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Although it was difficult to post these before...

Although it was difficult to post these before pics I feel I owe it to this wonderful community and to all of the woman that did it before me. It was those woman that gave me the courage to go and peruse something I have wanted for a while now. So now it is my turn to share my journey to pay it forward.
After searching this site for two yrs. I never felt comfortable with committing, that is until I saw a review of Dr. Kass., I immediately knew he was my guy! I have had two consults with him and go for my final before surgery on Mon February 1st. I feel very confident in my decision. I will be having a face lift, brow lift and upper/lower bleph. I love that my Dr. is an Oculoplastic Surgeon, specializing in faces.
So I have stopped ibuprophen, my bromelain comes today and I have stocked up on protein shakes and sugar free jello.

Smoke And Mirrors

I had to post a picture that showed if I pulled out every makeup trick ever invented, had the right lighting, the right camera angle and raised my brows to the heavens, I could look decent. Smoke and mirrors. It would not take long for me to stop holding my face up and catch my reflection and wonder "when did that happen!"
I had a really strange reaction recently while shopping and seeing myself in the mirror. I was having a great time in my favorite store, TJMaxx, when I caught my reflection, my inner voice actually said, " oh, that's right, I am old" and as I turned away, I felt my shoulders hunch over, my head droop and my pace slow.....Looking old is having a psychological effect on me that I never realized! Can anyone relate to this?

Denial, it's not just a river in Egypt

When I woke this morning I was greeted by a very peaceful, zen like state. I compared it to my all so familiar experience of travel, anxious and frantic trying to prepare in the weeks before, stressful jumping through the hoops at the airport and then, peaceful bliss when I am in my seat. Yeah me! I got this.
Fast forward 1 hr later:
Had this. My peaceful, zen like state was shortly lived, but how I enjoyed it for those 60 minutes. Upon looking in the mirror this morning I was convinced I looked great and was being silly about needing any surgery. I thought, what have I done? I have my final consult today and surgery scheduled on Friday! It must be those last 5 pounds I have recently lost that made all the difference. I quickly grabbed my camera to document proof of this miraculous event, took 2 selfish and thought, yup....you are delusional and in deep denial! How our mind plays tricks on us. Buckle your seat belts, we are in for one heck of a roller coaster ride.
AND.....just to make sure the dr. see's the gravity(pun intended)of the situation, I am going in bare faced. Do I really believe I might have tricked him into thinking I look better than I actually do with all my expertise highlighting, contouring and camouflage skills? Apparently so......I have attached my pics from this morning, just as a reminder, to myself, of why I need this.

Feeling blessed

Monday was my third and final consult in preparation for my surgery Friday.

I am feeling blessed to not only be able to have these procedures but also that I have found an amazing Dr.
Dr.Kass is a kind and caring man. He patiently listened to all of my concerns, answered all of my questions and reassured me how beautiful my results are going to be and how pleased I will be.

His office staff, Mary and Kate are very helpful, knowledgeable and comforting.
I am so looking forward to taking this journey as part of my total rejuvination, mind, body and spirit. I have decided to dedicate my recovery to furthering my connection with Christ, through prayer, meditation and study.

Ready to do this!

6 am getting ready to head to the surgery center, procedures are to begin at 9. Last night's sleep was the best I have had in weeks. Feeling positive.

Day 1

Finished at 2:30 yesturday, home by 5. Resting and icing today....and icing some more.

Day 2

What a difference a day makes, feeling much better today.

Day 4 feeling thankful

Beautiful flowers arrived today from Dr. Kass and staff, class act all the way ladies!
Sometimes it is the smallest things in life that mean so much.

We are the lollipop kids!

Day 8 of recovery.
Yesturday was my first day out. Hubby and I took a convertible ride to the beach. It was great to feel the fresh air and sunshine. Temps were in the low 70's and it was perfect. Between my baseball cap, glasses and chin strap the only part of my face that was exposed was a quarter size spot on each cheek, that I slathered in spf 30, lol.
My first week of recovery has gone by very fast. It is amazing how quickly we heal. Going into the surgery I felt I had prepared myself as to what to expect in the days afterwards and I am glad to report all went as anticipated. The small issues I had were difficulty opening my jaws and intermittent blurry vision. The surprising thing that I found was how quickly these issues cleared on their own, within the first 3-4 days. I did struggle with getting enough calories as my Atkins shakes were only 160 calories each and 3 a day with sugar free jello was not nearly enough. As soon as I added shredded chicken and squash I noticed a huge difference in my stregnth. A word to those on low carb, the day of surgery you will be many hours without food so your first bit of food needs to be carbs to avoid low blood sugar. I was warned about this the day before my surgery by the nurse at the surgical center, she said they had yogurt, I opted to bring a bannana.
Funny story, I was standing in front of the mirror on day 3 and getting ready for a spongebath, I glanced at my reflection. Big, big head and tiny body. The song, "we are the lollipop kids, the lollipop kids" started playing in my mind. I think that was from the original Wizard of oz? I don't think I have heard that song in 30 yrs.
So all in all it has been a good week, I am seeing improvements, swelling and bruising are subsiding and my spirit is strong.
I wanted to share with you the words of a very wise man,
Healing is measured in months, not days.
This has been one of my daily affirmations and has helped with patience and staying focused. (Thankyou Dr. Kass)

New Frest Face needs Fresh Look!

New face, new look
I came to the realization recently that with this new face is going to come a learning curve on how I decorate it. My makeup routine for the past 2 years has been all about camophlage, minimizing and hiding flaws. Applying eye liner meant holding up my lid and fanning it dry so it was not smudged when hit by saggy skin. Eye shadow was completely out of the question. It is thrilling to think now I can actually accentuate feautures! I have always loved makeup and am going to take this opportunity to rediscover this passion.
I thought this would be a great project for all of us ladies to share ideas, tips, tricks and great products we find after surgery. You have all shared so much advise about the research, surgical and recovery process, I feel this would be the next logical step.
My skincare routine has been basically prescription Retin-A , moisturizer and sunscreen. The Retin-A has made a huge difference in my skin tone and pore size. I use that in 0.10% on my face and 0.05% on my neck. I am looking to upgrade my sunscreen and would love to hear what you use.
I have used Maybelline dream matte mouse as my foundation for the past year. I find it is light weight on the face and offers full coverage. However, with all of the bb creams, cc creams, illuminators....am I missing out on something? Please let me know what you love!
I have never had a dept.store/makeup counter makeover, maybe now would be a great time. Although I love the idea of their knowledge, I cringe at the idea of a $60 foundation. I have always considered myself frugal, maybe I could find a dupe, lol.
I have found a wonderful blog, called Hot&Flashy. It is written by Angie and helps us tackle aging and makeup issues. She also has videos on you tube. She is aging beautifully and is no where near needing surgery. She covers alot of products, high end to drugstore and everything in between. Check her out and tell me what you think!
So please feel free to share how you have enhanced your best features after surgery!

Over the Moon with my results!

Over the moon
Today is day 10 of recovery. I had my 10 day post surgery appt. with Dr. Kass. He removed all staples and sutures and is very pleased with the progress of my healing.
I am over the moon with my results! At only day 10! I can not fathom it can get even better than this. Not only did Dr. Kass address my issues of saggy, loose skin and restore a more youthful look to my eyes and forehead, he gave me a neck and jaw line that I have never had. I never imagined that these results could be achieved.
I cannot stress enough that if this is something you are thinking about, take the leap of faith and do it! We deserve it! Do not let fear of the unknown or cost keep you from doing something that can be life changing.Do your research, trust your gut instincts and find a Dr. you love. I mentioned earlier that although I researched for 2 yrs. I never felt like I could commit until I found Dr. Kass, he was my guy! I whole heartily suggest that anyone looking for a true artisan book with Dr. Kass.

Day 12 of recovery, feeling Fabulous!

As the swelling is subsiding I see this new face emerging and it is exciting. This photo was taken on day 11 of recovery. Some lingering bruising but nothing major. I feel that bromelain tablets must have worked because normally I bruise very easily and they are slow to disipate. I may just stay on these forever. I have a huge brick laying job to complete this summer, this just may save my legs! Last summer after laying a very large courtyard, I looked battered and beaten for weeks. I tried the arnica tablets for a few days but found they left a funny taste in my mouth so I stopped them.
I hope all that take this journey have the opportunity to make this recovery period all about you. It is a time to pamper yourself. Being a wife and mother we give so much to everyone else around us, this is a very unique experience to think only of myself. At first I thought it was selfish and self centered but have since realized we deserve this! I feel so well I am having a hard time staying home, which is totally out of character for me, I am usually a home body. I proudly pull on my chin strap, a baseball cap and sunglasses and head out to the beach. I feel the water, sun and fresh air is just good for the spirit. I have also been visiting local nurseries and taking time to smell the roses, literally. So ladies, be kind to yourself. I know in the long run it will make us so much better to care for others in our lives.
I have also found this chin/forehead strap is great for holding reading glasses, I have not lost them in days! I may rig it for my cell phone and credit cards!
Healing is measured in months, not days. Breathe.

Day 15

I love how things are starting to soften as the swelling is subsiding. I have very little makeup on in the pics as I feel that I just do not need it anymore. How refreshing that is. Never imagined I would look like this. My husband says he has never seen me so happy. He is amazed at how open my eyes are now. Best thing I have ever done....Happy 50th to me!!

3 weeks..No more senior discount!

21 days out from surgery....3 short weeks and it already feels like a distant memory. Most days I forget I even had surgery. It is amazing how quickly our bodies heal.
As I was looking at my pictures and had to laugh at the thought of my husband's reaction when he first realizes he can no longer get me the senior citizens discount at dinner! If you know Florida, it is all about early bird specials and senior discounts, which he has been getting for me since we moved here when I was 37! He would always tell the waitress' that it cost him a fortune to get me to look like that, he is 20 yrs older than me so they all be lived him.....I think that is what you call a self fulfilled prophecy! Be careful what you wish for!

Was he flirting?

Many of you know that for the past 8 yrs I was 40 pounds overweight and on this tiny frame, it looked more like 75. I carried alot of weight in my face so when I lost the 40 pounds I was very saggy, had heavy jowels and angry looking. Needless to say, I became invisible and that was my new normal.....and, I was OK with that.
With the weight loss came a little more attention, you know, from the senior crowd anyway, and I was OK with that too. Fast forward 3 weeks post surgery. Yesturday the strangest thing happened. I was checking out at publix when a very young man came over, excused the elderly bagger, and I am not positive but may have been flirting with me?! He seemed to be starring and smiling at me for a very long time? And when he asked me if I would like him to walk me out, he leaned in and said it quietly? It has been a long time since anything like that has happened, a loooong time. I politely said no thankyou and quite honestly walked out a little befuddled. Being a researcher at heart, I think this area may need to be explored, you know, for scientific purposes....so today I am gonna dust off one of my old push up bras and head over to home depot, lol.

8 Month update

My results have continued to be outstanding! So natural and absolutely flawless. Dr. Kass has turned the clock back 20 yrs. There are no words for the deep gratitude I feel. Our household daily mantra has been, "Thank you Dr. Kass!" Echoed many times by my husband first! I have found the fountain of youth. It is in St. Petersburgh Florida and his name is Dr. Lawrence Kass!
Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon

Dear Dr. Kass, When I met you I was already aware of your outstanding credentials, your artistry and surgical skills. What I soon learned is that you are also a very kind, sweet man that truly cares for his patients. You not only made me feel comfortable, you listened. You made me feel that we were a team and that I had a voice in my surgeries. I no longer felt I was in this alone. Even though my husband has been a very supportive partner, it was comforting to have someone on the "inside" who I knew was going to be there for me. That is when all fear of the surgery faded. Being comfortable with your Dr. Is paramount to relieving anxiety so one can enjoy the experience and enter into this exciting time with confidence. I want to also take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Dr. Kass for sharing you with all of us. I know a sugeons life is demanding and you still find time to be active on this site and answer our questions. Looking forward to seeing you soon.................................................................................................................. 8 Month Update! My results have continued to be outstanding! So natural and absolutely flawless. Dr. Kass has turned the clock back 20 yrs. There are no words for the deep gratitude I feel. Our household daily mantra has been, "Thank you Dr. Kass!" Echoed many times by my husband first! I have found the fountain of youth. It is in St. Petersburgh Florida and his name is Dr. Lawrence Kass!

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