Still Waiting Final Results - Seattle/Tacoma

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I am still waiting final results, but I'm...

I am still waiting final results, but I'm happy I did it, although I think I would have went for the facelift rather then the LSL, if I had known the outcome, I think it would have been worth the extra$, but this procedure was suppose to be safer that is why I went with it.I also wish I could let people email me, but for some reason my link to my ID must not be working. sorry I would love to share b4 and after.

I was asked by dianne at real self to leave...

I was asked by dianne at real self to leave additional info, from my here goes.It has been 4 months dr filled in some of the wrinkles with restylane,which helped alot,and except for the turkey waddle still left under my chin, I definately look better then b4 I had it done.Still numbness along my ears, but nothing bothersome.I am not sorry I did it, still trying to decide if I want him to fix the waddle, I need more info to make up my mind.My dr is doing the fine tuning at no cost to me.I still would have went for the real facelift, had I known everything about LSL..In my opinion, I don't think the facelift is any more risky then the LSL..I had 1/2 face makeup on be pic.:)didn't help.:)

I think I'm happy I did it, still waiting...

I think I'm happy I did it, still waiting resluts. My dr was a head and neck surgeon as well as facial plastic surgeon.

It has not been painful at all.

I threw up when they took the bandage off after 48 hrs. I looked awful, but am looking better evryday. I have pic if anyone wants to see.

still brusing lumps pulling of the skin looks like wrinkles, its been 13 days

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I think it was worth it, but don't know for sure yet.I wouldn't recommend my dr only because there are some areas of concern still.

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