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Ok, I have 12 days to go before I have my Mini...

Ok, I have 12 days to go before I have my Mini Tummy Tuck, no muscle repair. I am 5'2 weighing 142, I would like to loss 15 pounds by summer, I will work hard after surgery. I'm not happy with the before pictures but hope I will be after the surgery. I have 3 kids, 31, 26, 24. 3 grand babies. I am doing this without my kids knowing, I hope I can hide it from them, just don't want anyone but me and my husband to know. I am only found the surgery for me to fill good about myself again.


Ok 3 days an counting down now. I woke up with a cold yesterday hope it is gone by Monday. I sleep 12 hours last night feel a little better this morning. I am getting really nervous. I am doing my surgery on Monday and going back to work the falling Monday, I hope I can. I will keep you posted. Wish me luck!!!!

Night before surgery

It's the night before surgery and I am very nervous, I know all will be find but just being put to sleep makes me nervous. All kind of emotions going through me tonight. I will update if I can tomorrow.

2 days post op

I am on day two after surgery, I am still dressed In my garment he put on, I am go back to Dr today to get bandage taken off, I have one drain attached. They did do lopo on my mid back, whichever I call it my bra fat, he said he got from lipo and loss skin around 6 pound. So I now should weigh 135 y'all me. Just 5 more pound to go, I will post my picture after I get back from Dr once the dressing off, My Dr appointment is at 1:30 so as soon as I get back. Have a good day !

When to Doctor today!

I went to doctor to get dressing off still have the drain tube in, they will remove it Friday but it is looking good so far, will post picture later today, my husband is driving me home now.


Here are my picture two days after surgery, a little swelling today, I go back on Friday to get the drain removed., can't wait for that it is just in the way. It has been difficult to get up and down and to get comfortable. I went to bed last night around 9 and sleep till 12 today, that was a mistake, my body was so sore for laying down so long. But over all the only pain I gave is getting up and down.

Day 7

I had to go back to work today and the only problem I'm having is walking, the doctor told me to not straighten up for two weeks after surgery, luckily I sit behind a desk all day, it is just sore to get up and move around and look like I have something up my back side. I go back to doctor this afternoon to get drain removed, it's just in the way. I will post picture tonight. But life is getting back to normal.

Day 7 pictures

Had drain removed, Of my God, that hurt real bad, I didn't look but my husband said he couldn't believe that it was inside me.


Still very swollen.

Day 8

Today is day 8, I can't straighten my back up at all, the Dr told me another week of humping over and wait till next week to lift my shoulder straight, that is the only thing that is hurting me. I have been off pain medicine since last Wednesday, I only have taken Tylenol for pain the pain meds the Dr gave me made me feel weird and I couldn't sleep.
Well let's get this day started. I am swollen today will post more picture later in the week. Thanks all who have commented on my blog.

Day 9

All I can say "I hope this is worth it" my back is hurting so bad because I can't straighten my back up, I am so swollen today, so no picture to post today. Does anyone else back hurt and couldn't stand up straight?

Before front picture of stomach

Forgot to add front before photo.,

Day 10

Today was a better day, it is getting better everyday, I was worry yesterday due to me not being able to straighten up but today a little better.
I weight today and was upset due to weighing the same as before surgery, I thought I would have at least dropped a few pounds. I guess I'm still retaining fluids.

Day 11

Today was still hard to straighten up my back, I hope I will be able to get some rest over the weekend. Maybe cone Monday I will be able to stand up right. That is the only problem that I'm having after my surgery, I am healing great.

Day 12

Ok I took an Ambien before bed last night at 11 and sleep till 11:30 this morning, still can't hold my back straight yet but is getting better everyday. I weight this morning am i am down 6 pounds from before the surgery, I still have swelling so hopefully when all is healed I will be where I want to be, I just can't wait to start working out again.

Day 13

Ok all must being 2 weeks. I am so ready to be able to walk straight up, when I got up this morning a little better, so we will see as the day goes on, I go back to PS tomorrow and I guess they will take off the surgical scrips, I am happy with the results already, but I know time heals all. Will post pictures tomorrow.

Day 14

Ok, it has been 2 weeks today, everything is back to normal except me being aw to stand straight up, it is getting me do depressed because that is the only thing that is wrong with me, I know I had skin removed and my stomach has to stretch some to be able to stand straight up bit I wish it would happen over night.
I go back to PS today and we will see what he says about it. I will post picture tonight.

Day 15

I went to Dr yesterday and said I was healing great. It told me I will be pleased with the resolves within two months. He told me to start and try and remove the surgical tape from the scar. I tried to remove some and it was a little sore so I will try again tonight, I will take picture tonight forgot last night. My back is the only thing I'm having trouble with, it told be it will take time to gels and be able to straight up, but it does get better everyday.

Day15 pictures

Day 16

Feeling good today, been able to move and straighten my back more today, so everyday it gets better, I was worried that he sewed me to tight, lol I shouldn't expect to heal over night. Hopefully better soon. I did drop another pound so from before surgery I am not down 8 pounds. I would just like to loss 8 more, happy healing!

Day 18

I aM starting to feel normal except my back still hurting and I can't still straighten up my stomach yet, but it does get better. I took off the surgical tape last night and the scar is looking great. I will post picture later today or this weekend, i'm starting to like my results.

Day 20

Ok, I can finally say I'm about 95% today straighten by back! I am just a little swollen in the picture, but I feel real good today.

Day 24

97% today with my back, I am feeling almost normal again. I have never hurt in the incision just my back by not being able to straighten it, still hurts to cough or sneeze. So I am living my new stomach it is flat. I wear a dress today without spanx, and I really felt sexy. I will post pictures tonight.

1 month pictures

I am still having trouble standing straight up, I'm about 98% now. went to dr yesterday and he said he got me real tight, but I hope I will be able to stand upright soon. I am loving my resolves.
Since the surgery I have gone from:
Around belly button - 35 to 31
W - 35 to 29
H- 40 to 38
T- 37 to 37
Have gone from 145 to 138


39 days

I am so happy with my results so far, I did all this to make me feel good about myself, I want to share with my friends and family but they are the type to judge me. But it's for me this time and not them. I am 51 and I want to feel sexy again. I know by swim suit time I will feel good about myself.
Today's a good day and I feel good, by the afternoon my back hurts and I think it is because I sit at a desk all day and don't move around much. But I need to get back to my workouts so I can get the butt of mine back in shape, and my legs needs done attention as well. Have a good day all.

Picture with my jeans on

7 weeks tomorrow

Feeling 100% now, only one set back I got a cold two weeks ago and have had a bad cough and it hurts so bad every time I cough I feel like I'm tearing my insides out. But over all I feel great.

7week scar picture

Picture of my scar and I have been tanning today, the area around my BB is swollen, I have been coughing a lot lately and I feel it in the belly button area bad, it hurts I think I have pulled something. I go back to doctor next week for my two month follow up and take two months pictures. Feeling good everyday.

Up close of scar


Right side

Right side

Middle and side scar

Middle scar

8 1/2 weeks

I am so excited, several People today have asked "have you lost weight" what a feeling for someone to notice. I'm not a big person and I have lost 10 pounds since my surgery and feel amazing. First time in a long time ghat I am able to wear pants with my shirt tucked in and with a belt.


Bath suit time

I haven't never be brave enough to post a picture of me in a bathing suit but here goes :)

Left, right side

Before and now

I have come so far in 11 weeks, I can't wait to see how my results will be in the next 11 weeks.
Here are the before and after, I'm amazed myself.

6 months

It's been six month and I feel great, I'm feel good in my new body and love the way cloths fit me now. I would do it all over again (except the pain, lol) it was worth it. I went to the beach this year with more confidents then I ever have before. I still walk 5 miles a day but it is time for me now to start lifting weights to build muscle and have a six pack by spring of next year. Before my surgery I wore a size 8 now I can wear a size 6 and fitting a little loose. I will be 52 in a couple weeks but feel wonderful.

9 months photo

My 9 month journey with a Mimi Tuck, it was so worth it, I love the way my cloths fit me and the most part of it all is my husband that tells me every day how beautiful I look (he did it before also) but it makes me feel so good. I love my new body.
John P. Schilling MD, FACOG

He and his staff was very pleasant to me,totally love my flat stomach, the bandage came off today and all l can say is loving the results so far.

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