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Here's my story: (written the day of the...

Here's my story:
(written the day of the explant, 4th June 2012)
I got my implants 2008, they were 280 grams each side, I was an A cup before and I got a E cup, witch i didn't expect.
One year after I did the BA, I had to change my implants, there was capsulations in both of them, I think both of them had been broken because of it, so I had them replaced. One year after that I booked an appointment for I didn't feel good with them, deep inside I wanted them out, but I was scared and confused, and because of all the money spent on them, I felt like my feelings were wrong. And my dr said that I should be happy with them over time, two years past and I thought about it constantly. I booked appointments, and cancelled them. Three weeks ago I just went for it, I called them up booked an appointment, said that I wanted them out and booked the op.
From that moment i've been up and down with my decission, I even thought about it in my sleep, it was all I could think about, but the girls here on this site helped me, by reading their storys and getting my questions answered by some of them, looking at pictures before and after, It made me realize that this is something I have to do, because its something that I have wanted all along, to be natural again, and my feelings weren't wrong, a lot of these girls have felt exactly the way that i have felt. So today I did it. And I'm very happy.

Updated on 6 Jun 2012:
Hi, this is the 2:nd day post op, and I'm gonna upload som pics, when I did this explant, I hoped for the best, but expected the worst. Because of this I'm really happy with my result so far (I guess there not done yet, it takes about 6 months for them to heal properly and get back to normal shape). They don't look like they did before I had my implants put in, but thats ok, I didnt expect them to look like that. I havent tried on any clothes or anything, just wearing large tshirts and a sportsbra, but I think I look great in that, much better than with the implants.. My scars are itching, hurts a bit. I have to hold them when I walk around so they won't hurt as much. I've been sleeping a lot, and eating a lot. I rubbed my breasts with some coconut oil, hope that will help.

Hi, thought I might update a little, 9 days post...

Hi, thought I might update a little, 9 days post op, and I feel good, I think my recovery has gone well, and I don't hur anymore, feels strange when I lift things that are heavy but thats normal, the nurse told me not to..
my dr told me I could wear a sportsbra, during the days for about three weeks, and not during the night, but I have during the night as well. the doctor and the nurse hasn't told me so much restrictions, except for no workout for three weeks, but does anyone else know how long you should wear a sportsbra, and when can you start with the regular bras, and does anyone have any tips for me, how to make the breast heal as good and fast as possible! I'd really appreciate it :D
thank you to all the beautiful and kind people on this site! :D
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