4 Weeks Post-oP BloG UpdaTe & NeW piC_

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I'm 5'7" and I currently wear a size 14, but could...

I'm 5'7" and I currently wear a size 14, but could also wear a 12 (barely) :-/
I have two girls 9 and 6 and both were 9 LB babies (ouch).
I have been wanting this procedure for a long time.
I got a quote over an e-mail from the doctors office, so I won't know for sure until I go to my appointment on Wed.
I feel excited but at the same time nervous because of the cost, time off work , results, etc.
My mommy makeover will result in a Full Tummy tuck which will include Lipo in top and lower abdomen, a breast lift a d silicone augmantation.
I'll keep you posted on what the doctor says on Wed :)

Hello....I went to my appointment with Dr....

Hello....I went to my appointment with Dr. Silverton here in Stockton, CA on Wed 06/27/2012
I was there from 12:00pm to 2:55pm (3hrs)...I know_!!
First were the vitals and the dreaded weight in then...
They basically had me watch a breast augmentation video from the doctor explaining what it is, risks, recommendations and at the same time a 2 page (back and front) with questions about the video (am I taking a quiz?...I thought)...anyways, I assumed it was a libility thing, and you have to basically check that everything was explained to you and sign.....after 25 minutes of that video....they put on another video of Tummy Tuck...no quiz paper there but that one took 20 more minutes...then finally the receptionist said that the doctor would be in to meet me first before I got undressed...
Once I met the doctor, he basically repeated eveything I just saw in both videos (another 20 minutes)...don't take me wrong I appreciate the time spend with me.,..I just was not expecting a double lecture I guess.
Once the doctor had me get undressed he came back in the room and examined me and said that he does not feel i need a full breast lift but if any he would recommend a "Benelli Lift" which is also reffered to as a "Purse String Lift". The doctor also explained his procedure on the way he does tummy tucks which I have not seen anywhere on the internet and he says it's new and more efficient. Basically what he does is.... Lipos the entire abdomen top and bottom first then when he cuts the incision he only lifts up to the belly button, then creates a tunnel in the middle up towards the chest but just up through the abdomen...then removes a layer of fat from that tunnel area and seals the abdomen with permanent stitches....due to the lipo he primarly did the skin from the top slides down, and according to the doctor the recovery is faster because that skin was not lifted....he also inserts and leaves in a medicine tiny tube for pain which is later removed by the patient after about 4 days....I'm sorry if this is not making sense...its just really hard to explain when there isn't even a name for this new tummy tuck procedure....Dr. John Silverton has it detailed on his website.,
OK...with that being said....he also said that he would NOT be able to do the tummy tuck and breast lift w/augmentation.
Reason: it will take too long and he does not want to "risk it" for my health benefit. The doctor said that he is a "perfectionist" and that's why it takes him longer....Hmmmm...to be onest I think it's his age :-/ ... The doctor looks like he is in his late 60's or early 70's....a lot of experience but it does concern me.
So ...he recommended a full tummy tuck with his procedure and lipo on the flanks (upper hips)...Total: $9,575.00
If I do the Tummy Tuck with breast augmentation (no lift and no lipo on flanks) Total: $11,700.00

Lots to think about ....especially with that tummy tuck procedure that I've never heard about gets me a little nervous.

I had previously gone to another doctor in Sacramento (Only 45min away) andthat doctor (Dr. Scott Green) he does do the traditional tummy tuck and does an amazing job but he is pricy...price tag on this doctor ...tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation: $16,898.00 ~ Tummy Tuck Only : $8574.00
By the way this doctor said that a breast lift is a must for me...while Dr. John Silverton said that I barely need one....i'm so confused :-/

I'm debating on both doctors......due to budget........but I think I'm leaning towards Dr. Green at this point because his tummy tuck pics on his website are much better.......his incisions are so low and consistent....while Dr. John silvertons incision cars vary...some are high...some are low...some are squiggly..........I don't know...maybe I should do more appointments.

Don't know....all I know is that this is the year I do this.

So I've finally decided which doctor to go with,...

So I've finally decided which doctor to go with, and I have decided to go with Dr. Scott Green.
My decision has been more for my gut feeling, for the doctor that feels right for me...and the results that Dr. Green has over several reviews I've seen is what I'm looking for.
With that being said....I contacted Kelley (coordinator ) to get a different quote on a full tummy tuck w/Lipo and breast augmantation ( no lift) the total will be $13,450.-
I will have to send in a check in the amount of $1,300 to save the date and have the full amount paid within a week from the surgery.
I picked November 21, 2012 for the surgey date...so although for some it may seems that 4 1/2 months are far away...to me it's around the corner.
I went to my nutritionist today and I weight in at a whopping 197.0 lbs :(
NoT GooD.
Let me explain a bit more about myself....
I'll be 31 yrs old this year and during my high school years I weight 135 lbs which was great.
At age 25 ..a year after my second daughter, I went up to 228lbs and wearing a size 20/22...something just snapped one day as I was trying on clothes in Lane Bryant ( I had enough...I didn't feel good about myself). I bought an Elleptical Machine and started exercising 6x a week 30 min a day and ate healthier and a year later I went down to 170lbs. I went from a size 20/22 to a size 10.
It was a great accomplishment although 150 lbs was my goal....I struggled to lose ore weight. Make a story short I got comfortable and exercised less and gained 10lbs back, so I've been at 180lbs...then 185.... Now at 197. It's hurtful because I remember how good it felt when I was 199 because it was in "100's" ...so getting so close to that again is a big NO NO because I swore not to let myself go again.
Anyways.... I have about 5 months to go down to 160 at least for the surgery...that's about 7.8 lbs a month which I think is do-able... I will back to my exercise routine and healthy diet. I know I need to be as healthy as possible for the surgery and I know what it takes to get there. I've kept it off as much as possible for 4 years now... I just need to get back at it.

On another note.... I tried to change my doctor below but there wasn't an option for that on my profile options...Hmmmm??

Well_... It's been a while I've had some ups and...

Well_... It's been a while I've had some ups and mostly downs which had me wait for my dream surgery goal.
Anyways_ my scheduled surgery is on March 19, 2013 with Dr. Scott Green
He will be doing a tummy tuck with muscle repair and a Donut Lift with Silicone augmantation subglandular placement.
I'm excited ...but mostly in denial, because I can't believe this is going to happen. I have a feeling that this month is going to drag for me....because I can't waiT_!! Wooo Hooo

******Pre-oP AppT****** ~ I went to my Pre-oP...

******Pre-oP AppT******

~ I went to my Pre-oP appt today_
First thing was to pay my remaining balance (my overall price was less because I paid all cash not credit; which resulted in a "cash discount")_
2) Weight & Blood Presurre taken (I'm still a size 14)
3) Got undressed and into a nice silky robe.
4) Doctor Scott Green came in to answer any questions and took pictures (that was embarrassing.... For me_ LoL).
5) The nurse came in for me to try on "sizers" for my breast augmentation.
~ I went with 500 CC's Silicone ( will be having a donut lift also)

I was told to be there at 10am the day of my surgery which starts at 11:30am
Got a list of what medicines not to take which is basically STOP ALL MEDICATIONS_
Some of the interesting things on the list not to eat or consume from this point forward are_
Garlic, broccoli, all Chinese food, alcohol, all vitamins, Brussel Sprouts_ definitely stop Vitamin E among other things but these are the more common.

The must have ready after the surgery per the doctor is:
Ginger Ale (regular not diet),Gatorade, Jello, And Crackers.
He said to completely avoid "sugar free" items.
Apparently your body needs sugar to recover as well and liquid consumption must be at least one gallon and a half a day after surgery (wow).

My CBC blood test came back perfectly fine.
The surgery is completely paid.
Just waiting on my post-oP girdle and bra to arrive.

***13 more days for a physically new me***


Hi everyone :) Today I completely finished all my...

Hi everyone :)
Today I completely finished all my aftercare preparation purchases.

* Rent-a-Center assist lift recliner $125.53 (Rental for a full month_ 4weeks_ & they deliver and pick up on Saturday's).

* Prescription Medication $14 for all three (covered by my insurance paid co-pay)

* 2 Post-oP Girdles & 2 Post-oP Bras $165.00 (includes tax, rush shipping fee).

*Raised toilet seat, Gauzes, Shower stool, Wipes, Stool softener , Waterproof pads, medical tape $89.92

The only thing missing is the ginger ale, crackers, jello etc...will do that this weekend.
So far I'm going through a roller coaster of emotions...but overall excited.

I found some interesting videos on YouTube and thought I should share :)

} 8 days to go ........in the meantime ill keep getting mentally prepared for the pain and recovery to come.

Starting to get a little anxious. It's funny how...

Starting to get a little anxious.
It's funny how much time I spend on this site....it's like I'm looking for something but don't know what...LoL.
Anyways, I added some pics of me sitting down...uuuhgh (smh) :-/

Well....today is the day. In 2 hours I will be at...

Well....today is the day.
In 2 hours I will be at my dr's office getting prep.
I'm really relaxed and almost in denial that all this is finally happening.
Please pray for me & for all the medical crew.
Thanks ladies :)

***Post-oP Day 2*** Oh boy_ where do I start.....

***Post-oP Day 2***

Oh boy_ where do I start...
The recovery is brutal without a doubt.
Ouch_ Ouch_ Ouch :"-(
Nothing else to report other than the "Assist Lift Recliner" & the "Toilet Seat Raiser" have been a God-send without a doubt,,.i don't know what I would have suffered without these two things in addition to the walker.
& I think I'm the only one that has 3 drains :-/
Meds kicking in again....Zzzzzzz

** Post-oP DaY 3*** Well this is the moment...

** Post-oP DaY 3***

Well this is the moment when I say "what the hell did I do?"
I thought I had been mentally preparing myself all this time...but I've learned that no mental preparation can fully help with the actual pain.
"It's only temporary...it's only temporary"
I keep telling myself, to make me go through each day.
My Dr_ instructed me to walk, walk walk in order to feel better each day.
Day 1 a couple laps around the living room every time I went to the bathroom
Day 2 walk all the way out the mailbox and back in every time I went to the bathroom
Day 3 (today) walk up and down my street 3x every two hours.
Day 4 will be to walk around the block 2x
And so on, so forth.
I'm forcing myself and I'm glad I have been because I can feel a big difference today.
The nausea was horrendous the first 24-48 hrs to say the least :-/
In a positive note_ I'm so happy with the results although I'm swollen....it's a huge difference ...my belly button is very nice and my boobs feel right also.
Everytime I take my Norco for pain it completely knocks me out.
Forcing myself to eat...I'm not hungry. :-/

***Post-oP DaY 5*** Feeling so much better...

***Post-oP DaY 5***

Feeling so much better today.
I've noticed a 10% improvement each day.

The negatives:
My lower back spasms are hurting a lot.

I have a sharp pain from my upper right thigh down to my knee_ I called my dr and he said that it is just a traumatized vein that is waking up and to just massage it and the pain will go away. As long as the pain is not in my calves which at that point can be a blood clot.

I'm itchy underneath my compression garment _ but that could be a good sign of healing.

The constipation is bad_ I have not had a bowel movement since surgery day.

The positives:

I can walk without the walker today.
Waking 3x around the block every 2 hours.
My appetite is much better today than any other day.
I'm done with my antibiotics.
No more nausea.
Walked up and down stairs without assistance.
I'm more alert today.

The neutrals:

I have love-hate feeling about my compression garment and my draining tubes.
When I take off my compression garment is like I can breath and relax but not having it on makes me feel very fragile as if its holding me together when it's on & feeling like a will break in half if I don't have it on.

The draining bulbs are not painful_ just a little annoying because they are on the way but at the same time I appreciate them because they are draining all this fluid that can cause a seroma if I don't have them.

Additional Note:
I have to admit that I don't know what I would do with all the 24 hour care I've had from my family. For this recovery 24 hour care is a must. I'm thankful for everyone's help and daily support. Make sure you have that help and just raise your white flag and surrender to the help. This is a no-joke recovery.

***Post-oP Day 10*** Hi ladies :) Well today...

***Post-oP Day 10***

Hi ladies :)

Well today my drains were removed (YaaaaY)_
I was able to get rid of the stiff compression garment and move on to the one I ordered ...uffff what a difference.
I went to Nordstrom Rack after the doctor appt, Lunch at Chilis and an Art Store...I was so tired at the end of that.
I'm still walking hunched over some and walking slow...but I only had to take Motrin once today...except when I got home I took a Narco dose.
First day of driving also...and it felt good to feel some of that independence again :-)
I'm going to attempt to sleep in my bed tonight...I'll let you know how that works out later.
I can honestly say that I feel 60% better than day 1...
Everyday it gets better, although some days may feel the same.
I go back to work at two weeks this Monday...I'm a little nervous and hope that I am able to cope through the day...and week.
My MoM who was here with her wonderful 24 hour care left yesterday and I was on my own...but I did just fine :)
I hope you are all healing well.
I added some day 10 pics.

***Post-oP Day 14 ~ (2weeks) *** I work in...

***Post-oP Day 14 ~ (2weeks) ***

I work in Accounting; so desk job 8-10 hrs a day.
I went back to work yesterday and although I was having some discomfort sitting at my desk I didn't have any pain.
I did feel and see some swelling but not anything significant. I've seen many blogs where people say they look 3-5 months pregnant....maybe that's to come for me too...but as of right now the swelling is not that bad at all...very minimal.
I work from 8:am to 5:pm and notice that by 2:30pm I start to get more discomfort and wish I could just lay down.
By the time I get home I am very tired.

I'm still wearing my compression garment 24/7.

The positives:
The good thing is that I am now able to shower without assistance and without the shower stool.
My scars are starting to dry out and scab away.
I'm sleeping on my bed and on my side with lots of support pillows.
I am able to walk and move around waaaay better.
I only take one dose of Motrin a day (towards the end of the day)_
Mentally I feel great_ no depression at all.

On a side note:
My Dr. Told me it was ok to have sex at 2 weeks...well..
I'm a chicken because of how sensitive everything is still that I just don't dare to try and my fiancé is too afraid to hurt me that we have decided to wait a little longer.

I hope you are all healing well. :)

***4 Weeks Post-oP*** Well I made it to 4 weeks...

***4 Weeks Post-oP***
Well I made it to 4 weeks (YaaahaaY)_
I'm feeling so much better.

Negatives still at 4 weeks:
~ I still tend to hunch over when I get up after sitting for more than 10 minutes
~ I'm still very sore and sensitive in my abs.
~ I still can't roll around comfortably in my bed without pain.
~ Swelling has definitely increased in week 3 by the end of each day & it's uncomfortable and sometimes somewhat painful.
~ Extreme swelling after sex (Dr. said its normal).
~ I still get really tired after work or going out somewhere.

The positives at 4 weeks:
~ I am 90% straight now ( unless, as mentioned I get up after sitting for a while...it takes me a couple of minutes to stand up straight again).
~ Had a check up a couple days ago and my doctor said that I am healing perfectly..so much so that he doesn't need to see me until 4 months post-oP :)
~ My incisions have scabbed away and I Love how low my tummy tuck incision is.
~ Based on my progress the doctor has given me the ok to start exercising (Elleptical, Treadmill, or Bike... Don't over do iT).
~ I am walking a lot more "normal" now.
~ No pain medication since day 13
~ I can bend down now.
~ I've been using my jeans for the past 4 days.
~ Went to a concert this last weekend and wore wedges and had 2 cocktails and was just fine.
~All my tops are fitting me sooooo much better.
~ I'm haPpY and Positive

My doctor said no under-wire bras for 6 months.
& I have to wear my Spanx for another 2 weeks (6 weeks total~ 24/7).

Hope everyone is doing good_ StaY PosiTiVe_!!
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Found Dr. Scott Green in Sacramento, CA based on a review from YouTube video & a million background research that I did on this doctor. I'm very confident with my choice.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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