 and I could not be more pleased with how the surgery itself went and my two day hospital stay. The doctors and staff at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford, MA were amazing. They didn't weigh me right before the surgery (and I didn't weigh myself because I thought they would) so I am not sure how much I have lost since the surgery but I do know that I am down 30lbs since January 16 when I first went and met with the Dr. Unfortunately after I got home from the surgery a few days later I got pneumonia which made everything more difficult but I am almost out of that now. Feeling great. Getting my protein in and taking all my vitamins. Except for the pneumonia great experience.

Three months since surgery and feeling great

Hi there, I had the gastric sleeve on April 22. I am down about 50 pounds (since January when I first saw the doctor). I don't know what I weighed the day of the surgery, they didn't weigh me which I thought was funny. I did get pneumonia after the surgery. I highly recommend everyone use the breathing machine they should give you after surgery to help clear your lungs. From the pneumonia I had a lot of coughing and I think the acid kicked up so I got two esophageal ulcers. So when I was eating more often and more regular food I had problems. But they quickly diagnosed them and I am on medication and really feeling good. Have not incorporated a lot of excercise into my life but walking but plan to start some swimming and some workout DVDs I have. Overall surgery was a great decision and life it going on just fine.

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Dr. Andras Sandor

He came highly recommended by a friend and I completely see why. He is incredibly thorough and very thoughtful when speaking to me.

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