First Time Botox! - St. Petersburg, FL

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I've been thinking about getting botox for a while...

I've been thinking about getting botox for a while now. I finally got up the courage to go today. The whole procedure took less than 15 minutes, and that was education, prep and procedure. Virtually painless! Plucking hurts more!

I will post again in a week and in 2 weeks so you can see the progression.

These pictures are from before, right after, and a few hours after. No real change yet.

4 days post results

I am really liking my results so far...these pictures below show me scrunching and frowning, and just resting. In the ones where I'm scrunching, I am REALLY trying hard to do so. It feels a little like I wiped soap on my forehead and let it dry- but that is not even the best example. Its slightly tighter is the only way I can explain. Its not uncomfortable at all, just something I notice every once in a while. I've been told that on day 4 is probably how its going to feel from that point forward. I'd like it to be a little more smooth, but for a first time user, I'm not unhappy with the results. I will post again in a week to see if there is anymore change. Don't mind my eyebrows, they are darker because I had permanent makeup done on Friday of last week. I'm also pretty happy with how that has turned out as well. They will lighten up in a few days as well.

Major Change

2 weeks later and I was loving the results so much that when I went for a checkup I had him put more in along the tops of my eyebrows (since he didn't do that the first time around). Now everything is super tight, and you can see it in this picture- there is a wrinkle along the very top of my forehead now, that's it. The problem is, I really feel the tightness now, all the time. And I can't make any kind of expression with my left eye now. You can't see it in pictures, but I can feel it and see it when I look in the mirror now....its droopy, just ever so slightly. Makes me look tired or sad. I am really hoping this softens up a bit, because right now, the only thing keeping me from freaking out is that I know its not permanent. I wish I had left it at the first go-around, and not gotten the 2nd shots. He did 10 more units this time, and he said he was careful not to do that at first because sometimes it can pull the forehead down a little. I totally see what he means now. I go back on May 22nd for a checkup and we'll see by then if this eases up or not. I don't think there is anything that can be done, its just annoying. And it cost more, so I'm kicking myself for that too right now. Overall, I really like the botox, and will probably get the middle done again sometime in the future, but I think for a while I may let it just rest.

2 more weeks

So its been a couple more weeks since my last post, figured you might be curious how I'm doing. Well, its pretty much the same, except for my forehead does not feel as tight as it did before. I almost feel like I can scrunch up my forehead, but when I try, nothing happens. So overall, I feel better, things are slowly relaxing. My eyes still look a bit droopy to me in the mornings when I first get up, but otherwise, with and without makeup I look pretty much normal, I don't think anyone else notices. Not having the lines in my forehead continues to be nice :)

Starting to feel some change

I noticed yesterday that I can feel a little bit more when I lift my eyebrows up. And my forehead rarely feels tight anymore. So its starting to wear off now I think. I have to say that the more relaxed feeling in my forehead is a much better feeling, but I already don't like the lines that are reappearing on my forehead now :( I do think I will end up getting Botox again in my future. First though, my rhinoplasty is scheduled for one week from today. That is going to be my focus for a while now. Glad I did Botox and got my permanent eyebrow makeup done beforehand!

3Months Post

Still happy with my results. When I scrunch my lines are back, but I still haveyothink about it if that makes sense. Threes right feeling is gone completely. If i could afford it i would get it done again,but will probably wait a few more months. I have to pay for the rhinoplasty I had in June, and want to give myself some more time to heal from that.


I meant to say the tight feeling is gone.
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