I have an Explant date!

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I have read many reviews on this site regarding...

I have read many reviews on this site regarding implant removal, and I would love imput from anyone with experience! I had my initial augmentation done in 2007. I was 33 years old and had nursed 2 kids for a year each, so my pre-children 'B' cups were deflated and sad. I was very adamant about only wanting to replace lost volume with the implants, and absolutely did NOT want anything larger than a C cup. I ended up with DDs!! (425cc saline under the muscle) and I was mortified!! Actually, the very first question I asked when I woke up after sedation, was "how many cc's did he put in?" because I had chosen 300-325max. While the surgeon did a beautiful job, I felt they were simply too large. I am 5'5"/115 lbs. However, feeling guilty about spending the $$, I lived with them for 3 years, then finally approached my husband about downsizing. He was extremely supportive and in 2010 I had them replaced with 325cc, much to the disappointment of my surgeon. Again, he did a beautiful job, but I am still in a D or DD cup, and feel they are too large. I am sooo self conscious about how I dress and almost no one knows I have had them done. In all honesty, there are times when I feel good about them, but that's usually when I am alone with my husband, or wear a constricting sports bra. I have had recent issues with my shoulder/back, and my physical therapist said my issues were caused by the implants being placed under the muscle without the tissues being stretched/released first. I guess what I'm asking for is opinions on whether I am out of my mind for considering having them removed when aesthetically, there is nothing wrong........help!

Still unsure......

Well I still am as confused as ever! It also looks like my husband isn't thinking removal is a good idea. His thoughts are unless we are sure the implants are causing health issues, size isn't a reason to explant. (As I've been there, done that by having them downsized once already). Maybe he's right. Also, one office I contacted quoted me a price of over $5,000!! That is just straight removal, no capsulectomy. Wow. I was really thinking my best option was deflation/removal in office under local! My original ps said my pocket was totally clean and had no scarring when I had my exchange 3 1/2 years ago, so I am not sure I would need a capsulectomy. Ugh. Here goes more time wasted thinking about what to do!!!

Photos in clothes

Here are a couple pics.... Not brave enough to "reveal" totally online!

Feeling closer to a decision

I think I have become a stalker of this website! Lol. Actually, I am so thankful for the courage and honesty of all of you to share your journeys. It is extremely helpful to see the photos of after explant. I have contacted several ps and my original ps only does removal under general for a cost of $5500. Uh, not interested!! I really do NOT want general anesthesia again. A couple other drs were the same. I have been talking with Dr Christa Clark in Folsom and she has a great feature on her website called a " virtual consult". You can email your photos and info about what procedure you want and she will consult with you via email. Genius for those patients that live out if town and are in the early stages of research and decision making! She feels that I would have a good result with straight explantation and is willing to do it under local. $1350..... Much more reasonable!!! I think my next step will be to meet her in person and ask the other million ?s I have before I make my final decision. Although, I think I am at the point that unless she tells me I have a high risk of disfigurement...( lol kidding......sort of...) I will proceed. Thanks again to all of you for providing a resource of REAL women who have been in my shoes.

A step closer....

I've finally scheduled an in person consultation with dr Clark on 8/29!!! I had a "virtual consult" already and so far I think she's the right dr for me, but I still have so many questions and it's really important that my husband is with me for the appt so he can come to terms with this whole thing. I am so grateful for the updates everyone posts, they really are helpful and I am on here multiple times a day!! Also, this sight is how I found dr Clark as well. Thanks again ladies and until my consult, I will continue stalking everyone's progress photos.......:).

Consult went well!

I had my consult yesterday and I love the doctor!! She was so easy to talk to and very supportive. At no time did she try and talk me in to anything else, and she really feels I will have a good result. (She tells me I have good skin and look great for nursing 2 kids! She actually asked if my pre BA pics were before or after kids... Nice compliment as they were "after"). When I make my final decision, Dr Clark is definitely the one!!

Explant Scheduled for October 23!

I am so excited I actually have a surgery date!! I am scheduled for October 23, under local anesthesia. I am so happy to not have to have general....I hate the after effects of that! My only concern right now is my recovery. The surgery coordinator assured me that with local I will be feeling good the next day (except for muscle/incision soreness). I sure hope that's the case, as I have a fundraiser/dinner to go to Saturday evening! If I didn't take this appointment time, it would have been the end of November before there was another opening, and my husband travels most of November for work. Have any of you ladies had local?? How was the recovery?? Also, I am trying to figure out how to update my Dr. Dr. Vu was my original ps, and the doctor I am using for explant is Dr. Christa Clark in Folsom....not sure how to fix that!

Any body else get a little panicked??

It's real. I've paid for it. It's going to happen. Holy SH**!!! I know that I am making the right decision, and I have been looking into this for months. Why now am I freaking out inside?? Anybody else go through this??

3 days!

The day is rapidly approaching! I have been afraid to post a picture until now. I feel like I owe all of the ladies that have been brave enough to post before me. You all are the reason I was able to make the decision to explant! Thank you for that. 3 days to go....

They are gone!!

I did it! Wow. I cannot believe how quick and easy that was. I think it took maybe 35 minutes?? The only teeny discomfort was the initial local injection. That's it. I am actually kind of scared for tomorrow because today was so easy. I have only taken ibuprofen so far and that was actually for a headache. I have to take an antibiotic thru tomorrow as well. I am tightly wrapped in an ace bandage so hopefully I can post pics tomorrow. Thanks for all your support ladies!!

First look

Here's a couple pics of the day after explant.

Day 3

So I made it to both of my "dinner obligations" this weekend and my only challenge was how to dress. I have felt great! No regrets. I have a small blister that formed on the edge of my steri strip, but I just cut the end of the strip off so it should be fine. I also was able to remove the ace wrapping which is a relief! My skin was so itchy being wrapped like that!! Now I have a better look at my littles without the wrinkling from being wrapped and so far I like what I see!

Day 6 not much change

Day 6 post op. Not much change in appearance but they definitely are firmer and less "jelly like"!

1 week post op

I am one week out and feel great. I took the steri strips off and per my ps instructions snipped the knot off my stitches. ( I live over an hour from her). I went bra shopping yesterday and actually am fitting in a 34 C. Say what??? Since my tissue is still "spread out" so to speak when it's all pushed together in a bra cup a B is too small. Go figure!! I have some scar treatment stuff I will start applying to the incision lines. They still look about the same to me. Hoping the "dents" will fill in some.

2 weeks post op

It's been 2 weeks since my explant! I really don't notice a whole lot of change, maybe some firming. Still happy!

3 weeks post explant

Three weeks already?? Appearance wise, I feel they are pretty much the same. The left side is bigger than the right, but it was the way with implants as well so no surprise there. I am still noticing improvements in firmness though, so that is great!

One month

One month down! They seemike maybe they've "shrunk" a bit, but I think that's just the firming process. There is a difference in size between them but I don't think that will change and I'm ok with that. Scars are healing nicely and I am loving the way I look in clothes!

More pics

6 weeks post explant

Wow! 6 weeks! I can truthfully say I haven't had a moments regret about removing my implants. I never worry about looking too big in my clothes anymore. How great it is to not think about it!!! Are they a little saggy? Yes. A little jiggly? Yes. But I don't care. They are all ME. :)

12 weeks

I haven't been on in awhile, but I thought I'd post a quick update. 12 weeks and still in disbelief how much they have firmed up! I am beyond happy with my decision.
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