Breast Lift to Correct Not-so Sagging Breasts - Stafford, TX

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As you will see from my photos, I had slight...

As you will see from my photos, I had slight sagging of my breasts, and I felt they were a tad too big. So I've been researching breast reduction/lift but was terrified of the vertical scar. I learned of Dr. Horndeski's technique that achieves a lift without scars and thought it was perfect for me. Hopefully my "boob greed" will not result in the mangling of my boobs! LOL . So I traveled to TX to do the pre-op and the doctor discouraged me from getting a reduction. So we agree that he will lipo the breast that is slightly bigger- the right one and some liposuction on my arms also.

Day of Surgery:
Surgery went without complications and since I am traveling by myself, I had to get someone to take care of my afterwards. One of the ladies from the office took me from the surgery facility to the hotel, where the caregiver (Shelly? sp) was already waiting for me. I must say that both were outstanding in the immediate after care I received, I don't think that I could have done it without them.

Day 1 post op:
I'm staying at the Staybridge, which offers special rates for Dr. Horndeski patients. It is a beautiful hotel, beat all my expectations. The linens are 100% cotton, room super clean, etc. They also offer a shuttle to the doctor's office. So the big reveal occurs and my boobs look HUGE. But it's probably because they swollen, I'm told. I forgot to bring my bras, so the PA was kind enough to bring me to the hotel and fit me in the bra she recommended (from the ones I had).

Later I look at my breasts again, and I see things that I don't like at all. The breast that was liposuctioned has a dent making the side of the breast look like the outline of an 8. The area of the areola where the stitches are is totally indented.

Day 2 post op.
I decide to email photos to the PA about the issues I am seeing and she replied that "you will see subtle changes over time, just continue wearing the bra". I was hoping they would say "yes, this will go away, it takes approximately XYZ time" or some other explanation of why my results are different from everyone else I've seen.

Day 3 post op.
I called the PA to see if I can schedule seeing the doctor before I leave town today (Sunday), since he had mentioned that we could possibly arrange this. She calls me back and I explain again that the area around the areola is totally indented, and that the right side of my breast is flat with an odd shape. She replies the same thing, that I will "see small changes over time". Which is NOT reassuring at all. What I wanted to hear is "yes, this will go away in approximately so-and-so months". Or "we can correct it if it stays like that" Right at this moment I feel this was possibly the biggest mistake.

She will send me the post-op pictures, if they look good in those then these issues may be due to the swelling. Right now my boobs look deformed :(

Day 3 post op (continued): The doctor called me...

Day 3 post op (continued):
The doctor called me just before I left for the airport and we discussed my concerns. He said that with the swelling the shape is distorted but that the indentation around the areola should event out with time. So I need to be patient!

Day 4 Post op:
I am not using more pain relievers because in all honesty the Vicodin and Flexeril were not making a dent on the pain but made me feel groggy. Pain is not too bad at this point.

Day 8 post op: There is not much to update, I...

Day 8 post op:

There is not much to update, I will post more photos at the 2 week mark when I think the bruises from the lipo will be a lot better and the swelling on my right breast has subsided more ( and it is making a nice progress). Gosh the lipo on the breast is kinda painful. Not sure if I notice it more because the side that was not lipoed is virtually pain free. Before the surgery I had a mammogram to get a baseline and yesterday they called be to try to schedule another appointment because my my tissue is extremely dense and they need to take more shots. I told them that I wouldn't be able to until a few months because I just had a lift. I wonder if the doctor was able to lipo any fat at all now that I realize my tissue is dense.

So today I wore a tight turtleneck sweater that I sometimes felt uncomfortable wearing to work because my boobs looked big and it looks so much better now. Although my breasts are the same size (probably slightly bigger because the swelling) I think it is the SIDES that make a difference. They don't project to the sides as before and it makes my rack look so much better hehe. Hopefully I will look good undressed at some point as well!

Here are my 2 month post op photos. Overall, the...

Here are my 2 month post op photos. Overall, the puckering is still there and there is less upper pole fullness than I wanted, but to be fair in looking at the photos of other patients, their results are similar to mine. I don't think I would be comfortable going without a bra... I did the "pen test" and I did not pass, LOL ( the test consists in placing a pen under each breast, if it does not fall it means that you would not look good without a bra). But what I am very happy with the is the liposuction. My bra rolls are virtually gone. I tried some spagetti strap bikinis and they look great too. I think the puckering look is exacerbated by the discoloration I have around the areolas- which are a tad bigger than ideal but I was told that was to avoid too much puckering. I REALLY want that gone, I don't want to have intimacy problems now because of this.

Results after revision to areolas

I had my areolas revised on 8/12/2013 (6 months after). The look a lot better after the revision, they were just too big with an exaggerated dome shape. The revision did almost not hurt under local anesthesia. All in all I am pleased with the results, I could see the difference immediately after. The breast that was liposuctioned has shrinked a lot. The photo I am adding is before and 6 weeks after the revision. I had the mini- breast lift.

Dermapen Treatment for scars and stretchmarks 6 months after revision.

So exactly 6 months after my revision, I still had a small hole and some scarring/puckering. I also have some stretch marks that I hate, and I've been reading about a new treatment called Dermapen. I purchased 5 treatments and had the first one about 2 weeks ago. The technician said she could make the scar around the areola much better and help with the puckering. I swear I am already seeing results, at least the small hole has closed like 95%. The treatment lasts 5 months (one per month) so I will post an update at a later point.
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Everything turned out well for me. The office kept in touch with me and revised my areolas so they looked even better.

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