I Am 22 Years Old Got my Breast Done Last Year Going to Get my Butt - Staten Island, NY

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Hey I am rose, I am looking to do butt implant...

Hey I am rose, I am looking to do butt implant surgery. I was originally suppose to get it April 30, 2015 but the want to move it to Tuesday April 21, 2015. I mean I am scared but also excited at the same time. I am 5'3 and a half and 110 I am getting butt implant put in 400 cc round because I am too skinny for BBA and I figured 400 cc is good enough for my body :-)

Wish pics

What I want

Testing time

Blood work today

Surgery moved back to original date

My bloodwork took forever to get in so they couldn't do my surgery Tuesday but I told them they could move my surgery up if they please. But until then my surgery is back to April 30th

Surgery time

Hey just got in Staten Island office surgery is at 10:30 am. I must say I am excited. They are really nice they gave me a doctors note for work, were very nice staff. I got my pain mess and filled my prescription, there is a pharmacy downstairs. They were very pleasant asked me if I needed anything and answered all my questions.

Finally in the office

Coupl hours after operation

Mrs new booty

About my process.

So for those who hasn't been following me, my doctor name is Dr.Elliot Heller. He honestly does not bs he tells what needs to done and what your butt can hold and does it. I have 400round implant. So far looks great. I get my tapes and stuff removed Monday. But I walked into the office early my surgery date was for April 30 on a Thursday in his Staten Island office. The staff greeted me and answered all my questions. They have a pharmacy downstairs so your able to fill your prescription. Honestly I just wanted to eat already. I stopped eating at 10 pm the night before. So I was sitting there biting my nails off until a nurse comes and get me and tells me it's time. I went from being nervous excited really fast. I was given my own room to put my stuff in. After 5 mins the anesthesiologist came by introduced his self and asked me several questions on my history and medic background. He left couple mins the doctor comes in and takes pics and showed me the implant. He makes his own custom butt implant. The butt implant is like the same size of a round boob implant but not as liquid as boob implant it was tougher. He told me he appreciated the wish pic but everyone has a different butt and it won't look the same on everyone. He also told me if I was second guessing I didn't have to do the surgery. But I was sure I wanted it so we continued. After the doctor was done a nurse came and got me and brought me into the surgery room. I watched as she help the anesthesiologist with putting the iv. Before I know it I woke up to wider hips and a bigger butt. I was in a little pain but as soon as I took the muscle relaxer I was good. Then I went home. But I will be posting more pics this is 1 day after the surgery, I am feeling a little better.

2 days post op

Doctors office called to check on me and to answer any question.

Day 4 post op

Going to sleep is a pain had to take 2 instead of 1 pain killer tonight. I'm not going to lie I love my butt, but the pressure is sometimes aggravating, not to mention laying on my stomach feels like hell. I will never lay on my stomach again after I heal. LOL


So far this is Day 5 post OP and I am getting my tape removed I cant wait. This doctor does not use drainage by the way.

Bad news

My implant is still high up looks weird

Day 5 post op

I'm still worried because implants are so high up.

Two week officially progress on butt

So far healing nicely butt pain only when I wake up. My doctor said that that pain is the worse pain because when you go to sleep your muscle is relaxed so when you wake up it painful cause the muscle hasn't moved its been healing. Like when you go to the gym for leg day, when you done with the work out you don't feel the pain but when it is time to get up in the morning it feels like your legs are going to fall off, so same concept with butt implants behind or between the muscle. I put up the pics so you can see progress. I been using bio oil for stretch marks and it's been working you barely see them anymore and I wanted to prevent myself from getting new ones. But implants have dropped a little so let's just say I was happier then last week because I was pissed now I'm good just being patient for implants to fall all the way in. I also do plan on getting fat transfer to my hips and more fat to my butt because I am now booty hungry and I have little hips and want more. Before I had no hips at all the butt surgery gave me round hips but I want wider hips too. So for right now I am happy with my results.

Issue week 3

So my incision is closed and was dry for the past weeks, no pain, no odor then bam leakage. Pinkish clear fluid draining out of me a lot of it. I don't understand what happened. Wound is closed and healing where is this fluid coming from? I don't have a fever so I know it's not an infection no pain but the pressure feels relieved as days goes by with the fluid draining. So I don't know what's happening. Scheduled to see my doc Thursday maybe he knows what's going on.

One month post op today. Seroma gone

A short vid
I mean it's okay it's just implant taking forever to drop. It's like half my butt is perfect and the bottom is just flat. From the side it doesn't look round. It goes in a circle then dropped flat at the bottom. I posted a video, no pain. My ass doesn't jiggle yet it would probably take 6 months before it could happen. I recommend either going to dr. Stanton in Cali or dr. Gongora in Mexico. At least your butt will be round with them from day 1. You won't have to sit and wait for butt to be round and drop and all that. But I am going to get implants re done again just not with him. I'm having Stanton re do it in a few months.

Hey guys so far so good almost two months post op

Lol having fun
Learn some cool tricks
So far I like my body and butt everything looks awesome. I guess I was a little impatient at first.

3 month post op

It's an okay butt like I wouldn't say I love it, if I was to do it again would go with a different doctor. I don't think he is really a butt doctor and these are supposedly custom butt implants but they said no doctor is allowed to make their own I wanted something different not a custom implant but the one they use. I believe an implant shouldn't be custom unless your going super big. But am I happy? No. Will I survive? Yes. I am getting it redone by doctor Stanton in one more month. I'm excited, I'll make a new review.
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

He was nice when I first met him was very confident that's why I chose him. It was like an immediate trust. But my butt is getting better it is okay it's looking better and getting softer. But i can see the implant outline not really so happy.

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