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I have always been self conscious about my teeth,...

I have always been self conscious about my teeth, do not show them on photos, cover my mouth when I laugh and have been saving money for some time and trying to justify the spend to fix my smile. Once I had made the decision and had my consultation I only had to wait 2 weeks from moulds to actually getting my aligners! I'm extremely self conscious so the biggest fear is people noticing, my chin being pushed out or my speech impaired - all of which I got on day 1. I won't lie, I felt like my mouth was full of plastic and my lips were huge. They feel extremely tight but I'm hoping that all the other reviews I have read are right and this will pass. I have uncomfortable moments and wonder if this is a crazy commitment to make but I know how much the end result will change my confidence. Will let you know how week 1 ends!!

Day 4 tray 1

Woke up today and the soreness seems to be calming down a little and I'm already kind of used to them being there. I still feel a lot more pressure on the bottom set despite the most crooked being my top teeth. I'm assuming the cross bite and over bite is being moved first before the straightening happens. Today is the first time I will eat out so have my little cosmetic bag containing:
Travel toothbrush
Travel toothpaste
Invisalign box
Retainer brite
As I said before, the first few days are a little overwhelming and you question whether you can actually adjust to the speech and feeling changes along with additional hygiene and reduced diet but on day 4 it's already becoming second nature! My teeth already look whiter and cleaner due to the fact they get scrubbed 5/6 times per day.
I do have lines on the inside of my cheek where the aligners have dug in at night time but hoping that will pass or will give them a little file.
Also managed to get my sister and one of my best male friends to make an appointment for invisalign as they are amazed at how invisible mine are!

Tray 2 - feeling tight

First 2 weeks have gone well. Tightness wore off after a week and didn't even feel like they were in most of the time which does make you wonder what they are doing! I still have a pretty bad lisp so everyone is noticing that I speak different so it's been easier to just explain what I have in. Obviously no visual changes as of yet but very keen to get to double figures as that seems like the changing point for most people. I have also uploaded a pic of discolouration - it's not bad as I have smoked the odd time while wearing them but soak them in retainer brite every night.

Tray 3

Just put in tray 3 and feel a lot less pressure than the first 2 trays. My teeth must be getting used to them! My lisp is finally wearing off now and only have one when I'm really conscious about them being there. This is the last tray before I get 13 attachments so I'm going to make the most of them being this invisible! Iv also lost a few pounds from not snacking at work which is a bonus. No visible changes as yet but still early days ;)

Tray 6

Sorry it's been a while! Put in tray 6 last night, still no changes visually however finally starting to feel pressure on the upper front teeth that made me have this in the first place! Half way through tooth whitening and it's driving me crazy, so sensitive. Having attachments put on next week as soon as whitening is complete so hoping they help things move quicker. 3 months flown. Here's to another 12!

Tray 6 and attachments

I had 13 attachments put on yesterday. As I had just finished my first set of whitening, the cold air hurt like hell! 2 of them have already fallen off so need to make another appointment to go through it all again! Got trays 7-10 and I can't see any difference in this tray to tray 10 which is disappointing. Although friends are saying they can see a huge improvement already

Tray 10 - double figures!

Finally at tray 20

Starting to see changes on those front teeth!

Gaps in tray 22? Is this ok?

Just put in tray 22 and the two teeth either side my two front teeth don't seem to fit properly. Gaps at the top and spaces between the ridge of my teeth and aligner. Does anyone know if this is ok or should I speak to my orthodontist?

Tray 27/31

Finally got last date, attachments coming off in 7 weeks! Then polish and whitening. Hope the top few straighten even more now it's near the end!
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