32 Year Old, 2 Kids, 8 and 10, Tummy Tuck, Lipo Flanks and Breast Augmentation - St Petersburg, Florida

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Here it goes! I have been waiting a LONG LONG time...

Here it goes! I have been waiting a LONG LONG time to get the courage to go ahead with this procedure. I have had 2 c sections. My first pregnancy I went from 135LBS to 213LBS and my second pregnancy I gained 50lbs just a few months later (had my kids 22 months apart). I have always been very active. I dance and I lift weights. In the winter months when it is cooler here in Florida I run distance. No matter what I have done in the gym I cannot get rid of the loose skin in my abdomen. The breast feeding has left my breasts extremely uneven. I wear a Victorias Secret size 34B and I swear only one really fills it out, I refer to him as lefty. Righty is very very sad. =( My recovering with my kids was fantastic. I was able to get up and move about quickly and I never took one narcotic. I did have a bad reaction to my first c section in the operating room which has left me very nervous about having this surgery. After talking to several friends who are in the medical field, 2 being doctors, the conclusion is that I am sensitive to IV narcotics. Praying that I can get off of them day 2 or 3 and handle the pain with Ibuprofen and Tylenol like i did with my kids. Here is my journey! Hope it helps someone, I have been stalking these boards a while now along with watching every single video review on youtube about this procedure.

My Breast Augmentation

I just realized I never put info on my breast augmentation. We have decided with Dr Adams that we are going to do the silicon gummy bears. Lefty will get the smaller implant @ 540 CC and righty with get the larger one since its smaller @ 560CC.

The Doctor isn't right

I have no clue how to change the doctor on the top of this review. I am going to Dr Adams in St Petersburg Florida not Dr Adams in Sarasota! Completely different Doctor! Anyone know how to fix this?

One week from Today

One week from today and this will be all over with and I will be in recovery! Having high anxiety just anticipating everything! Ready to have it done and over with! Weighed in at 146 today and a size 4!

Weird dreams

Had some really odd dreams last night about the surgery day. Had people around me that I have only met one or two times and it was definitely not the doctors office or center that I was in.... anyone else have these problems too? Just a few more days! Wish it would hurry up the anticipation is killing me

4 More Days!

A few more short work days and I will be off for two weeks! I am self employed in insurance sales so its been eventful trying to wrap things up a bit. Thankfully I can always work a little on the computer or cell phone but I am telling everyone if its an emergency DO NOT CALL ME

Just visited with a friend of mine who had her boobs done about a year ago with the same doctor I am going to. I am borrowing one of her bras that the surgeon requires we bring to surgery but we requires a few different sizes so he can size up right. He's very specific it has to be either Under Armor or Champion. We have no place that sells Under Armor around here so thankfully she had one I could have for a while. I bought a Champion on at a Super Target we have a little south of us. Ekkk! I am getting so anxious. I teach dance tonight for the last time until its done and over with. Thankfully after the fact I only have one evening a week so I can adjust back into that slowly when I am ready. really enjoying seeing some peoples stories and to know there is lots of other girls out there right now in the same shoes!!!

1.5 Days Left! Swimsuit update!

Took the kids to the pool today with friends and thought it would be a good opportunity to take the last bikini pics! Living in Florida most Sundays I am in a bathing suit either at the pool or on the boat! Cant wait to lose the pooch and gain a bit on top!!

22 hours left

I got one of those free timers in the Apple Store a few months ago for my countdown. WOW! Just got off the phone with the surgical coordinator for Dr Adams in St Pete. Just reminding me of the things I already know, makes you wonder how many people had to screw it up for them to have to say it over and over again. lol Got all the meds, my bra that he wants to put on immediately after and all my paperwork with instructions. Gonna go to the gym tonight with my hubby and do some cardio! Juicing a little today too, green juice (spinach, orange and lemon) to help cleanse a little. Love my juicer! Tonight I am going to make chicken and rice. Something easy to digest. I remember the stomach pains after the c sections so I am planning that will be very similar so hopefully starting out "cleansed" will help the healing process! Hopefully I can hop on either tomorrow night or Wednesday sometime and give you girls an update!!!!!

I'm alive

Sitting here almost 2am and wide awake now cause it's almost Valium time and I've been sleeping all day. Surgery was almost 3 hours and no allergic reactions yeah! All was good. I was extremely out of it after. Had some stomach acid come up twice in the form of vomit even with the anti nausea in the iv so that sucks but I've been snacking of g free shortbread cookies and wearing my motion sickness bands so no more throw up with the meds. Boobs feel like I'm lactating and the tummy is very similar to the csection. Some burn and pressure. Feel good well not good but better then expected. Pics to come in a few days. Have no wants whatsoever to undress

Day 3

So I just woke up! I slept hard last night! Def take the Valium if they give it to you. If they don't ask them for it. That's been the best Med I have! I'm off narcs. They gave me dilaudid cause I'm allergic to codeine and it caused some bad painful gas yesterday. Last night I switched to Advil and Tylenol at the same time because they work on different pain receptors (this is what I did for my csections) so I'm feeling it a little more but feel better. Feet are a little swollen from inactivity gotta walk more today. Wearing my running compression sleeves since day 1. It's def not a walk in the park but it's not horrible like some have made it out to be. Maybe it's the fact I have a high pain tolerance. Stay on top of the Meds. My husband has set Mutiple alarms on his iPhone at night to remind us of pain meds and Valium. Write it all down too so you don't over dose ! That's about it!!!! Here's some pics! Doesn't show much! Today they said I could shower.... Idk if I want to unbind myself or not yet. We will see how I feel later on.


Yesterday had more energy. Last night I woke up almost every hour. Had a lightning storm too which didn't help. Feel sick to my tummy and weak. Probably because I haven't been up to eating much and it's finally catching up with me. So far today had some g free toast and PB and a organic fruit smasher that has a bunch of fruits in it(we buy them for the kiddos) hubby gave me all my vitamins plus iron and d and b12. Gonna eat a small amount of steak tonight too. My incisions don't hurt being on Tylenol and Advil: if you switch over make sure you take them together every 6 hrs along with arnica. Gonna attempt taking the binder off once this brain fog and tummy ache goes away. I think it's gonna be a roller coaster the next week.


Put on my big girl panties and unbundled! I was so nervous but I'm so happy now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel good is misleasing

I'm learning this quickly! If you feel good do 50% then stop! I'm down to only taking Valium before bed (really helps sleeping in the uncomfortable position) and taking Advil and Tylenol. I want to do more but then after I do a little I feel like poo. Let's talk about poo. That's not happening. Been having some sips and I mean small sips of dark roast every morning and doing some Metamucil but nothing yet. Lots of passing gas but when it comes down to it I just can't do more then that or it really hurts the mid tummy section. I got dressed today in my yoga pants and a zip up light weight jacket and I'm gonna go lay on my friends couch for an hour and socialize!

Day 5- I got a real shower!!!

Well last night I couldn't sleep in my bed. Just couldn't get comfortable so I went bak and forth between my room and the living room. When the house finally woke up at about 8am I told my husband that I was going to get a protein shake, hot water and lemon and that today was the day we would tackle washing my hair and attempting the shower vs sponge bath. We did it. I do have one drain and I knew not to get it too wet so I covered it up with a towel while my husband came into the shower with me. Luckily we have a handheld wand that goes with the shower head so he used that to rinse. I got the loofa! I got conditioner. It is amazing was clean hair and a little exfoliating does for you! I did use my dial body wash just in case. Still a little anxiety ridden about infection. I will go back to my organic method body wash in a few weeks or once the dial runs out.

Getting out of the shower.... The nurse told me that I was cleared Post op day 2 to shower and possibly remove gauze if I wanted to. Well... I didn't want to. I didn't want to mess with anything especially since I live over an hour from my PS office. Today I decided the boob gauze had to go! ITS AMAZING! Freeing! The boobs were really hurting this morning. More then ever but one that tape and gauze came off I feel so much relief. Steri strips are still there and look good. I had no bleeding on one side and a very small amount on the other. I am extremely happy!!!!

The gauze on the tummy.... I am not messing with it right now. I didn't get it very wet. Maybe one little spot. There is no blood stains thankfully (I must either not be a big bleeder or my PS is just that amazing). Either which tomorrow is my first POST OP so I am going to let them mess with it. Hoping my drain comes out too. Thats starting to hurt a little more today. Nothing else hurts. I am down to one tylenol and one advil. I am taking arnica 4 xs a day. Life is good.
Got very tired after the shower though. Sick to my stomach feeling almost. Been laying in my living room with my feet up ever since and sipping on hot lemon water.

Thats all for now!!!! Tomorrow Ill post pics once gauze comes off! I am very excited!!!!

Day 6 first post op appointment!

Drain is out!!!!!!!! Yeah! Go back now in 4.5 days if all goes well for another check up. If for some reason I really swell I can go back Thursday and get it taken care of. I'm so happy! Here are my pics! Still have some stretch marks but nothing like before!!!!!!!!! Worth every penny!!!! I am swollen and we will be swollen for a while! I did have some lipo so that's the side bruising. Now that the drain is out I have no pain there at all!

One week WOOHOO!!

OK so its been a week! I have virtually no pain and I am taking tylenol and advil as needed. Arnica Montana 4x's a day too. Was super tired last night after my venture out but I woke up at 330am this morning wide away ugh but today has been great. Still having some tummy issues. Drinking some dark roast with stevia and taking my magnesium citrate. It is helping a little. I went to the chiropractor today to get my neck adjusted, oh did that ever feel so good. If you regularly see a chiropractor tell them what your having done and get an appointment about a week after surgery to go in and get put back into place. This whole hunched over issue along with not being able to sleep in my bed has done a number on my upper back and neck. No real changes. Wearing my binder without the drains. Maybe a little swelling on one side, nothing major. Still my appetite is at a minimum, it must be the binder. Drank a protein shake this morning and just had some turkey and advocado for lunch. Lots and lots of lemon water. Doing my breast massages. All is well!!! Good luck to the girls having surgery today and tomorrow that I have connected with!!!!! Your in my thoughts!

Got a life again

Feel like I got a life again. Another friend came over today and we went to look at a few cars she's looking at buying. I'm in sales myself not car sales but sales so I can read people well. Lol so we spent an hour in the sun doing that and then did some shopping!! I just posted all my old bras and swim suits to our local Facebook yard sale site. Haven't worn any real pants aside from yoga pants lol so not sure about the pants I have some shirts that are too small already but gonna keep some for my daughter who should be in that size in the next year or two. Basic t shirts never go out of style lol I did some shopping today at target in a old lady motor scooter! Got some cheap bras on clearance at target to wear for work when I go back in a week. That's all for today!!!

2nd Post Op

Today we had my second post op. Had some good energy this morning. I was able to get up, shower, do my hair AND makeup! That was amazing. Haven't had the energy to do that at all. My friend came with me today to make sure I got to the appointment ok since it is a 1hr and 20 minute drive. Luckily my doctor got in on time from surgery this morning and came in to see me. Because we took the drain out at day 6 I knew the possibility of drainage needs would come about. So that is what he did today, needle in my stomach to drain fluid. Now that was interesting. Needles DONOT bother me. Thankfully. I give blood all the time time. First they numb you kinda like a dentist does before a filling. That was the worst part. The needle is big but it isn't too bad. My doctor is great. HE talked me through all the feelings and wanted me to tell him everything that I was feeling. Dr Adams in St Pete is really a great doctor. More and more impressed each time I go to him. He said my fluid wasn't too bad. He has taken liters out of people at my point and he took one syringe full on my left and half a one on the right. Not too shabby.
I am on a very low sodium diet and only drinking water and black dark roast coffee. I am sure that is helping a lot. Today is Friday my plans for the weekend are pretty boring, we are supposed to be getting a bunch of rain because of a tropical storm so I plan on doing a lot of couch sitting and movie watching! That really helps with the swelling too. I have to go back Monday morning to get checked out again and probably Friday next week as well. Supposed to have a few clients to see Tuesday and one Wednesday but that will probably be the extent of my work week. Taking it easy is key. Luckily I am self employed. I do teach dance very part time but I do have assistants to help me next week which they will def be earning their paychecks next week! That is all that is new. I will update Monday. Breast are a little tender on the side but I think it is because I have had to use my arms a lot because of no abdominal muscles because of the tummy tuck. Hope everyone is doing well! I am pretty tired from my outing today, It was about 5 hours out of the house. Ready to go to bed already and its only 4pm! LOL

11 days

Not a lot to update. I am about the same as yesterday. Small outings tire easily. Swelling for me has been mainly on my love handles where he did lipo but we are dealing w that Monday again! Here's my up to date photos

Day 13 Post Op Appointment #3

Ok people who have not had a TT yet. Here is a great question to ask your prospective doctor. After the TT and your drain comes out make sure your PS is willing to see you weekly at least for the first few weeks and drain and excess fluid and seromas. I am appalled at all the reviews I see and NO ONE is having there PS drain them. I am at day 13 and this was my 2nd go around. I go back about Thursday for another. He is VERY VERY much a perfectionist with this and won't let me go with bloat. All the you tube videos I see of women at my stage are so swollen and hurting... WHY IS YOUR PS NOT DOING HIS JOB!!!!!! Mine is fitting me in between appointments and surgeries but he is getting me in and getting it DONE! If you PS isn't doing this for you... something may be wrong with him or her!!

Ok public service announcement over!

Day 13 Feel really good. Today was my first official day solo, at I am at almost 2pm and still feeling good. I have a hour and 15 minutes drive to my PS (all interstate) so I took myself there today, met a friend who lives in the area so she went in with me so I wouldn't be alone and we then got some coffee at Starbucks down the road. Went by my office to pick up messages and my check and now I am home relaxing until its time to get the kids off the school bus.
Nothing is perfect. I am sore but barely on any meds at this moment.
By night time my abs are sore, like go to the gym and do a good ab day sore. I can sit up unassisted now. It doesn't hurt to laugh but coughing and sneezing burns a little.
MY PS is amazing. If I haven't said it before. I have the wrong Dr adams listed above. My doctor adams. is in St pete. I am so glad I chose him over the others.

Boobs! My tape fell off today in the shower. My incision is maybe 1 1/2 in husband says it looks amazing and barely visible already. PS was super excited and said basically the same thing. He said I can start silicone cream or tape in one more week, at week 3.

That is all for now! Ill update you Thursday after my next post op!

Day 17!

Oh it has been a journey! I have to say please please please do not over do it girls and boys. This is something I am battling a lot with the past few days. Pain is virtually gone, I am having some minor spasms in the evening. This is all part of the healing process. I feel good then I want to do stuff then I do stuff and I am sick to my stomach and out of breathe. Don't web md anything either! Your always dieing! lol

With that being said. I am happy I did this. Thought pain would be worse and energy would be more. Thought I could push myself through this harder but you just can not do that. I did some light work this week. Saw some clients attempted to do more but got thrown on my ass by the end of the day. Really really looking forward to a long weekend with the family and laying around doing nothing.

I did get my tape off yesterday. I had to go to the PS to get another seroma drained and he pulled the tape off quick just in case it hurt, didn't hurt BTW. I do have a piece of steri strip on one spot he wasn't overly happy with.

I did purchase a silicone cream that they buy through a pharmacy. It has zinc and some other things in it. It is silicone based. I am calling it liquid gold because even at cost its $80 a tube. I am going to use it though! I think things are looking good for 17 days out. I am swollen. My bruising is fading. It gets a little better each day that goes by.

That is all for now. My boobs are great. They barely hurt anymore. A little tender on the sides by the evening and when I first wake up. Arnica Gel is awesome for them. I use it right after the shower and let them air dry with it on.

Almost 3 weeks!

Almost 3 weeks since I had my surgery. Starting to feel better each and every day. It is a rollercoaster for sure. What is getting me thru the most is making sure my diet is on point.. making sure at least 100 grams of protein each day and lots and lots and lots of water.
Yesterday I experienced some swelling because I became a little more active. It was my husband and I's wedding anniversary so we ate out twice and did some light light light shopping. I felt like a old person who can't do much that was for sure. The extra sodium will ALWAYS bloat you. Since the surgery I had no ate out much. We have been doing our own cooking at home , saves money and makes sure you eat properly. I suggest that too. IF you don't know how to cook buy a crock pot and pintrest meal ideas too. Very easy to do!

My 3 week follow up is tomorrow. Hoping I don't need drained anymore. Seeing very little fluid build up. Wearing my original garnet religiously. It sucks but it keeps away the swelling.
Bought some spanx at target so I could wear them eventually for work, UGH I don't know how women wear those things, its awful. I am going to talk to the PS about that tomorrow as well.

Hope everyone else is recovering nicely. It is a journey but I am VERY happy I did it every single day I wake up!

One month Recovery!

Haven't really updated for a while so I thought I would share a few things going on. The stomach has been kinda at a stand still. Swelling happens here and there. Moreso at the end of the day. Been going thru that time of the month ( a little late actually but I heard thats normal after surgery) so thats caused excess swelling and bloating (blah!)
My scar looks great except for on my left side I still have some steri strips and its a little redder then the rest but thats just got to heal all in due time.
I did go back last week for a appointment. I was graduated to coming back next week! Yeah! It feels nice to know I don't have to be back in his office until next week! Its amazing actually, felt like I was starting to live there.
He already has brought up the idea of a revision sometime between month 6-12 to lower my scar and maybe administer some bonus liposuction. This would all be covered except a small Anesthesia fee but I knew this was a possibility and was ok with it. My doctor is a perfectionist he admitted it himself so he wants to see me seriously think about it if I am not 100% with my end result. Wont see that yet, only a month out. I love what I see already though, I am VERY happy with what I decided to do.
Its been a rougher recovery then I anticipated but well worth it!
The boobs are dropping more and more every day. They are very natural looking and the swelling has gone down soon much! Yesterday I wore spanx instead of my under garnet and we went out with the kids and some friends bowling. I wore shorts under my incision that I haven't been able to wear like that ever and had just a basic tank top that I would never wear along because of the excess skin. I felt so good, swollen and all! If your thinking about this surgery and still aren't sure, DO IT! Just be aware of the recovery time, give your body the time, don't put stress on yourself. Make sure you have lots of help and eat healthy!!!!!
Unless something changes I probably won't update until mid next week again after my appointment.

5 week follow up

Had my 5 week follow up Wednesday. Went great. I've been released until November 2 from any more visits. That is such a great feeling!!!!!! Swelling is happening here and there but feeling better each and every day!!! Had some spitting stitches but they did get removed Wednesday. That stung a bit but overall not too bad! Here are updated photos. Dr did mention to start massaging my tummy in the swollen areas every day! Literally saw the swelling go down last night after doing that!!

4 month Post Op

Haven't taken pics in a while. I have a revision surgery planned in march to lower the scar and to do Lipo in the front. So happy with my journey. This is taken today after a big ab day at the gym! Swollen!

It's been a long time but here's the new update!

Time flies. I am so happy I did the surgery. From a few months after the surgery till now my surgeon and I knew I would need to go in for revision. Like many other tummy tuck clients I wasn't able to get the results the surgeon wanted the first go around. So on March 9 I go in for A revision and Lipo of my belly. We are going to bring the scar down and make the skin more flush. Also for some reason my bellybutton healed very hard. I am thinking it was because the Steri-Strips fell off very early. He said he's going to inject it with a steroid and hopefully that will help. he is going to work on it when I'm under Anesthesia. Really getting nervous. Really don't want to go in for another surgery but he assures me this is going to be very easy and less than an hour under anesthesia. He is definitely a perfectionist. My boobs are great. They feel extremely natural. I will let anybody touch him if they ask :-) and that's the biggest compliment I get when everyone says there's no way that these are fake. My nipples are so a little larger than I thought they would be but I think they still going to go down just a little bit. Definitely a slow recovery for anybody looking to do the surgery but with the right surgeon it is definitely worth it.

Revision is Thursday!

Thursday is the day of my revision. He is going to lower my scar, inject my belly button with some steroids so it heals a little better and some light liposuction to my belly. Got that poopy, stressed feeling in my tummy! YEAH! Fun times. Anyone done this yet? Anyone know the recovery? The doctor said it isn't that bad but I hate the idea of being laid up!

Revision done 12 hours ago

Well it's 2am it seems like the lucky time of day for me to be awake after surgery seeing as how last go around I updated the same time. The revision went excellent or so he said. Originally he said 45-60 minutes in the OR... he is a perfectionist and was in there 2 hrs! Scar was going to get lowered and he said he was gOnna stitch is differently this time to have it heal hopefully thinner. He did a lot of lipo. A lot I can feel that more then anything right now. Even more flank lipo. I woke up much easier this time. No vomiting. The last time I may have just been under for so long as it cause the vomiting. Came out of it way better. The office is wonderful. Everyone is so nice. I'll post pics maybe tomorrow. Not gonna undress anything quite yet.

Saturday after revision

So my revision was Thursday today is Saturday. Had lipo done on my abdomen but also more on my flanks and back too. The lipo pain sucks. I'm stiff and really beat up feeling. Trying to stay away from the narcotics because they make me sick so I'm on Valium, Tylenol, bromelian and arnica. Gonna shower this morning go get a better look at the scar lowering but from what I can tell it's super low.

10 Day PO Revision

Feeling good. Its funny how the revision is different from the original surgery. My incision was def more painful the 2nd time around. My doctors nurse (who's been with him for 23 years) told me that was completely normal. The other factor was staples were really painful till they came out, (day 8) but once they came out I felt a lot better. The cut it MUCH thinner and nicer at this point compared to last time. Im still very stiff from all the lips. Yesterday on day 9 I got a lymphatic massage. I just kept releasing fluid all night last night. (urinating) I have another one scheduled in about a week. This go around with all the lips my doctor put me on Spanx versus a binder day 5. He said its much smoother, much more comfortable and better results. We shall see.

2 weeks since revision and lipo

Two weeks out from revision and Iiposuction. Pretty swollen today because I was very active yesterday. All incisions healing much better than last time. In the pictures I have coconut oil all over my stomach so I look greesy. Excited to see what I look like in two more weeks. Have another lymphatic massage scheduled for early next week.
Sarasota Dermatologic Surgeon

I have only met him once so far. I loved him the minute he stepped into the room. My husband liked him a lot as well. My "free" consult lasted over an hour and I didn't feel pressured to make the date but I did because I knew he was the one who was the best for me. I have seen his work done on a friend about a year ago and he also does charity work in the area. He is extremely personable and VERY easy to talk to. I am excited to meet his team the day of surgery.

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