28 years young, mother of 1, 600cc left 640cc right HP saline implants

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Ive wanted a BA for as long as I can remember. My...

Ive wanted a BA for as long as I can remember. My mom has had saline implants since I was 4 years old and she has literally never worn a bra and they still look great. I met with Dr. Burlin on 9/9/15 and he was GREAT! I scheduled my BA for 2/16/15. I'm so exited and nervous! This website has been a huge help for me in making the decision to get Saline under the muscle. Now just need to decide on size! I'm 5'10 195lbs. I think around 700cc will fit my body well. I'm very curvy and have wide hips.

Sad I had to schedule my BA so far away....

I feel like ALL I do is think about having new boobs. When I see my breasts now, I hate them. I've been dieting in prep for my surgery and I lost volume in my breasts before anywhere else :( I've attached before photos.
I spend at least an hour a day looking at wish photos. I think I want to be somewhere in the 600-750cc range. I will upload some more wish photos. I just feel that at my height and weight I can handle a bigger implant. And I need to balance out my butt/thighs.
Anyway... Hoping I can get through these blues and that February 16th comes soon!

Rice sizers and wish boobs

Pre-Surgery Appointment Yesterday

I can't believe I'm less than 30 days from surgery. 27 to be exact. Starting to freak out. I've been having lots of dreams about boobs in general, not many nightmares which is good.
I went to my pre-surgery appointment yesterday and went over everything with the nurse. Medication, showering, stitches, resting, exercise...But I STILL haven't tried on any sizers. I guess I don't get to do that until my appointment with Dr. Burlin on the 8th. I'm so anxious about it and it's driving me nuts. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to be patient.
I'm going to have blood work done in 2 weeks, and my prescriptions are ready to be picked up. Really scared how much they are going to cost. I'll update when I know!
The countdown is on ladies!


Hey Ladies!
I picked up my prescriptions on Wednesday evening. I got norco, soma, anti-nausea medicine, antibiotics, and lorazapam for anxiety. They rang up as $69 dollars, but I have a CA RX card, and they ended up being $47! To all my CA ladies, if you don't have prescription coverage with your insurance (I have kaiser) you can get a FREE discount card here: http://www.californiarxcard.com/index.php.
My anxiety about the surgery is getting worse and worse. I've never once thought that I would back out, which is good. But I'm feeling a lot of guilt. Has anyone else felt like this? I'm feeling guilty for spending all this money, and that my friends and family are going to have to take care of me :( They all keep telling me that I'm crazy and they are happy for me, but I can't seem to shake the feeling.
I think once I meet with the doctor and decide on a size on 2/8 I will feel so much better about the whole thing. There are still just unknown factors and it's driving me crazy. I have 100% confidence in my doctor and I know meeting with him again will make me feel so much better.
Counting down the days now....AHHHHH! It's so real.

Boob Nightmare :(

Last night I had a dream that I went in for my sizing appointment with the doctor and they started prepping me for surgery. I woke up with 375cc and they looked so small and I hated them. I went to the mall to get ice cream and saw a friend there. Then she touched my boob and it hurt so I fell to the floor. It was so ridiculous. I laughed so hard when I woke up.

Sizing Appointment

I had my final sizing appointment yesterday with Dr. Burlin. We decided on HP 590L and 640R. I feel good about my decision, but of course since there is time left to worry, I'm worrying....
I'm worried about going too big, or too small, or having nerve sensitivity, or bottoming out... I feel crazy. The doctor told me to calm down and try not to stress. I broke out in a stress rash on my chest last week. It's finally going away, but it's embarrassing :(
Gotta try to remain calm this next week to make sure I have a good experience. I really want to go into this with a good attitude. Do any of you ladies feel this way or have felt this way right before surgery? I know its just nerves but I need some reassurance.

I'm over being anxious... GIVE ME MY BOOBS NOW! lol

I just spent the past two weeks being crazy nervous and it all seems so silly now. I'm so excited. Counting down the days... Is it Tuesday yet??
I went to target last night and bought some tanks with the bra built in since I won't be wearing a bra for 6 weeks. I'm really excited about that part. I think I'm gonna burn all my old bras ceremoniously. Haha!
Four more sleeps and I'll be in BOOB HEAVEN!

I made it to the other side!!!!

I woke up SO calm and ready. Everything was a breeze. The staff was amazing. Went to sleep and woke up with amazing boobs!!!! Will keep you guys updated on their drop and fluff process. Happy to answer any questions you have about the procedure ????

Day 2 post

I barely remember writing my update yesterday. I've been a little foggy from the drugs. But all in all I'm doing great. I've been staying on top of all my medications so the pain doesn't take me over. I haven't felt ANY pain at all. I woke up at 4 am and needed a soma because I was having the shakes/spasms. I had a tough time sleeping last night because I am a stomach sleeping and being upright on my back is so uncomfortable. I've been icing them pretty much non stop to keep the swelling down. I have an awesome team taking care of me, even my 5 year old is so happy to switch out my ice packs! Haha. My husband and best friend are helping me stay on top of my meds and food/drinks. I never had any nausea which is great. Going to continue resting today and then hopefully I'll be ready to go for a walk tomorrow. I'm a little shaky when I stand.
I'm so excited because my incisions are SO small. Hurray for saline! :D they look so good now I can't wait until they settle. My doctor called me last night to check in and my favorite nurse called me this morning. Everything seems to be going great. I can't believe I was afraid and I wish I did this years ago!


Love how full they are!

Ok I guess this is technically day 2 post...

Slept from 12-7:30 with no pain pills which is good. I haven't felt much pain at all, only in my right incision. I'm back laying on the couch, icing. I think it's really helping a lot. The swelling has gone down quite a bit today. All in all I'm feeling good. I'm feeling lucky to have my best friend and husband so willing to take care of me. And I've have lots of visits from friends which helps pass the time! Last night my friends brought flowers and donuts. They know me so well :)

Starting to feel normal

I stopped taking the norco today because I was tired of being in a drug fog. Still not feeling any pain. My right boob isn't progressing as quickly as the right one but I think they are both on the right track. I finally got to shower today which was AMAZING. I wanted to stay in there forever lol

Trying to be patient...

No more norco or soma. Just taking Tylenol and antibiotics now. Sorry if this is TMI but I'm pooping normally again. Was def stopped up from the norco. Left boob is looking amazing and dropping nicely. Right boob is stubborn. Trying to tell myself that it'll happen. I've been doing all my exercises and stretches from the doctor and each day gets easier and easier. Been trying to walk and keep lightly active.

First post surgery follow up

Had my first follow up today! Everything is going great. My right is still tighter and higher than my left but I was told that it's normal.
I went back to work yesterday and it's been a little rough. I feel like I have bad posture sitting at my desk. I know it'll all get easier with time.
Found out today that I ended up with 560 in my left and 640 in my right. He had 600 in my left and ended up taking out 40cc to make them match. So happy because I think they are perfect!

Stubborn righty

Right is still sitting high, but overall I think they look great!

Incision tape removed... Finally!

That tape was driving me insane. So glad to have it off after two weeks. My incisions look SO good. I can't even see them in the crease. Doctor said I'm ahead of schedule on healing. Right is still swollen but they are so squishy now! Getting better everyday :)
I also went and got sized at VS and I'm a 38DD. Bra shopping was fun even though I'm still going bra less for the next 4 weeks.

Can't believe it's been 3 weeks!

I really don't know how I lived before boobs lol! Attaching some update photos and before and afters :)

5 week follow up appointment brings bad news...

I had my 5 week follow up appointment yesterday and the doc thinks he's going to have to go back in to correct asymmetry. We're gonna wait a month but he seems pretty sure that we're gonna have to put more in the left. He said it's an easy procedure for saline, but of course I'm scared and sad I have to go through this again.
I understand where he's coming from. The difference is slight, but he wants them to be perfect and so do I. :(

Has it really been 9 weeks? Crazy!

So, I DO have to go back in to correct the asymmetry. It will cost me $350 for supplies only. Very reasonable. I need to call and schedule it.
Also, posting some photos of the girls. I love them, they look SO natural! I've outgrown the DD. I'm in a 38DDD now.

Can't beleive it's almost been a year....

My boobiversary is coming up on 2/16!! My incisions are almost non-existent, I have fully dropped & fluffed, and I am SO happy with my results. I've gained a little weight and am wearing a 40DDD right now. It is for sure hard to find bras, and if I do, they are super expensive! I usually just wear a sports bra.
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