Jimmerson-11 months post op. results ok

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Hello, i'm seriously thinking about having...


i'm seriously thinking about having this procedure done in about a week. Jaimerson is a bit expesive for me and okoro is ok. I found Dr. carter on line and he's running a special right now. he does a complete lipo of stomach back and flanks for the price. I haven't found many reviews on him but he did receive patient choice award last year.

Switched to Jimmerson and wanted to give long term results summarized.

The first couple months are the same as everone elses. Butt was high and full. Every couple of months it dropped and changed. I went from a shelf to more like the upside down heart. I would say I retained 30-40% of what was injected and I followed all of the rules. The pictures posted on jimerson website are only 1 to 2 months post opp. Your butt will not look like that in the end as it goes through different stages so don't believe the hype. Everyone is excited the first few months. My advice is look and listen to the people closer to a year post op that is when the real story is told. Overall my results are ok in the end. My butt is nicer than what it was before but is no where near what I expected as an end result so I'm considering round two.

I've choosen to go back with Jimerson if he provides a decent discounted rate as I haven't found another doctor that is close that I think can give the same results. Either way, I think 50-60% of the fat will be reobsorded for the most part. Doctors aren't straight up about what ever you have at 3months you keep as it will continue change. I think Jimerson does a good job at shaping butt and lipo to the lower back. The rest of the lipo wasn't good in my opinion so I would suggest sticking to the butt with him.

I do have to agree that the service overall is drive thru like but I think his surgical technique is good. Everything goes quick. I was very dipleased with the service of my recovery nurse. When I woke after my surgery I and my family member that was present felt like he rushed me to the car as soon as I woke up. I told him I was cold and he suggested I take the blanket with me. Why I decide to go back with him is because I think my long term results are realistic since I've went through this process and now see how it works. I trust that he will do a good job on the butt and if I get the same results 2nd time around I will be closer to what I expected in the first round. I looked into the DR and saw where some patients had fat injected to their sciatic nerves and that was enough for me on that. traviling to florida would be just as or more expensive giving travel and hotel expenses and I haven't seen any of their long term results. I'm 5'6" and had 850 injected in each cheek and 200 in each hip. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

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