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Pending insurance coverage I will have breast...

Pending insurance coverage I will have breast reduction surgery on 10-13-16. I never really thought this would be possible but the steps I had to take weren't as hard as I thought they would be. My insurance company needed the following from me:

* A referral letter from my PCP
* A personal statement letter stating why I wanted/needed a reduction
* Proof that I have been seeing a chiropractor for at least 6 months. (I have been going for years) Also, my Chiro wrote a letter of recommendation for me.

I have been large busted since puberty. I was a c cup in 5-6 grade and since then they have steadily grown. I hope to go back to a full c cup :)

Hopefully getting closer!

More before photos....this bra I'm wearing is a Lane Bryant 36F that I am busting out of. I called the insurance company to see if I was approved and they told me they never received my claim. I'm so frustrated! Luckily I have a great nurse at my office who is taking care of it behind the scenes for me. Wish us luck!

Surgery is approved by insurance!!

I sort of can't believe this is ACTUALLY happening :) October 13th is the big day! I am looking forward to new clothes and maybe even a bathing suit that fits correctly! Yay!!!

5 days until surgery!

Only 5 days left! Here are some pics of my new post-op bras and some final "before pics"

It's time!

Today is the day!! Bye bye ta tas!

Post op

Is this normal? I'm about 5 hours post op

Post op day 1

They are very swollen and misshaped right now but my PS said that is normal. She is happy with them and so am I :) just still feel like crap still :/ never been a back sleeper. My neck hurts worse than my incisions!

5 days post-op

Bored out of my mind! Not sleeping well (back sleeping sucks!) but had my second doc appointment today and it went very well. She told me I could shower, sort of. She said that infection rate is higher in people with well water (which I have) so still sponge baths around the chest area but can shower the rest. I'll take it I guess. My pain is very minimal now just a little discomfort in some areas (mostly under my breasts) Can't wait to start wearing spots bras again. I start that next week ???????? ace wraps for now...

Post op day 26

Feeling great. Been doing light cardio for a week. Can't wait to start lifting again!

Post op day 26

One day before surgery on left

Post op day 26

Dr. Karen powers

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