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I have a wonderful family an amazing husband who...

I have a wonderful family an amazing husband who is supporting me 100% on my decision to make myself over. After being overweight for so long. 13 yrs ago I did a gastric bypass.. Best decision I've ever made in my life. I've loss so much weight and hate my arms and stomach. It's time to take care of me.

Still haven't set a date yet :(

Couple of weeks to go before I go the my primary doctor to get clearance for the surgery.. Crossing my fingers that my iron level is up. Hopefully second week of July!

My dream to have arms like this

Just looking at some picture of the arms I wished I had..

A girl can dream......

Would love to have my stomach done like hers!! Yes this girl can dream and hopefully it will be reality soon...

Hopefully soon.......

Did the blood work on the 2nd of July and will be seeing the doctor on the 6th.. I'm praying for mid July!! Crossing my fingers!!! Waiting is killing me me softly.... :(

I'm so excited!!

Got my date for the surgery!! End of this month!!! I'm going to cram all my workouts in 2 and half weeks ! :)
Ps... Excited and nervous at the same time !!

Next week!!

OMG the days are getting closer.. This time next week..So damn nervous.. I have my arm garment and my tummy compression belt.. Have my pain killers ready. Got special pillow.. Do I need something to cover my bed?? My sheets are white..I was thinking about staying in the basement of my house cause the bathroom has a bigger standup shower... What kind help am I gonna need for my family. I don't want to be too much of a burden on them. :0/

4 more days to go!!

I'm super nervous. 4 more days to go and I feel like I have nothing ready.. I feel like I have so much to do but I'm sitting here lounging.

Tomorrow is D-Day

Oh man you world think I'm having a baby tomorrow or something ... Jesus I've never been so damn nervous... I just want everything to go smoothly.. Pray for me for tomorrow.. I got the call this morning for what time to come in for the surgery. ... No eating or drinking after 12am I don't think I'll be able to sleep. :o(

Today is the day!!!

Woke up this morning kinda confused not sure if I'm excited or nervous or both but just ready to get it over with! My daughter is still sleeping she's going to take me. I'm already ready. Showered and ready to go. Oh man just thinking about showering one last I stayed in there for a while. Anyhow hubby going to pick me up later this afternoon. I know everyone is nervous for me. I just want everything to go smoothly that all. Wish me luck.. I'll be going to the flat side and skinny arms today!! :o)

2 day Post op

I had the tummy tuck and arm lift on Tuesday.. I'm not going to sugarcoat it it's painful. Especially the tummy area not so much the arms.. I'm going tomorrow to the surgeon to get my arm unwrapped and rewrapped . Today it was ok still in pain. Soreness around the tummy. I can't to get better.. Walking more though.

3 day Post -Op

Feeling much better today but sitting on the recycler and sleeping on it is driving me crazy. Here are some pics from yesterday. I'm walking more.. Drinking lots of water and taking my meds. Only taking oxycod only when I'm in pain.

Good morning !!

Today is my 4th day post -op and I'm actually feeling better. Walking a lot more and eating little more. First 2 days was so hard cause I was in so much pain. Seriously I'm not gonna lie. The tummy hurts the most. Very very uncomfortable in every position I was in.. Walking a lot easier now with no help. Going to pee is still uncomfortable but I'm doing it by myself. I haven't pooped yet I'm scared too because I can't even reach back there. And I'm not letting anyone whip me up..lol. Anyways I'm in much better mood today then I was couple of days ago. Hope everyone is going so much better
Ps.. Here are some photos .. Not sure if I posted these yet.

Almost standing!!

5th day post -op and I'm almost standing straight.! Seriously no lie I'm standing straight in this pic.
No pain at all in the arms department here. This compression garment was given to me by my co worker thank god for her. And I must thank her for it when I get back to work. So far I'm very happy with the results.. But I will see my stomach for the first time on Monday with the surgeon. He's gonna let me know what to do with the dressing. On a serious note I need a shower for bad and wash my hair like 10 times no lie. I feel so so dirty ( my hubby did give me a nice sponge bath yesterday morning) but my hair is a mess !
Anyways have a nice day everyone I'll keep you posted! :o)

5th day Post -Op

I'm have no pains in my arms Just little discomfort because of the bandages but not painful at all. I'm getting swollen little now like my thighs , upper pelvic area.. Jesus getting some blisters from the tape.. Today for some reason I feel emotional.. Like crying all the time.. Like right now.. I feel like I'm a burden to my family. They are saying I'm picky and I overheard someone in the kitchen that it's starting to get annoying... I haven't had a decent shower or haven't washed my hair in 5 days.. I feel like I'm going crazy...I don't know if I made the right decision. I'm a emotional wreck.

6 Day Post -Op

Hey ladies I just got back from the PS office.. I got the left drain out thank god but for the right one it was like 22cc he said he wants them to be like 20 and under. They clean me up. PS said I could shower but I think it's probably better after I get the other drains out. I would feel better. I'm actually doing so much better... Have a nice night ladies! :o)

Finally did it!!

Finally did it.. My tummy tuck, side and upper Lipo and stomach muscles repair and last but not least my arm lift!

One week Post -Op!!!!

I finally made it! One week post op!! And I have both drains out . I'm so overwhelmed with emotions right now. Hubby is back to work . He has spent his whole vacation week taking care of me. My kids both of them making sure I'm ok. I had a emotional breakdown a couple of days ago. I couldn't stop crying but I'm over it now. My next appt with the PS next Thursday by then I should be running around.. Just kidding . Eventually I have to get back to work. I'm going to take it slow so I can heal properly. Have a nice night ladies and thanks for your input am letting me share my story.
Ps.. I will post pictures soon

8 day post op

Didn't get too much sleep last night because for some reason my right arm was in so much pain.. This whole week I didn't have any pain in my arms and all of the sudden my right arm was hurting.. Ot too much painful but enough to keep me up all last night.. I think I had about 2 hrs sleep. I took some Oxy for the pain just made me drowsy that was all. Hopefully it'll be better.. Still wearing my compression garments.. My stomach looks good so far.. Walking more and little by little getting my appetite back.. Drinking tons of water. Oh and I know it's TMI but I pooped today for the first time..omg what a relief! My kids are still around helping me out a lot and hubby is back to work! Have a great day everyone!

I'm feeling amazing!!!

I'm feeling amazing cause I took my first shower washed my hair like 3 times. I'm seriously feeling so good ! Have a good night ladies!! :o)

10 Days Post -Op

I finally got some sleep on the recycler got up late. Usually I get about 2 to 3 hrs sleep!.. I'm a stomach sleeper so it hard for me sleeping on the recycler. So right now just waiting slowly for the swelling to go down. What else?? I'm going to be bored out of my mind!!!!! God help me !

Wait is today my 10th day or 11th day??

Omg I think today is my 10th day post op.. Had the surgery on July 26.. Not sure.. I think I was on medication when I wrote that yesterday. Anyway I'm feeling so much better. Took a pic of me with a bathing suit couple of days ago before I had the drains taking out and then took some more pic.. I think I'm liking the results . I'll post some pic in few .

Yes I'm happy so far!

I'm very happy so far with the results! My arms and belly is still swollen. I'm not concern about the swelling cause I know that it takes time. Im willing to wait.

1 week and 6 days Post Op

Ok today my family decides they wanted to go to the beach of course they don't want to leave me behind so of course I went! I just sat here and enjoying the sun watching my family play catch baseball and volleyball.. Why shouldn't they enjoy this summer just because I had my surgery mid July. They have been there for me helping me out with everything from helping use the bathroom, washing me, getting my medicine, feeding me, putting my dressing and my compression garments. This is the least I can do. Enjoy your day ladies!! :o)

Two weeks Post Op today!!

Wow 2 week post op already!! I'm happy that it's going fast... Stomach is looking good so far.. Having little hard time sleeping lately.. Some reason I can't get comfortable in my bed. I have lots of pillows but nothing is working. I'm getting cranky and agitated. My arms is healing nicely but my left arm might be takings little longer. I'm still wearing my compression garments around my waist.. Trying to get some what hourly glass shape lol...Yesterday was a nice relaxing day with family. Today back to normal routine. I'm just gonna rest today. Watching Olympics.. Have a nice day everyone. :o)

2 weeks and 3 days post op

Ok ok... I'm having a hard time sleeping!! Grrrrr. I have tons of pillows and nothing works.. Might have the take the pills to help me and I really don't want too......Waking up every couple of hrs... It's driving me crazy! No new pic this week .. I'll post some next week. Have a good night ladies. :o)

2 weeks and 4 Days post op

Took a pic today and wanted to see if there is a difference.. Can you tell??

3 weeks 1 day post op

Today my daughter took some pics of my arm. My PS did a amazing job!!

3 weeks and 1 day post op

Oh and here is a new bathing suit pic.
I'm still swollen here.. But it's ok it's way better than before!!

At the PS for my 3 weeks 2 day post op

Feeling great and seeing him made me feel better. I'm doing very well he says.

Stuff I purchased for after surgery

I've been asked what stuff have I purchased after my surgery.. These are some of the stuff I bought .....

Feeling very emotional......

Yesterday I went to the plastic surgeon for my 3 weeks post op. Everything was good as far as my scars and my tummy. The PS said to me how fast I'm healing. The scars on my arms are looking so good And the tummy tuck scars are looks great no open wounds and now no more wrapping.. I can start using the Mederma cream. I'm really excited about that.. Then the doctor showed me my before pictures. I wanted to cry because I was totally disgusted how I let myself go like that. I didn't want to look at the pictures but I did. I was balling inside. I took pictures of it also cause I want to remind myself I never ever want to go back to that again. I don't regret ever doing this either. I would have done it along time ago if I knew. Now after I heal in couple of months I'm getting back into the gym and working my ass off to keep my body in shape.
Beware the pictures I'm posting are not flattering.
Here are my before and after pictures. Don't forget I'm still swollen.. The swelling will not go down till after maybe 3 to 6 mths... This is only 2 to 3 weeks post op.

Todays is my 4 weeks post op

Wow can't believe it's been a month.. I love my arms !!!! Still swollen but not going stress it because it's expected. I know I shouldn't be going into the gym hi staying home drove me crazy so I went walking on the treadmill nothing crazy..also took a side profile of my belly .. Swollen tummy!

My last antibiotic pill!!

Last night I took my last antibiotic pill ! 4 weeks post op! I'm excited about it!

After the healing Palmer coco butter

I bought this at CVS for about 12.00 -13.00 bucks.. I'm going to try it after the healing is done or should I try it now.. I'm 1 month post op. All the stitches are clothes and is healing very well.. What you think???

After healing Palmer coco butter

I bought this at CVS for about 12.00 -13.00 bucks.. I'm going to try it after the healing is done or should I try it now.. I'm 1 month post op. All the stitches are closed and is healing very well.. What you think???

Pic of my arms...

Sorry I'm back at work .. Omg I dread coming back to work.. But I am feeling so much better. Today I wore my compression garments because for some reason I feel so much better. Well anyways while sitting at my desk I took some pics.. Of my arms!!!!! Here they are!!!

Ok so I bought this!!!

Ok I bought this " HelloTem 149
Women's Classic 3 Hooks Latex Trainer Shapewear Workout Waist Cincher ". I bought a XXL and it fits me good. Yes they do run small. Here is some photos

The foam pillow I used

This pillow kinda helped me sleep.

Happy 5 weeks post op to me!!

Today is my 5 weeks post op and I'm actually feeling good.. Not great but just good. Trying to make the best of it... and yesterday I went to the gym again with hubby.. Just walking on the treadmill for 1 hour.i had to get out of the house and do something. I am still feeling little sore from the lipo on my back. Still feeling uncomfortable when sleeping but trying my best to get as much rest as possible. Working midnights is taking a toll on me but hanging in there for next year cause this time next year I will be retired and never have to work again. Just counting the days!! 360 days to go! This Saturday is a very special day. I'll let you know Saturday...Can't wait for it.. Here is me at the gym.. Lol

Took some pic today

So took some pic of my arms today.. They are healing very well but still my left arm is taking a little longer than the right. I'm actually putting the palmers coco butter therapy oil for scars..

49 yrs old yesterday!

Yesterday was my 49th birthday and I looked and feel fabulous!! Bought this dress size 12 and hopefully next year size 10.

6 weeks and 4 days post op

Today is my 6 weeks and 4 days post op. I'm feeling good but my stomach is still swollen but not too much. I am feeling little hardness in my stomach though but I will let my PS know when I see him on the 15th. I really want to go and get a massage done. From the lipo I'm still feeling some soreness. I hope this is normal. Will post pics later. Have a nice day ladies and Gents! :o)

6 weeks and 4 days post op!

Today is my 6 weeks and 4 days post op. I'm feeling good but my stomach is still swollen but not too much. I am feeling little hardness in my stomach though but I will let my PS know when I see him on the 15th. I really want to go and get a massage done. From the lipo I'm still feeling some soreness. I hope this is normal. Will post pics later. Have a nice day ladies and Gents! :o)

7 weeks post op

Hey today is my 7 weeks post op and I'm feeling good so far... But at times my stomach feels tight I hope that's normal. For some reason today because of the weather I feel like my stitches on my arms are bulging out more.. Maybe it's a little cooler out. See in the picture. They don't hurt but feels a slight uncomfy but not too much.

9 weeks already!!!

Wow I can't believe it's already been nine weeks and three days! Days are going so fast . Took some pictures today check out the before and after

4months Post op

My 4 mths post op... and so far it's been looking good.. I haven't put anything on because my PS said I don't need it but if I do use anything to use paper tape. Pic of my right arm and left arm

Some update

7 weeks and 4 mths post op pics... back to the gym and trying to get my arms strong. It's been good so far.

Almost 8 months post op

Ya been almost 8 mths and so far everythings been going good. Been going to the gym regularly and very happy.. my scars are fading but when I'm working out sometimes the scars are slightly red. Over all I'm very happy with the results.
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Went for a consultant.. Have one person in mind right now.. And his name is Dr Elliot Heller! Love him and he's awesome!

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