26 Years Old, No Kids, Wanted Bigger Breasts - Starnberg, DE

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I have always wanted to have bigger breasts, but...

I have always wanted to have bigger breasts, but wanted them to look natural. I decided to undergo surgery in Starnberg, Germany. Donor areas where outer thighs and knees.
Right now, I am happy with the result, but well aware that the final result will show in about 2/3 months...I'll keep you posted

1 week post OP

Still sore, the swelling is going down..


2 weeks!!!

I am very happy with my breasts so far... Even though I can feel 2 massive lumps in my left one ( which is still far from being soft)
The lipo areas are still painful and I still have a big butt... Still can't see any difference:-(

3 weeks!;-)

3 weeks lipo

STILL in pain and unable to exercise..

5 weeks

3 months post

Dissapointed! Well, it's been a while, sorry for letting you wait for more updates... Unfortunately I am not happy with my results. First of all, my breasts lost a lot of the transfered fat, I can't see the difference that I had wished for. Secondly, I am really disappointed with my lipo areas, I still have a huge a**** and what bothers me the most, Cellulite snd lumps increased. Definitely not worth the money and the PAIN!!

Photos-3months post

3 months post

Gained a little weight...I do see a difference now...
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