29 yr old, 32A cup to 32C cup

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Hi everyone, I want to start with thanking...

Hi everyone,

I want to start with thanking everyone for sharing their stories here. It has helped me with so many questions I've had about breast augmentation.

I'll start with a little bit about myself: I am 5'3 ft tall, weight 110 lbs and currently a 32A cup but won't fully fill a 32A bra if I lose weight. I am looking to go from an A cup to a C cup. I will be getting silicone gel, round, smooth implants moderate plus profile and it will be a periareolar incision. I've wanted a breast augmentation since I knew my breast were not going to get any bigger which was a long time ago. I am super excited and cannot wait for my procedure.

My pre-op appointment is scheduled to be in less than a week on 9/22/16. During this appointment is when I will be committing to an implant size. During my consultation back in July my surgeon suggested I go with a size between a 250cc and 275cc however I don't recall telling him I wanted a C cup so his suggestion may be different during my pre-op. I know he will be honest and tell me if my expectations of a C cup are realistic. After my consultation I did a lot more research on sizes and so I can't wait for my pre-op to revisit size options with my surgeon. I don't remember where I read that 236cc will get someone like me 1 full cup. This would mean that about 475cc would get me to a C cup. However, I think 475cc would be extremely large for me because I have a very small frame and I want by breast to look as natural and proportionate as possible.

A little bit about my surgeon: I am going to Dr. Rosenstock who was highly referred to me by a friend whose breast he's done. He is very much into producing very natural breast-like results. His before and after photos were amazing and I could not tell that the afters had been enhanced - they were just bigger. Plus, I know of a few women whose breast he's done and their results are amazing.

I may post some photos at some point during the week and do an update after my pre-op.

Till then!

My measurements

I forgot to add in my first post my measurements:
Bust: 31.5 inches
Waist: 23.5 inches
Hips: 36.5 inches


Had my pre-op on Thursday. My surgeon suggested I go with 250cc or 275cc to achieve the look I want. Before showing him pictures of the look I want he thought Moderate+ would be good however on Thursday he measured me the width of my breast and now we are going with high profile Mentor silicone implants. Turns out my bust is very narrow and if I go with the 275cc moderate+ the ladies will look very strange and be placed more to the side (please nooo). After checking out so many pics showing high profile on realself I feel more comfortable about the high profile. My biggest concern I told my PS is I don't want my breast to look like 2 melons on my bust, and I don't want them to be the first thing to enter the room. I feel we are both on the same page.
During the pre-op visit I tried on some 250cc, 275cc and 300cc sizers. Only took pics with the 250cc and after checking them out when I got home I realized they look a bit smaller than what I am hoping for. I definitely plan to go back to my PS's office before surgery to try on 275cc and 30cc again and take lots and lots of pictures.

Pre-Op photos

I noticed on the pre-op pictures my boobs look higher than they actually are and I think it's because my ribcage sticks out quite a bit. I will post photos with 250cc, 275 and 300cc sizers when I go to PS days prior to surgery. I would go sooner but I think he went on vacation returning days before my surgery.

Big Day Tomorrow! Super Excited!

Tomorrow is my BA surgery and I am super excited that the day is practically here! I have to be at the OR by 6:45am tomorrow. Since I was a bit uneasy about the sizers I tried on during my pre-op visit I decided to go back yesterday. I tried on again the 250cc, 275cc, and 300cc. I like the 275cc look the best, and Dr. R. won't know for sure which size will be the best for me till during surgery. I am confident he knows the look I want and trust he will put the best size for me. I was a bit nervous earlier in the day, but now I am just excited.
My boyfriend is so awesome - he wants to make sure while I a awake and take time off studying this weekend that I will have some fun, and so we are trying out some new Wii-U games. Picmin 3 is super cool! I think I will play that quite a bit during my recovery. I also took off Monday, and Tuesday from work which gives me about 4.5 days to recover. If for any reason I don't feel well enough to go back on Wednesday, then I'll take an additional day off (very glad I am able to do that where I work). I am getting quite sleepy so I am going to get ready and head to bed. One last night being a A cup - I think the only thing I will miss about it is comfortably sleeping on my stomach. Good night all!

Post -Op Day 2

Hi ladies,
Day 2 is going better than day 1. Yesterday I couldn't keep much down except ginger ale and water for a couple of hours. I needed to take my antibiotics so I ate half a piece of toast, antibiotic with two small sips of water, and 2 bites of banana. It worked. I did take 2.5 percoset pills yesterday. I've also a pain pump since surgery which delivers pain meds directly to my breasts via 2 catheters.
Today I've been able to eat toast with a bit of butter and chicken breast and ginger ale. I've super swollen from the sides which makes it difficult to move my arms. Lucky for me my boyfriend has been taking care of by making me food, giving me my meds, opening anything really like the fridge too. Also getting on the couch and bed. A trick is to use your abdomen to get up not your arms. If I walk around a lot and look down I get lightheaded, and head hurts a bit so I'm going try to just lay on couch or bed at an angle. Regardless of all of this I'm so happy I did this!

Stitches are out

Got the stitches removed 3 days ago and PS replaced them with tape that should come off in 4 days. The bruising went away around day 6. Started exercises twice a day and have a follow-up in 3 weeks. I still prefer to sleep at a couple of pillows about 45 degree angle. Wearing the bra PS gave me day and night (do remove to Wash of course). I bought a couple of bralettes at American Eagle and one for a few hours because I feel better in the bra from PS. I'll post some pics later.
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