About Dam Time!!!! 37 y/o 140lbs 2 Kids, BBL, Breast Lift w/Implants, ATL, March 4th

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Wow, I can't believe this is about to happen!!!...

Wow, I can't believe this is about to happen!!! I've always had issues with my body, saggy boobs, flat butt no curves. I decided to work with what I had and make the best of it. So i excercise, eat healthy, do my squats. But to no avail I was still not satisfied. So not only am I getting a bbl and im also getting a breast lift and implants. Go big or go home!!! Im nervousness, excited and shocked all at the same time. My 37 year body is about to completely change and I don not know how to prepare myself mentally for that. I decided to blog my journey because I have found everyone else's blog so helpful and I thank the ladies that take the time to do so. I hope my blog can help someone else one day.

Consult went great!!!!

At the time of my consult I was 140lbs. Im 5'4 36-32-40. Dr. Schilling was amazing, he is very welcoming and friendly. He knew exactly what I dreamed my body to look like before I even opened my mouth.He told me exaclty what he needed to do to get the hourglass shape I wanted. He said I was the perfect size to sculpt my body and give me the curves I wanted. I was worried I didnt have enough fat, but he says with my body type, lipo alone will give me the curves I desired and the fat grating would just be the cherry on top. He said it was optional if I wanted to gain more weight prior to the surgery. He doesnt recommned I gain more then 10 pounds, he said that would give him an extra 2lbs of fat to work with. He said because Im not over wieght and dont have too much fat to suction I can do my breast lift and augmentation at the same time. It will be an all day procedure but it can be done. I am going to cut back on going to the gym and doing cardio. I will continue to do my weight lifting and squats to build my butt muscles which he said is great to do prior to surgery. He liked the fact I had a crease on my lower buttocks he said my results are going to be great. I will post my before pics. I am trying to gain a few pounds but I not going to stress myself about it if I dont. So far I gained 2lbs putting me at 142lbs.

Before pics

Balance paid!!!!!

So I have paid off my balance. Funds are going to be for the next month and it will be a quiet Valentines day, but its all worth it. My husband is going to cover all the bills for the house including my own personal bills. I am thankful and grateful to him for being so supportive. Plus he is just as maybe even more excited about me getting this procedure done. He is a breast and butt man, so things should get pretty inetresting after this procedure, lol. I ordered a beach recliner chair, I plan on cutting an area out of the seat for my butt and it will also help with my breast aug so I can be upright and off my stomach. I also ordered a foam roller to help when I drive or sit in a chair. It seems to have helped other ladies keep weight off their butt when sitting. I officially have 3 more weeks to go. I cant wait, its hard to think of anything else.Im ready to start shopping for my new body.

My new bed

8 days left and counting !!!!!

Time is growing near and my mind is going crazy. My body is about to go through this major transformation, that I have to get used to. Im excited, scared and nervous at the same time. Im nervous about the recovery, scared that the doctor wont give me what I envison and excited about how I will look and feel after everything is all said and done. Im not asking for much, so Im confident i'll be happy with my results. Bascially I just want a hour glass shape, a round
perky butty not a Nicki Manaj butt but something that will fit my figure and some nice boobs. I did my pre op on Monday and I showed him a few photos and asked him a billion questions, which he answered to my satisfaction. The only concern I have is he said he will lipo me first, sit the fat to the side in a sterile enviroment, do my breast lift and implants and then transfer the fat. My concern is, will the fat be okay sitting for that long while he does my breast or will it die. Maybe im just worrying too much, he is the experienced professional right? I guess it makes more sense to do it that way then to do the bbl first and then my bl, becuase I would have to lay on my butt while he does my bl. Anyways, I went to order my booty buddy and its sold out until Mid March, so payed the extra $30 bucks and ordered the BBl pillow, I heard great reviews on both, so Im okay with that, plus they had free shipping. The doctor gave me 2 prescriptions to start the day before surgery, an antibiotic and 2 ativan pills one to take the night before and the other to take the morning of surgery. I most definetly will need it. Well, thats enough for now. I promise to keep eveyone posted on my journey.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!!

So, my surgery is tomorrow at 7:30am. I started my prescription antibiotics today and will take my ativan tonight and again in the morning. I am so glad he presribed this, because I dont know how I would have slept tonight or be able to relax. My mind is totally consumed with this surgery. All I think and dream about is breast and booty. I returned my foam roller and got the bbl pillow, I also got an Ann Chery waist cincher. So I am set with my supplies. I am not looking forward to the recovery AT ALL. I wish I could do the surgery and then fast forward 2 months. Any who, my current measurements are 36C-31 above my belly button, 33 at my belly button and 39 hips. I dont wanna go into wishing what I want my measurements to be. I dont wanna set my self up to be dissapointed and have unrealistic expectations. I do want an hourglass shape and I am confident that will be achieved to my satisfaction. I will keep everyone posted the best I can. Bye for now......

Surgery yesterday

I'm gonna make this quick and short because I feel like shit. I was supposed to get a BBL, BL and implants. The BBL went great I was told he was able to put 850cc each cheek. I wanted 1000cc atleast but I didn't have enough fat. I haven't seen my butt yet. But my husband said he sculpted the hell out of my body and he put a nice dip in my lower back giving me a nice S curve and shelf. The pain and leakage is unreal. He did not do my breast lift and implants because he said he ran out of time and I can not be sedated too long. So I will have to go back on Friday to do my breast lift and implants. I'm disappointed he couldn't get it all so done at one time, but I appreciate him being cautious, plus I wouldn't want him rushing to get it done anyway. I'll post pics as soon as I'm able. Bye for now.


The doctor put 950cc in each cheek

1day post op

A lot of swelling and bruising

Take the good with bad

So I went for my post op today. My swelling is slowly diminishing as well as the drainage. I've already lost 4 inches from my waist which I am ecstatic about because I still have a lot of fluid and swelling in my lower abs. My butt is still sitting pretty high and it's hard. So I will be happy once the fluffing starts and it softens up. He most definitely gave me shelf back there and did a lot of sculpting on my lower back. He took some fat from my outer and inner thighs so I am badly bruised and it hurts to sit, even though I have the BBL pillow. But I extremely satisfied with the work he has done so far. The bad news is I have to push my breast lift and implants to April 1, because he started to operate on them and saw that he wouldn't have enough time to complete the procedure and have me sedated for so long. So I have to wait for my breast to heal before he can go back in and work on them. I was disappointed but id much rather be safe then sorry or have a bad boob job. I just hate having to go back to my supervisor ask for more time off. He says the recovery won't be as bad as the Bbl. I can do the surgery on Friday and return to work that Monday or Tuesday. I will post my 1 week post op on Friday and show you ladies how I am coming along.

1 Week Post Op

A few pics of me at 1 week post op. Still a lot of swelling and bruises. Measurements have not changed.

Front view, still swollen

I have a question BBL Veterans !!!!!

How long did you wait exactly before you sat on your butts and how where you results ?

I'm thinking about sitting after 4 weeks just in time for my breast augmentation. Is that too soon?

2 Weeks Post Bbl Pics

2 week post

Perky Breast coming on April 1st

So, Im mentally preparing for my second procedure on April 1st. My body is about 70% healed from BBl on March 4. I just want to get everything over with so I can feel like myself again. I know it will all be worth it. I am so happy with how my BBl turned out. Dr. Schilling did an amazing job and I know he will do great with my breast lift and implants also. My clothes fit my body so differently right now. I still cant believe its my body, no matter what I wear it looks great and will only get better as I heal more. I am so happy I was able to finally get these procedures done. Its surreal. Will post more pics soon.........

1Month Post Bbl, 2 Day Post BA

So I finally got my breast done 1 month after I had my bbl done. I finally started feeling a little bit like myself again and here I am today back to feeling like I have 2 elephants sitting on my chest and stiff and sore. I don't know which procedure hurt the worst they are both neck to neck, but thank god my doctor says recovery for BA is not bad and should be feeling better in a couple days. The hardest thing is not being able to move my arms they way I'm used to. Feels like my muscles are on fire. Ive taken more pain meds with my breast then I did with my Bbl. Anyways, enough of my ranting. I'm just happy it's over with. Im posting some 1month post bbl pics and 2day post BA.

5 Weeks Post Op BBL

But starting to jiggle:) still having some back and ab swelling but it's importing. Still measuring between 41.5-42

New Boobs New Shirt

I feel like Pamela Anderson with these things. Tiny waist and all these curves. I'm not used to wearing certain things so this is going to take some getting used to. But I think I will be ok, lol

When will my fluff come...............ughhhhhhh

So Im 8 weeks today I have slowly watched by butt loose volume all week. I finally decided to go ahead and measure it today and Im down to 40.5inches . Ive been about 41-42 since my surgery. I know this only temporary but its so hard to see my butt look like this. So all I can do is be patient and wait for my 3 month results and fluffing.Hopefully it will happen sooner then later.

Booty Rollercoaster

I swear my butt changes size from morning to evening. One minute it's small next it's on steroids. I went out last night and I couldn't believe all the attention my body was getting. I'm used to getting attention but not to the level I did. I was getting stopped by girls and guys every step I made. Guys walking in our VIP section trying to talk to me. That was definitely new. I enjoyed every minute of my night. I'll post some pics.

One more pic from last night

Breast measured

So I attempted to go finally buy a bra since getting my breast done. I went to Victoria Secret for a professional measurement she told me I was a size 34DDD,(drops mic). I know VS measurements are a little different but dam. Anyways she says by the time all my swelling is gone I'll be a 34DD. I told the doctor I wanted to be a small D.I know they say its best to let the docs make the decision when trying to decide breast sizes because there are so many factors that go into deciding what size implants you should get for your body composition. I understand why he chose the sizes he did and I'm happy with his decision. It was just shocking to hear it. So ladies although you might think you know what you want it is best to let your doc decide. You really can't go by what implant size another female gets, different body types, chest size, rib cages, and original breast composition is only a few factors that go in to making a decision about what size implant to put in. Doctors perform these type surgeries hundreds of times a year so it's best to take their advice. My doc ordered several size implants and he tried them out while doing the surgery saw what looked best with my body frame and newly snatched waist.

Love my booty

I am so amazed at the transformation of my body so far. I wish I could have done this years ago. I've been back at the gym doing squats and ab excercises. Ill probably start working my upper body in a couple weeks to give my breast more time to heal. Anyone who is thinking about doing this surgery should really take into consideration the post op work you will need to put in after. It's not easy especially the first 2-4weeks after. You will not feel like yourself for a few weeks, maybe months because your body will need time to heal. If you never excercised or ate healthy before and you don't plan on changing that after you go this procedure, then this may not be the surgery for you. Unless you can afford to keep going back to suck fat out. I see so many of my friends do this procedure and end up gaining weight after because they didn't excercise or eat right and look exactly like
they did prior to having the procedure done . That is a total waist of money in my opinion. I'm just keeping it real. This procedure should be seen as a motivation. You should do whatever you can to maintain this awesome body you put your hard earned money in. Anyways, I wish nothing but the best to the ladies considering getting this done. It really is worth it.

Trying on clothes

2 month post op bbl

So far so good. Booty is healing nicely. I've been in the gym for the past few weeks doing my normal squats and leg excercises with heavy weights. I've be shopping like crazy. I think I bought about 14 new dresses so far not counting my new crop tops. I may wait until late June before I buy any jeans. I'm waiting for the swelling to diminish from my lower back and the fluff everyone speaks of. But I'm so happy with my results and grateful I chose the right Doctor

3 months Post!!!!

I can't believe I've reached 3 months post. This has been quite a journey. Although I read and did extensive research prior to this procedure. It's something else to actually go through it. I thank all the ladies that share their experience and pictures, without your stories and advice this journey would have been a lot worst. I am beyond happy with my results. I never imagined how much this would change my life. I'm used to attention but not to this level. I can't move around without a man or woman complimenting my body. My confidence and happiness is through the roof. I'm just so much more unbothered by anything or anyone. My swelling, soreness and numbness in my lower back is about 90% gone. My butt is soft and jiggly. I work out 3-4 times a week. Mostly weight lifting upper and lower body, squats ect. My breast still have some ways to go but it's coming along nicely. I recommend anyone considering this surgery to really know what your getting into. The post op healing is no joke. Having great results is not just up to the doctor but you too. After the doc does his part, it's up to you to perfect your results and maintain it. It is extremely important wear your garment, not sit , eat healthy, excercise. If your not committed to doing this then your waisting your money. I have friends that have gained all their weight back and now have a big booty and a big stomach. Anyways I will post a few pics. Hope my story can help someone.

Fluffed or Nah 3mths post

4months Post Bbl

Loving my new body

6 months post op

Getting finer with time

7 months post op

It's been a while since I posted an actual review. I didn't wanna leave you ladies hanging. This has been quite a journey, but a good one. The first couple months of recovery are the worst but it's most definitely worth it. I've maintained my same measurements since the beginning. The most important thing to remember is you have to workout and eat right. I can't stress that enough. If you don't,your going to end up have a big booty with a big gut, no beuno. Good luck ladies.

1 Year Update coming soon......

Stay tuned .........

One Year and Happy as Ever!!!!

I am extremely happy with how my body has transformed. I have no complaints. I still continue to workout and eat as healthy possible. My doctor did an awesome job.
Dr. John P. Schilling

Dr. Schilling not only has a great, pleasant and caring personality he is also very knowledgeable and professional. I never felt rushed and answered all my questions without hesitation. He listened to what I wanted and my concerns and delivered. Thank you Dr. Schilling

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