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I seriously considered BR about 20 years ago and...

I seriously considered BR about 20 years ago and then I talked myself out of it. I think it was mostly from fear and whether would I be happy with the results. Now all these years later and I have terrible posture, and almost constant back , neck and shoulder pain and chronic migraines. I am hoping for some relief from some of this pain. I'd also like to have breasts that aren't laying on my stomach. I'm not even sure if I remember those days. My PS says I will probably be small, most likely a B. I'm a 38DD in American sizes and 34H in UK. B sounds really small and scares me a bit. She has to take enough to get the insurance to cover. I'm telling myself I will be happy when I can but cute little bras and a normal bathing suit. I'm nervous about getting everything I need to take care of myself afterwards. This website has been helpful.

One Week Away

Well one from today is my surgery. Going for pre-op blood work and all that today. Starting to get really nervous. Just would like to have the surgery and be back home. I will be staying overnight. Having the drains removed the next morning after the surgery. Then go back to the dr the next day.

2 days out from Surgery

Well I had my surgery Wednesday morning. Surgery took about 4 hours. My PS is known for being meticulous. That is completely fine with me. She thinks she did a good job with the area between my breasts. The skin there had actually pulled away my chest wall from all the years of saggy breasts. She wasn't sure how much she could correct it or maybe there would be puckers that she could address later in the office. I did get terrible migraine and still getting them from the anesthesia. This has happened to me before when I've been put to sleep. I am a migraine sufferer so something about the anesthesia sets them off. I hope they ease off soon. I stayed overnight in the hospital. I kept telling Them I had pretty bad pain around the bottom of surgical bra. They asked if it was tightness or pain. I said it felt very tight but I was having pain from that digging into my incision. Yesterday morning they got me a bigger surgical bra. It still is doing a good job of compression but is not causing the pain like the previous one. It feels snug without hurting me. They also removed my drains before I came home. I'm very happy about that. Mostly I'm feeling discomfort here at home. Sometimes I have some pain depending on how I move. They gave me 2 Percocet in the hospital yesterday morning for my hour ride home. I took 1at 9 pm last night just so hopefully I could rest a little better. Sleeping on my back and feeling discomfort and twinges every time I move is not easy. I've always been a side sleeper. I got a bed wedge and put my pillow on top of it and stacked pillows around me. I did feel some dizziness and light headless when I went to the BR at 2 AM. That had not happened in the hospital. But I'm feeling ok now. I go back to the dr today. I assume she changes the dressings or maybe she just looks underneath them to make sure everything is ok. I'm a little nervous about having to change my own dressings when/if it comes to that. I took some before pics. When I can actually see the new girls I will post some those and some after pics. Anxious to hear what the dr says today And her instructions as far as timeline for things, such showering etc. and what will I doing as far as me caring forthe dressings. That's it so far. Oh - She took 500 g from right and 448 from left. Maybe update today or tomorrow after I see my dr.

2 days post op

Saw the doctor today and she said I am doing well. I can shower now. She took the dressings off under the bra. She told me to wear a white cotton t- shirt under my surgical bra. I only took 2 Tylenol today for the hour ride to dr office. Going to try and post some pictures.

5 days post op

Feeling very good. No pain meds not even Tylenol since day 2. Took a slow walk of 9/10 of a mile yesterday. Wondering when I will start to notice swelling going down. It's a little yellow around one nipple but I think it's a bruise. Going to post a couple of pics from today. Considering driving for the first time today. Twenty minute drive to get some sports bras.

One week Post-op

Well it's been one week since my surgery. I'm definitely starting to have more energy. I feel like things are going on in the girls. I've had some short zaps of shooting pains in them but I've been told that is normal and to expect that for weeks. It may be the nerves starting to awaken and heal. Last evening and today, I felt like they were sore, like they would feel before my period, which I haven't gotten one for fifteen years. Not sure if they were swollen more or not. My incisions are just starting to itch a little. I go to get my stitches out in 6 days. My mother keeps asking if I think the swelling has gone down. I keep telling her that I'm being told it is going to take weeks for all the swelling to go down. It is rather hard being patient because I'm anxious to know what my end size will be. My doctor didn't say I had to sleep on my back and although I tried the first night or two, I've been sleeping on my side since then without any problem.

Two Weeks Post-op and Got Stitches out today

Well it's been 14 days and I feel pretty good. I got my stitches out today. I didn't really feel a thing. I have one small spot under left breast that is open and not healed. My PS usual protocol is one week of Bacitraycin , 3-4 times a day and then start Oleeva silicone scar sheers and she sees you back in 4 weeks. Since I have this small open spot ,she told me 1-2 weeks of the Bacitraycin , hopefully it will be healed by 2 weeks. When it heals starts, start the scar sheets. She recommends the fabric ones over the foam ones. She wants to see me again in 2 weeks because of the spot rather than 4 weeks. I told her I walk around the block every day. She said that is perfect. Just still no lifting and straining, bending etc. Going to post this week's pictures.

17 days PO - they look good but seem really big yet

They are starting to look like real breasts with stitches out and some of the gunk has rolled off. I'm worried that they seem really big yet. My PS said a lot of swelling will go down till 6 weeks and then even some to 3 to 6 months. I'd like to get to a C cup and I know I'm nowhere near that yet. I do like that stand up on their own. I hope this spot under one breast heals easily and doesn't give me problems. Posting pics from today.

4 weeks and 2 days post op

I was just shy of 3 weeks post-op by 2 days and I overdid it, carried something a little too heavy and vacuumed one room. My left breast has been achy and tender since. I thought sure I tore internal stitches but my PS says I just aggravated it and now it needs time to heal. I was walking around my block at day 4 without pain and now 10 days later after aggravating it I still do any amount if walking without that breast either hurting while I'm doing it or I pay for it the next day. The spot under the same breast that was not healed when she took the stitches out at 2 weeks. I thought it healing, it went from fleshy to getting a scab. 3 days ago the day before my checkup with my PS, the scab was off and an internal stitch was sticking with yellow stuff around it. I feared infection. The next day my surgeon told me it was a yellow scab and she removed and told me to continue with bacitracin. She said it will heal more quickly now that the stitch came out. In 2 days it is already starting to look better. I'm not worried about it. I am worried about all the pain I'm having in my left breast. I wish she had done some imaging so I knew for certain everything was fine in there. My breasts still seem big36D. Will they ever shrink to a C? I'd like to lose some weight once I can get on a regular exercise routine so maybe I will get there with that. Going to post a picture I took today.

5 weeks post op today

5 weeks post op and I decided a couple of days ago that I needed to get a smaller size of the Marena bra I had been wearing. Also a couple of the Annette bras that I gotten earlier that were too snug now fit. So obviously some swelling has gone down just recently. Putting a bra back on that fits more snugly with more compression has helped with the pain in the left breast. It is not completely gone but it is much better. The place that was not healed under my left breast , that then spit a stitch, seems to finally be healing. I'm really hoping for it to healed soon because I will be keeping my grandsons ages 3 and 6 in 10 days and I'd like to get in a pool with them. Going to post pics from this week. The girls seem to look just as big but they must be a bit smaller since I need smaller surgical bras.
Dr. Emilie Peterson

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