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I am 42 yrs old, 5'0, 140 lbs and I had 34DDD...

I am 42 yrs old, 5'0, 140 lbs and I had 34DDD breasts. I had C cup breasts before I had my 2 kids and through the years, my breast size increased. I tried losing weight but my breast size stayed the same. 2 yrs ago, I decided to get a BR as soon as I can come up with the money. In July, I was having neck pain, back pain and my shoulders were red due to my bra straps. I e-mailed my OB-GYN (to shy to discuss this with my male primary dr.) and she referred me to a plastic surgeon. As soon as i found out that my insurance will pay for the surgery, I talked to my husband and decided to go for it. My surgery was scheduled for Aug 22, 2014.

Before, during and after my surgery...

The day before my surgery was a bit scary for me since I have not had a big surgery before. I decided to write cards to my husband and to my kids because I was really scared of what might happen during the surgery. My husband thought I was being silly. Writing those cards actually made me feel better knowing that if something happened to me, I did say goodbye. I was scared to death but I knew that getting my breast reduced to normal size would make me happy. I am so sick of buying a large blouses just to fit over my big boobs and I'm sick of men looking at my chest when they're talking to me instead of looking at my face. Some of my girlfriends were envious of my large breasts. I wish that I could've donated the tissue that was removed from my breasts to each of them.
In the morning of the surgery my husband had to drop me off and had to leave because he had to go take my kids to school so I was there all alone waiting for my nurses and my plastic surgeon. But this time I was confident and I was ready to get my best reduction done and could not wait for the end result. After the nurse placed my IV, I have met the anesthesiologist and then came Dr. Kim and drew lines all over my breasts where the cuts and sutures will be. Then, I was wheeled in the OR. I was given Versed to relax me and then they placed the oxygen mask over my nose and that was the last thing I remembered before I woke up.
The nurse was calling my name and I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was this tan colored tube top (made of compression material) that they placed on me and ice packs on top of my chest.
And then the nurse asked me if I was feeling any pain and I thought I did so then she gave me some pain medication thru my IV 3x because I was complaining about this pain that was right below my chest area and I realized that when I got home the pain that I was feeling was actually from the ice packs that was touching my skin. My husband tried feeding me and then after I ate, he gave me my Antibiotics and my pain pills and two minutes later I was running to the bathroom and I threw up. After five minutes I tried taking my antibiotics again because I know that one of the capsules went down the drain. I rested after that and the following day I didn't feel any pain at all I felt that I was compressed in that compression material that they placed on me but I was surprised I had no pain.
At around 9 o'clock we had to go back to the hospital for the doctor to remove the compression material and he placed a sports bra on me and that was the first time I saw my new breasts and I was happy.

Forgot to post the photos

3 weeks and a day

It's been 22 days and I feel worse than the first week. I saw my PS today and he told me it's normal for everyone heals differently. I will be posting my photos and they are numbered per post op day. Every morning, getting out of bed is a chore. My right breast is still very swollen and some days it feels so tight and heavy. Some mornings, I cry of discomfort but I have to take my daughter to school every morning. I don't want to bother my husband bec. he works fulltime and gets out of work late at night. The areas under the breasts where I have my stitches are sore, too. I keep on pulling my sports bra downwards, it keeps on resting on the stitches. I asked my PS about how the scars will look later because I look like a rag doll stitched together :(. He said that the skin will eventually flatten itself when it's completely healed and I may not see that until the 6th month. I have to be more patient.

1 Week Photos

Days 9 and 10

I started draining more on the right breast so I padded my bra with a panty liner to catch the yellowish red fluid. The sutured areas feel numb to touch. I saw my PS again regarding this and he said that the amount of drainage is normal. He also told me not to panic in case the stitches break and more fluid come out. He told me that I can always contact him (phone or email). By the way, he's very prompt on his communication.

Getting up this morning...

Getting up this morning at 6:30 am is not as painful as before. My Left breast is still swollen but not as bad because I can feel that the skin is not as tight. The bruises all around the breasts had turn grayish green. The tissue under the breasts are starting to heal but there's still some drainage. I removed the panty liner that I use to line my bra to absorb the drainage hoping that the tissue will heal/dry faster. Will post photo(s) later today. Have a great Monday, everyone!


New Photos-27 days post op

Right breast swelling is worse than yesterday (not sure why). Took photos of the bottom of each breast. I still have some pus (L breast had more than the R breast) that I cleaned with hydrogen peroxide.

4 weeks and 3 days

Good day all! I've been feeling down this past few days due to the pain around the breasts and the scars. I even missed a few get-togethers with friends due to my pains and depression. The wounds under the breasts are finally healing. I try to sit and walk straight with my shoulders back after realizing that I've been sitting and walking with my back hunched over because the skin around the scars feels tight...they hurt with even a slight touch or rubbing against the lining of the bra.

Another post op visit with the PS

Good morning! So many life stresses this week. I feel overwhelmed at times and I cry...I cry a lot. I try to stay positive but it's hard to be at times. Anyway, this morning, I am seeing my PS for a post op visit. I'm worried that my Right breast is still swollen and looks bigger than the other. It also feels firmer and has some hard spots and still looks bluish gray because of the bruises. My scars under the breasts looks ropey and still sensitive to touch but the PS says they will flatten "in time"(wondering how much time is "in time").


I saw my PS this morning. He advised me to massage the hard spots on my breasts because sometimes the hard spots can calcify so they need to be massaged and he added "just not in public" hahaha "as if!!!" He has a sense of humor but he looked serious when he told me. Anyway, he also told me to take ibuprofen to help with the swelling.

Feeling much better!

My bruises are completely gone and the hard spots are getting softer. I still massage daily and take my ibuprofen. Sometimes, i see my scars rip a little and bleed but gets better after 2 days. I think it's been 2 months or maybe almost but I just found a suture material under the skin and I pulled it out. I love the shape and size of my breasts.

Almost 4 months post op update.

It's almost Christmas! Merry X'mas everyone! I still get the shooting pains once in a while. My scars are sensitive to touch still (achy). Other than that I don't have any nerve damage around the areolas and nipple area. I can't wait for my scars to get lighter in color and the slight pain to go away. Here's a photo :)


Visited family in Canada and I was told that I look like I lost some weight. No! Just breast size haha! Only my niece knows about my surgery. My complaints now are itchy scars and dark colored scars. I can't take off my bra without feeling self conscious. Small problem really compared to what I had before.
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