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I am glad I found this website. I really need the...

I am glad I found this website. I really need the community of support. I put 1000 down on my tummy tuck but still need to set the date. It will be a ways off...probably February or even April 2014. In a way I wish I could do it sooner but my 3 year old still loves nursing so I am pushing the surgery almost a year.
I feel kind of like a nervous wreck. I feel like maybe I shouldn't have rushed into this. I only went to one plastic surgery place. Truthfully the experience was a bit weird and awkward for me but I thought I might feel like that anywhere. I have been doing research on my surgeon. I found 1 bad review but many, many positive reviews. I just hope she is a "good" surgeon. There are also 2 other surgeons in the practice so transferring to one of them might be a possibility. I think I just liked the fact that she was female, board certified, saw she had mostly positive reviews , and decided to just go for it and hop on this road to a new stomach. I should have taken more time, I think...but I think in a way I am being overly paranoid about her. Like I said she has many positive reviews (online).

Anyways I am 29 years old, with 2 daughters ages 3 and 9. I have always been thin/petite with a rounded tummy and extra skin..even before kids. Now it is even worse of course. I don't care about having the perfect body...but at the same time would like the experience of having a flat tummy for once. SO much effort goes into hiding my bulging stomach and its hard to find clothes to wear. Going to the mall...trying on 50 shirts and having them all look a bit ridiculous is not fun. It is also hard to find jeans so I mostly wear comfy yoga pants which I love.

I am not a huge fan of surgery, but in the end its peoples choice. I do feel like my tummy is on the extreme end when you take into account my overall petite build. I keep looking in the mirror. Standing up, I think...you know, maybe I can live with this. My stomach is not attractive but in its own way is cute. Then I sit down and with all the roles and bulge I think....just no, this has to go. I will be 30 and done having kids and I just need this. I will try to take a pic of my tummy later and please tell me if you agree.

still nervous

I told a couple friends about my tummy tuck plans...
My partner is supportive: my body, my choice
One other friend I told was supportive and said she would do it too if she could afford it

My other friend is kind of trying to talk me out of it. Last night she was telling me about her friend who had a c section years ago and ended up having a major complication from that 15 years later... then she said she is going to put me in touch with her since I am having a tummy tuck. Basically trying to scare me out of this.

Now I have been researching long term complications. I am just getting so scared.

I have been exercising and trying to get in better shape. I took some pictures on my cell phone of my tummy...
I am thin/petite everywhere else and my mid section looks likewise this. I never had a flat belly, always had a rounded belly with rolls. Guess its genetic. 2 pregnancies (the last baby 10 pounds) didn't help the situation!

new picture

Been exercising every day. My partner thinks its helping and took this picture. I still have a long way to go!! Doing research on diastasis I found out a lot of the yoga and Pilates are actually bad for my condition. I'm not sure whether I should continue with them or attempt to at least partially close the gap prior to surgery (mine is 10cm)
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