My 50th Birthday Present .... to Myself. Worcester, MA

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Well tomorrow is the day. I'm very excited, and a...

Well tomorrow is the day. I'm very excited, and a bit nervous all at the same time. There was a time in my life where my eyes were one of my best features ... but not so much any more. I hate seeing pictures of myself, I always look tired. Well, tomorrow, I hope to change all that, and get those beautiful eyes back. I turned 50 last December, and decided it was just time to take care of things, and make myself happy with the way I look. I'm spending today prepping some food for the next few days, and my girlfriends will do shifts here tomorrow to make sure I have everything I need and make sure I'm comfortable.
I will check back in tomorrow ....

Day of surgery

Well, my eyes were done this morning! My appt was at 8:00, and I was on my way home by 9:15. Quick, and quite honestly, painless. I will be honest, it is looking scary at the moment, but I'm quite confident that the end result will be fabulous. Stitches are in until next Monday, that is a bit disappointing, as I was hoping they would be out before the weekend. Just on some tylenol for now, hopefully it doesn't get too painful today.
My surgeon and his staff couldn't have been nicer--they made the experience a good one overall.
I have found that icing one eye at a time is much more bearable. But that is just a personal preference.
I will write more tomorrow.

One day post op

Well today is supposed to be the worst day. My eyes look worst than I feel. No real pain at all. Icing it is certainly keeping the swelling down--I certainly see the difference after icing them for a while. The redness/bruising is starting to move from just below the scars to under the eye.
My doctor called this morning to see how everything was going--which I found comforting for sure. He reassured me that I just had to get through today, and it's all down hill from here.
Sleeping last night was the only discomfort--and that is just because I slept on the couch and had 2 pillows under my head .... So not because of any eye pain. Eventually took some NyQuil I had handy and slept better.
I will admit to already becoming a bit stir crazy, but I figure I just have one more day of hanging in the couch, then I can work or do some things around the house starting tomorrow. Sometimes taking it easy is a boring for me!
I will keep you updated on my progress.

Two day post op

Feeling pretty good today. I slept in my bed last night, and although I woke up a few times, I got a good nights sleep. I took a nice hot shower, and I'm ready to face the day. I honestly thought I would look like a train wreck, but I'm pleasantly surprised. No real bruising as of yet ... does this mean that I may not get any? I guess we shall see in the coming days. I was a little worried last night as one eye looked bigger than the other, but I can't be so quick to judge, as today they look better. Still going to ice plenty today, just because I have nothing else to do :)
Will keep you updated.

Day 4

Well I'm 4 days post op. I think things are slowly progressing .... Becoming a bit inpatient as we approach the weekend. I will admit to throwing on some makeup and going out for a beverage with my friends last night--obviously nothing near the stitches, but it was amazing what a little concealer and lipstick can do to a girls spirit. My glasses that I use to drive strategically hide the stitches, so no one knew any better. For my own sanity, I needed to get out of the house ... And after all, it was National Beer Day!
Things look and feel better and better each day. I've never been a patient woman, but I'm learning!
Ok, back to healing .....

Stitches out!

My stitches came out today. That might have hurt worse than the procedure and recovery! Ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration ... But not really. Besides the redness and a little swelling, I think they are looking good. I was worried that one was looking bigger, but that has changed a bit today.

Day 12

It's been 12 days now. I'm still a little swollen, but I'm loving the results so far. I put a little make up on them this morning, and apparently I need a little practice, as I haven't used eyeshadow in a very long time! Off to Europe for work for a week, and will post photos again when I return at 20 days.

25 days

Here is a 25 day photo. My incision lines are still pink and I have a few raised spots and some puffiness on the sides, but otherwise, all good. I have tried a few things to make them better quicker, which I don't think really works ... I just need to practice some patience. I was putting some Neosporin for scars on them, and although I think it started out good, I think it was irritating them a bit. I had flown out of the country on business, and found that my incisions got a bit redder during that time. I emailed my doctor who told me to stop putting the Neosporin on them, as it was probably irritating them. I have since tried bio oil on them, and now I’m just trying some Vitamin E … which seems to be doing the trick. I think it just takes time. They look better and better every day.

I really do love the results so far

A before and after .. 35 days

Thought this was a good before and after to share.

43 days .. Photo as requested

As requested, here is a current photo with my eyelids down and no make up on.

4 month mark

Just thought I would give a 4 month update. Overall, I think they are healing great, and I so very happy with the results. I took a close up of my eye, so that you can see that the scar is pretty much gone. Few bumps, but I'm sure they will disappear in time.
Dr. David C. Kim, MD

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