Ipl for Brown Spots/sun Damage - Stamford, CT

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Pictures are 22 hours post procedure. Doctor did...

Pictures are 22 hours post procedure. Doctor did a test patch on face before having assistant continue with the procedure. Eye patch tapes placed over both eyes. Whole face only took about 5 minutes. Feels like a hot rubber band snap and also see lightening like flashes of light with each pull of the laser wand trigger. Felt like it was getting hotter each time. The assistant would pause before moving to each new area and warned me that the nose and upper lip would hurt more. My body involuntarily jumped or spasmed with every zap even though I could tolerate the pain. It hurt more than I thought and I don't think I could have tolerated much more. Immediately after the procedure my face was red like a mild sunburn and hurt like a sunburn. I was given 2 cold packs to hold on my face for a few minutes in the room and on my way home. I did not notice any swelling and the sunburn appearance only lasted about an hour. My brown spots turned dark almost immediately. This morning the dark spots still feel smooth and haven't started to dry. Also, had to run out last night for something and tried using foundation to cover spots. Only worked so so and felt a little self conscious. Will post follow up photos. Also, want to note that during procedure on chin I interrupted the technician because it felt much hotter - hope the patch is not a burn that will leave an undesirable effect.

3 days later

Coffee ground effect - brown spots making their way to the surface. I used a clarifying solution today - probably not recommended, but saw some small brown dots on cotton pad. They feel slightly raised but still pretty smooth. Saw a friend yesterday and she said she didn't notice until I pointed it out. I am posting some pics with concealer and foundation. I think the spot in my chin was a mild burn - maybe she discharged to laser twice too close to the same spot. Make sure you speak up if you notice a change during the procedure. I did not have any swelling - maybe because they had me use cold packs post procedure? They said I could repeat the procedure in two weeks, but I've notice a lot of posts say 4 weeks so I will probably reschedule. Also, not sure if I will be able to continue through the summer. I might have to wait until winter as it is hard to avoid all sun. I think it can have an undesirable affect if you have even a mild tan going. I am posting pics of the area with concealer and a foundation to show that the "coffee grounds" can be covered up. I'll post next pics without makeup. Not many brown spots coming out on forehead.

8 days post procedure

I'm thrilled with the results! Many of the sun spots are gone and the few larger spots are significantly faded. Up close I can still see some spots, but standing in front of the mirror at normal distance, my skin looks so clear and smooth. I would like to get another treatment, but am not sure this is the right time of year for me. I have my follow up appointment next Tuesday.
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