5 weeks post op

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I had surgery 9/20 today is the 23rd. I had...

I had surgery 9/20 today is the 23rd. I had bleeding in the left breast and they had to take me back to the OR so I was under anesthesia for > 6 hrs. Needless to say,
, I 've felt a little punk.

The outpt staff and my surgeon have been great. It was the nurse who noticed the abnomal swelling and called the surgeon back in.

It's been pretty uncomfortable but using Tylenol and the anti-inflammatory have worked well. I've taken 1 pain pill daily. They' seem to make me have headaches. And migraine s are way worse than my boob discomfort.

I also had Lipo of my axillary and flank.

He took off 1000gm in one breast and 750 in the other, so a lot! My initial reaction in seeing the girls...they look smaller than I expected. But my dear s.o. pointed out that I was used to really , really, big boobs and any reduction is gonna seem drastic.

My other reaction, wow, I hope they stay this perky. The symmetry is fantastic and I've never had upright nipples.

So as the 3rd post-op day begins, I'm feeling a little blah, but optimistic!

1 week into the adventure. Still have drains, many...

1 week into the adventure. Still have drains, many of u won't after this long but I had a couple of bumps ( see first post) . Back to the surgeon today, will likely have the drains removed and that will free me up considerably. I can't wait to wear a bra and get rid of the compression wrap. Still tender but so much less than I anticipated. Used a total of 3 pain pills this first week. Not that I wouldn't have used them if needed, just didn't need/want too. Used ice, compression, and extra strength Tylenol.
I've had significant nausea, don't know why but suspect my moderately sized hiatal
hernia is the problem. Having a tight wrap over this area is not good for it. Oh well, maybe today will change this. But it's certainly not intolerable.

Will try to download photos. What a difference!,,

One drain down, one to go:) my suture lines look...

One drain down, one to go:) my suture lines look fantastic, I feel great. Still swollen esp where I had Lipo. The PS said don't get measured for new bras for at least 6 weeks. The nurse, and my nurse friend who was with me, agreed that my final size should be about a "d", which will be perfect. I had a long day out and feel like myself again.
6 days post breast reduction and Lipo, with a second surgery to evacuate a large clot. Not bad.

I am truly following Dr's orders and allowing others to "do for me". Must be the key to a good outcome.
Keep those prayers and positive thoughts flowing my way.

9/30/12, Must be doing well. Spent yesterday out...

9/30/12, Must be doing well. Spent yesterday out all day, including a birthday party, then to a comedy show last night. The "girls" a little sore when laughing hard, but otherwise great.
Tips for pre-op folks; have several bras/ wraps, they always seem get even a touch of drainage., buy gauze in larger bulk packaging. Test your skin with the surgical tape, esp if you've never used it. U can get to in any pharmacy..
I live in Florida where it's hot! I've showered a lot, and laid under the ceiling fan to allow my suture line and skin to dry before application of the ointment and then covering everything up. Still managed to get a little heat rash between the girls. Really hard not to react to tape in this heat too.

Also developed blisters I believe, from the antibiotic ointment the PS officer used. So I took my own to the visits after that

But all minor issues. Just mentioning these things so you gals pending surgery may avoid some of the minor annoyances I've mentioned.

I honestly believe when all is said and done, I will be extremely pleased .

Think I'll wait a month or 2 before I post more photos.
God speed in recovery to all.

Hello All, will post new photos soon. All is well...

Hello All, will post new photos soon.
All is well with me. The PS scheduled me for 4 weeks this time, YEAH. And gave me the name of a massage therapist who does "lymphatic" massage to help with the swelling and "lumpiness" from the lipo. So I scheduled with her for Monday the 8th. Even if I didin't do the massage, he said the swelling, etc., would take several months to completely resolve. But this way I can encourage a quicker repsonse and hopefully be a little less tender. I have to say I am more sore where I had lipo than the breast tissue (had lipo of the armpit and flank area).
My dear fiance had to remove one of the remaining pieces of a "running" suture from around the left nipple yesterday. I found it when removing the steir-strips. He did a great job and all is well. The suture line from that area was a bit sore yesterday and the edges pulles apart slightly, but I expected that, seeing that the suture material was in too long.
But no worries. Everything seems to be healing so well. I am 56 years old (on Sunday the 7th) so wasn't surprised if there were any little "glitches" in my healing. I mean, 56 years old skin ain't like 20 year old skin, right? HAHAHA.
I am thrilled with the result so far.
good luck in your journey...

So I am totally frustrated. Still with open...

So I am totally frustrated. Still with open healing wounds. Last Wednesday I found a suture that should have been removed , so I removed it ( I am nurse practitioner). That area became inflammed and the edges separated. It's very tender, not like the other areas. Using the same antibiotic ointment that the Dr told me to use on the other open areas.
The other areas ARE healing, albeit slowly. I am sure this area will also but I'm disappointed to have had these complications.
Maybe if I had the surgery before the age of 55! And I thought I was so healthy and wouldn't have ANY complications.

It's wonderful how the body will heal, if we r...

It's wonderful how the body will heal, if we r patient and treat it well during this process. My skin is healing and I would say less than a week away from complete wound healing!
Yesterday I went for a therapeutic lymphatic massage to relieve swelling and "lumpiness" from the Lipo. Wow, what a difference. Both breasts, armpits and side feel better and softer. Have another appointment for next week. Hopefully this will make wearing a bra much more comfortable.
I've been sleeping without a bra for 2 nights. This feels much better too! I did ask the PS at my last visit if this was ok. He said when it felt comfortable, it is ok.

Leaving for a short cruise tomorrow! Bet my bathing suit won't fit. But I will definitely be going bra-less occasionally! Can't wait. I have never, never, gone without a bra in my adult life.

Will follow up soon. Best of luck your journey!

Well my boobalicious friends, I've made it this...

Well my boobalicious friends, I've made it this far and feeling good. Last weekend went on a 4 day cruise with my DSO , his 19 yr old daughter and 3 other college students. One of the advantages of living in Florida, close to ports=) we had a great time. One of the best parts, not wearing a bra for most of the trip AND wearing a new suit! I even let them take pictures and put them on FB. My chest looks normal for the first time ever! No huge cleavage, no sagging suit, wow, it's incredible.

Still sore along the side suture lines when I wear a bra for more than 6 hours. I have been having "lymphatic" massage over the entire breast and flank areas weekly for 3 weeks, but this is due to having Lipo, not BR. things are softening up and healing more quickly now. Probably will have 1 more than just give it more time. It ain't cheap and insurance doesn't pay (of course).

Overall, I would say it's been more "sore" than I anticipated but tolerable. Slower healing than I want, but pretty much exactly what the PS said, I'm just impatient and unrealistic given my age :) my nipples r way more tender than I expected, but I think that's a good sign of normal sensation. I was concerned about loss of sensation.

Will post photos when ALL small open areas are healed, and I'm almost there!

Hope this helps anyone worrying...i"s this normal"
Best to all of you!,
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