Still Have Swelling and Bumpiness 4 Weeks After SmartLipo on my Chin

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I had weight loss surgery 3 years ago. My double...

I had weight loss surgery 3 years ago. My double chin improved some but seemed to be saggy and I could see I was starting to develop my mothers jowls. I had seen SmartLipo all over the news and decided that would be a smart choice for me.

I have to say the procedure was extremely simple. Much easier then I had anticipated. I felt no pain and in fact, I think I fell asleep during the 60 minutes it took to complete.

I did have an unusual amount of swelling and bruising. Even my doctor was suprised. I bruised from my neck to my ears. The pain was minimal, just sore like a sunburn. I took one Vicodin the first night to help me sleep because I was advised to sleep sitting upright to aid in swelling reduction. I still have some areas that are sore to the touch but with massage they feel much better.

My jaw line and neck look great, very sculpted. However, I do have a line of swelling under my chin thay concerns me. I am having weekly lymphatic drainage massages and SmartSound treatments and am noticing slow improvement.

I'm trying not to panic as I know it takes several months to get the final result.

If this area dissipates, I would say that SmartLipo was 100% worth it. What I see so far is great. If it remains and I have to be retreated maybe I may feel differently.

Fall River OB/GYN

Dr Lowney is very kind and will take his time to explain everything. He seems to have a genuine love for cosmetics and is well trained. His office is very accommodating with my crazy work schedule.

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