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Had my surgery April 1, 2009. I'm still deciding...

Had my surgery April 1, 2009. I'm still deciding if this was worth it. Cant go back and change it, thats for sure. The pain was aweful the first two days. Worse than a C-section could come close to. I was very sick the first day. My mom took very good care of me. I had been doing research on this for a year then finally bit the bullet and had it done. I was so excited. Now my fourth day after the procedure I was able to take a shower while undressing I looked at my self I just lost it I looked deformed. Wasn't happy with what I saw. I cried for hours. but I know its just the swelling and the bruising just wasnt looking at what I was used to looking at. I have had several surgeries. below my belly button look like butt cheeks with lots of stretch marks and belly was lopsided. It looked terrrible. I wanted that gone. I know its gonna take time. The pain I can handle. I have two drains. Are they gonna hurt when they come out? I dont know see next tuesday about that.
I will try to post a before pic dont have one of the after pic yet.
I'm hopeing I will feel better about this procedure as time goes by.
update later::

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