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I went in for consolation with Dr.Rodriguez on mid...

I went in for consolation with Dr.Rodriguez on mid February of 2013, the office wait was around 20 min because there were two patients in front of me. Dr.R, came in with smile very bubbly and energetic which put me at ease. Which by that time I was already given gown to change into , she asked what I was in for , my expectations were and took pics and then shook my hand and left. I than sat with her assistant Rhoda, which is the best! Her smile and attitude really makes you believe that she is understanding and trying to help you in any way possible. She gave me quote and said if you decide to go along with procedure give me a call. ( I went in there with breast BL and TT on my mind including lipo)

After of week of much consideration and crunching the numbers in also what would be the right time for me, especially with having a 2,5,and 8 yr. old children I called back the office and scheduled for March.19 , 2013 .

3 days Pre-op
I was reaaaally nervous, anxious and snappy at everyone , which I didn't like but I kept myself real busy with friends and family members either shopping or simply hanging out, I tried to do a like cleanse before the procedure (it helps with swelling afterwards) but of course I kept saying tomorrow I'll do it. Never did lol.

March 19, 2013
Surgery was 6 am. Had like 2 hrs of sleep and Of course what happens we get LOST, OMG!!!! I was going crazy freaking out in the car all I remember was yelling I've waited 7 years for this and their gonna reschedule and I have already prepared everything , my poor brother he was the one driving me there. Finally make it to hospital St.Johns in St. Clair Shores. @ 6:30 am.

Went there paid the hospital their fees and waited for about 10 min before being called in to prepare for surgery , the Anesthesiologists came spoke with me in regards any allergies, basic medical history from there the nurses came in needle went in last thing I remember was dreaming I was eating Pizza Hut , lol! I woke up feeling really uncomfortable and scared to move even though I had pain pump in , there was a lot of discomfort. My stomach felt like it was being pulled ( the skin) in two different direction and immedietly I thought "what did I get my self into" then second thought how am I gonna take care of my kids being in this much pain I can't even take care of my self.

Because I had the cathitor in they wanted me to use the bathroom and use the walk right after surgery, I was hoping to see the doctor just to feel safe but no where in sight only the nurses. After 3 hrs of just sleeping I went home which everything was already prepared for me the pillows, rack with all neccesitties like crackers, tissues, meds, stool softner etc.... My kids were with my mom for that night which really helped. Sense I was heavily medicated only time I woke up was for bathroom, aaaaah was that a challenge first 3 days but the meds helped a lot with pain along with pain pump.

My food first days was yougart with granola in mornings crackers with meds meaning I would eat 2-3 crackers before and after I take my meds every 4-6 hrs so I wouldn't be nauseated. Lunch was protein with veggies and a lot of H2O lool.

3rd day
Swollen like crazy to the point it was painfull idk why, maybe too much carbs but to my surprise I'm up and feeling a lot better then I anticipated I would feel I was standing almost straight and sitting just fine, i guess all the youtube videos made me expect the worse.

5th day
Still reaaaaaally swollen to the point I wana cry and I know why it's because all the bad food I ate before surgery and have not used the bathroom stool softens wasn't helping sorry if it tmi but you need to know the truth. The meds make you extremely constipated as well, so I sent my lovely hubby to get laxatives and fleet enema all I can is aaaaaaaah,omg what a relief..

7th day
Finally got one drain out for TT along with the both BL drains and the pump drain omg I can sleep on my side. Finally and sense I have back issues you can just imagine the pain I'm in at night. I stopped the meds completely and actually using the bathroom normally . I'm still swollen but I know I need to be patient . Also I'm changing sons diapers , cleaned up even I shouldn't have but I can't just sit back and let others help I'm really trying but it's hard it's the control freak in me.

9th day
I feel like I'm going backwards in a way cuz I'm getting more hunched now then my 3 day post op,lol but I know it's because I'm over working my body with the cleaning my new eating habbit is eat healthy breakfast, regular lunch yes don't kill I have had donuts too, I'm soo ashamed but a protein shake at night so I'm trying right? I just can wait to get to gym, I went grocery shopping and people I almost fainted cuz I up on my legs for like 2 hrs straight.

11th day
My second drain dosnt wana come out yet because it is literally 30 cc within every 12 hrs, I know I know I'm trying to rest more but it's hard on your own, no one to help and 3 kids need to be fed, clothed and bathed. My hubby is trying to help but he ended up with really bad flu which put him in bed for almost a week and I was left making him soup how funny is that, my mom is out town no else to help friends traviling alone in this journey I can survive right.

12th day
My 2nd drain is still same amount, I feel like I gained weight , I'm swollen my old pants are tight on me but my app is this coming Monday to remove the 2nd drain so wish me luck people. Even with everything don't get me wrong i took of all the garments and omg, I looked good people even though I was swollen but tummy looked flat from side view, small waist from lipo the breast lift looks beautiful so perky oh yes, I'm 30 with a 18 yrs old body yaaaaaahoooo lol. I'm dreading seeing the scars have not seen those yet, hopefully Monday but I would really help any suggestions to scar therapy I went an bought the clear CVS Silocone sheets idk if they are good I mean they were only $15 so why not but I also bought the regular tape which a lot PS also recommend .

I'm really glad I went ahead with surgery best money ever spent so far so good I will keep you guys updated..... Good luck to anyone out there thinking of getting the mommy makeover and yes I definitely recommend Dr. Daniela Rodriguez she is beautiful on the inside and out, she's the best and she really knows whats she's doing people.

14 th day I finally took off all the tapes and...

14 th day
I finally took off all the tapes and final drain omg, the scars are great , Dr.Rodriguez had done such a great job. I'm so relieved, my next appointment is on the 18th of April. I honestly feel so free finally can shower now wahoo, lol! One thing I noticed is that my breast I keep getting this like stinging sensation, turns outs things are getting back to normal so that's good to hear. That's all for today chow for now.
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