3months and Three Weeks Post Up and I'm Not Happy!!! Staten Island, NY

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This doctor did not give me what I want my lipo...

This doctor did not give me what I want my lipo scars dont line up and I dont have much of a difference in my butt from the brazilian butt lift procedure. I wanted more of a kim k look and I have no projection hardly he waisted my time and money and all I have to show for it is some ugly scars I have to bleach to lighten! Also the lipo I recieved for my love handles is uneven as well. He initially had injected me with 500cc for each butt cheek but I wanted more but he told me its not good to put alot on the firsr time so after he peeformed my procedure about 7 weeks later I got an bacterial infection with necrosis smh! I was supposed to go back 6 weeks after to get my reinjection of 250cc in each butt cheek 6 weeks after but couldn't do to the infection. I actually wanted more ccs but he was hesitant to give me alot from the beginning wich I was pissed about so I went back about three months post op to get the frozen fat that he had stored from the procedure now I'm hearing from other doctors that you shouldnt freeze fat for bbl surgery because fresh fat is better on top of it I dont believe hes licensed to do this procedure!! I'm disgusted!btw the procedure was performed on January 8th of this year I just didnt see an option to go back with the dates so I just put todays date.
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He doesnt listen to concerns very well as soon as you come in his office for a follow upappt and you mention a concern about your body after sugery he shuts you up and says give me a sec let me examine you I think thats his way of saying (I dont want to hear what you have to say). Then when I first wentto him I showed him my wish pics and he didnt even want to see them he just looked and said "lets not compare other peoples bodies with yours" noone was saying I wwant the exact body type of that person I just wanted a similar shape! That shouldve been my red flag! And everytime I call his office to speak with him he never returns my calls wich is unprofessional! So what do you guys think as far as the before and after pics?

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