Left Brow Lift to Correct Droop from a Car Accident Years Ago -Stockton, CA

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Here is a link to my review on a unilateral brow lift. I added it to my review on a breast lift (new to this website).

I haven't really read many of the reviews and I actually don't even know the type of procedure done other than my head is killing me!. I will add more on this body part later.
So far my eyes are looking more symmetrical but there is still a lot of swelling and nerve irritability. I am happy that my PS did do this procedure with my breast lift (he usually doesn't do body and face procedures at the same time) . I couldn't afford the time or $ to have two surgeries.
Fingers crossed that both brows and eyes will appear the same.

Going in today

Today I have my follow up with the PS. RIght now things do not look better to justify having this surgery. My right eye is is 'opened' up much higher than my left and my left eye brow is raised much highest at the end (like it if floating up). I know my PS will do what he needs to make it look symmetrical. Fingers crossed. I am not sure when he will pull the sitches. I was worried about an infection the other day but it wasn't (however I did apply some bactroban to the area and kept my fingers

Well its OK. incision slowly healing.

My PS told me that he would try to get the eyebrow to lift to be close to the that of the other brow. This has to be the hardest things for a doc to do, get them even when there are so many variables. It has been past a month and my incision is still open with some oozing. My head is also still numb. I am not sure what exactly happened in the area with the hair and crusting scab but it is not a pretty scar. There is actually a big bald spot there to. My wish is if to heal without complications (infections). The scab was so crusty at 3 weeks that doc couldn't remove all the stitches. He told me not to pull the scab off but it it itchy. I will continue to wear my hair over my eye. I liked the lift, it helped but results were no spectacular. I knew that going in so I am not heartbroken. I would sure like to lift the whole face but I am 98% I am not going through surgery again.
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