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Been reading this site for so long and now my date...

Been reading this site for so long and now my date is tomorrow!

I booked this procedure in May and now I'm so nervous that it's actually tomorrow- I was in Thailand for a month until last week so it's only starting to sink in now that it's actually happening.

I've hated my nose for as long as I can remember- it's from my dad's side of the family and, although I don't think it looks bad on them, I don't like it on me. I don't have a problem with the front but the profile view is awful and I've always been so conscious of angles when getting my picture taken- it's a running joke among my friends that I only ever pose one way.

My sister is the only person that knows I'm going ahead with this. My dad would be so upset/angry and, as a lot of people have said those that didn't know couldn't notice the change- I'm kind of hoping that's how it'll be when I see him a couple of weeks after the op. I want to still look like myself but with a straightened out, more refined nose. I have a very small chin and feel like a less prominent nose would make my profile look a lot prettier and less awkward

My 21st birthday was in November last year and I hated the majority of "caught off guard" pictures because of my nose (I'll post the pics). I'm excited to not feel like this after the procedure but I know it'll be a long road and I'm pretty scared of peoples reactions to my decision. I think that if cancellation didn't mean I'd lose all £4095 i'd paid then I'd be very tempted to drop out haha.

My sister is driving me to the hospital an hour away for 7am tomorrow so not that long to go!! Very very anxious!! Anyone got any advice?

Day After

So I've actually done it!!!

Had my procedure yesterday and just home after staying in overnight. My sister drove me to the hospital for 7am and I was taken just before 11. Was a bit sick just after waking up for the anaesthetic and then a bit sore and drowsy for a couple of hours after that. Napped on and off for a few hours then managed some toast and gossip girl episodes on my iPad- I feel netflix might be my saviour when I'm cooped up this next week haha. Slept for about 40 minutes at a time overnight as I'm quite swollen and bruised so had to keep reapplying ice around my eyes and forehead. The nurses were so so lovely and kind and came in every few hours to check my blood pressure and give me painkillers.

This morning I had a bit of breakfast then the nurse removed the packing from my nose. Not going to lie, this wasn't nice. As soon as she pulled them out- which was a very strange sensation- blood was pouring from my nostrils and down my face. She put a drip pad on and now I'm home I'm going to just keep changing that myself so that I don't get anymore bleeds.

As i said before, I'm quite swollen and have dark bruises but I'm hopeful that, because these started early, the will fade early too as yellow ones will be a lot easier to cover with makeup haha. The surgeon told me he was very conservative and just removed the bump on my nose and repositioned my septum so it was more central. I am excited to see what it will look like when the cast comes off in a week but right now I'm more anxious that I won't like it or will feel like I've ruined my face. I know all these feelings are quite natural and i am going to try and put it to the back of my mind.

Currently propped up in bed where I plan to stay for the rest of the day. The Commonwealth Games begin in my hometown tonight so I'll be watching the opening ceremony from here with my cast on and my pillows propping me up. Here are some photos from today.

Thank you so much for the messages on my last post. They're so lovely and encouraging to receive :)

Cast Off!

Got my cast off today and thank goodness! It's been amazing weather here in the last week and I've had total cabin fever! Especially with Glasgow having such an amazing Commonwealth games atmosphere, I was desperate to get out in the sun and enjoy it!!

Anyway, cast off was no problem at all. Had no stitches to be removed due to my closed procedure so just had the tape eased off and the hard cover taken off then my face cleaned with some awful-smelling chemical (must've been bad if I could smell it cos my noSe is still super blocked with resorbable stitches and dried blood!)

Anyway I was then shown my nose and it was a HUGE shock! Loved the profile straight away- which was my biggest problem before- but I don't look like misled from the front. I think part of that is beause I can't smile properly yet (I'll include a pic of my attempts haha) so it look super strange! My tip is also really swollen and a bit upturned even tho I had no work done on it- only had my bump removed and septum centralised. I don't want to looked like a Who from The Grinch so hope this goes down FAST!!

Came home with my sister and after putting some makeup on and wandering around town a bit she said it looked more normal- hopefully this is true and not just her getting used to it. I also still have a bit of bruising on my lids and under my right eye which I'm hoping to cover up with foundation.

The biggest thing which is worrying me right now is my friends and my dad noticing. I only told my sister and don't really want it widely known- my dad will be very mad if he finds out so I hope the bruising subsides in the next couple of days before I see him and I get normal movement in my upper lip back so my face looks better. How long did this take for other people??

Right now it doesn't feel like my nose but I know this is normal and I think I'll be very happy when the swollen tip subsides :)

Including some before and after pics and that attempted smiling one too haha. Please help with my face movement/tip swelling question too if you can :)


Really struggling today with how swollen, upturned and piggy my nose looks from the front. Don't feel like myself at all and i feel it looks so obvious and fake- does anyone have any advice or similar stories? I'm back at university and don't feel confident with my appearance in the slightest :(

10 days post-op; 4 days cast off

So that's me had the cast off for 4 days and I'm currently having a love-hate relationship with my nose. I've started using arnica cream all over my nose and under my eyes and I think it's really helping- when the swelling is down after using this I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it looks- still like myself from the front and straight from the side. But when it's swollen and the tip is undefined I don't look like myself at all and still feel a bit piggy. I also don't have full facial
Movement back yet so my smile and expressions don't look quite right. Still have some brusing under my eyes but makeup covers these quite well. I'm using calpol nasal spray all the time too as it clears my nose a bit and makes it feel less stiff and fake on my face.

I'm confident that when the swelling goes down I'm going to love the finished product but I'm just so excited and impatient for that to happen now haha.
A couple of my friends at uni have said I look different but can't put their finger on why.

I'm going on holiday to California on Wednesday (a 10 hour flight) so fingers crossed I don't swell to much over the flight. I'm going to take my nasal spray and arnica cream and use them on the flight, then just try to sleep for as long as I can. Also packing a big sun hat so I can avoid glasses!!

Including some photo updates :)


On another note, something else that bothers me about my profile is my tiny chin, also inherited from my dad. I've had a look through a couple of chin implant reviews on here but decided that it doesn't bother me enough to go ahead with more surgery (also can't afford it). Before my rhinoplasty I looked really out of balance because of my big nose and tiny chin and, although I didn't have anything taken off the length, I think the bump removal has made it look more in proportion :) this is defs something I can live with

Worth It

So today I've decided to change my undecided review to a "worth it".

It's only been 12 days since my op but since I've started using the nasal spray and the arnica cream I can safely say that the swelling is starting to go down and im starting to love the finished product.

Saw some school friends last night and no one noticed anything different. Spent the whole night laughing so was rather swollen by the time they left but didn't feel like a pig or an alien haha. And except from my dad saying I sounded like I had a cold (my nose is still a bit blocked) my family haven't noticed either!!

I still have under eye bruising- particularly under my right eye- but I'm covering it ok with just normal makeup and under eye concealer. My smile is slowly returning to normal aswell.

As I said before, I go on holiday on Wednesday (will be 2 weeks and a day post op) so will update when I'm back as to how the flying and California heat impacted on the swelling.

Had three drinks on a night out on Friday and that didn't seem to make a difference to the puffiness which I was pleased about :) feeling a lot more positive and confident and, overall, very happy with my decision.

1 month mark!

Wooo today is one whole month since I had my surgery. Everyone said it'd go fast but I can't believe how much!!

My nose survived the 11 hour flight to LA two weeks after the op and I lost all the hard, horrible dried blood on the first day there so I can breathe so much better. Swelling is LOADS better and I can feel nearly all my nose now so it feels so much more natural on my nose. I'm delighted that my normal smile is now back too :) my nose isn't completely straight yet because of the remaining tip swelling but I can't even describe how much I love not having the bump.

My sister- who knows about the surgery- says she can't see any difference but to me it's huge. I don't cover my face with my hand when people are at my side and I can't wait for the finished product. I feel more confident already and I'm so happy I made this decision. Please let me know what you think :)

Progress Pics

Here are some pics from before and just under 5 weeks after. Very very happy with my profile. I have a tiny bump at the top between my eyes but nothing like what it was before. Getting used to not being disgusted by these sorts of photos and very pleased with my decision :)
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