27 Yrs Old, 5'1", 125lbs, 1 Kid, 32/34a - Wanting to Achieve an Adult Woman's Body!! Statesboro, GA

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Ok ladies, I have been on the fence and off the...

Ok ladies, I have been on the fence and off the fence for almost 10yrs now about getting my boobs done. Well I've finally decided that it's time! My husband and I went this past Tuesday (2.17.15) for our free consultation with Dr. Meghan McGovern. She spent over an hour with us. We of course had done sour researchand had tons of questions! She was extremely helpful in answering everything and her personality was wonderful. I tried on a rangeof sizes. Since I am used to having small boobsI truthfully didn't want togo huge. I just know that I wouldn't be happy with huge. So I mainly stuck to the full B/C range. I ultimatley liked the 250cc Implant. I filled out my clothes perfectly, they jiggled just right, they balanced out my booty and my husband definitely had more than a handful with this size. So I scheduled my apptm the same day as my consult. Since I'm over the age of 25, Dr. mcGovern requires I get a mammogram done prior to surgery. So I'm headed to Savannah early in the morning to get my poor boobs squished :( not looking forward to that. But it does mean that I am 1 step closer to getting my boobs and finally being able to wear a corset! Ahh the little things in life. I'm sorry but I probably won't be posting before pics or after pics atleast not nude ones. I just don't trust that my pics are safe online.

Major set back....

So I scheduled my appointment to have my boobs done. I was firm on the 250cc and Dr. McGovern said that was her favorite sz to do. I was pumped. Then a month or two later my husband calls me while I'm out of town and tells me that our house has caught on fire ! No one was home luckily and the house it self was still standing, but long story short, we ended up having to gut the entire home and start completely over. So no boobs at this time and not for a while for me. We had to move four times within 1 year, the last and final time was back into our newly renovated and updated home. We've been settled back in now for almost 7 months. I think the boobs will be k no the back burner for a while longer. I'm still try to lose the remaining weight I gained during pregnancy that I just haven't lost yet. But maybe one day the girls will get a little TLC . :)
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