67 Year Old Tired of Saggy Neck and Chin - Saint Petersburg, FL

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Hello all you RealSelf ladies out there! After...

Hello all you RealSelf ladies out there!
After much debating, arguing with myself back and forth, I decided it was time to deal withy hereditary saggy jowls, lax neck, and deep lip wrinkles.
One day I looked in the mirror and said OMG - who is that person! An epiphany I know many of you have shared! With the support of my awesome husband, I began exploring plastic surgeons in the Tampa Bay Area. After reading numerous reviews, I was drawn to Dr. Lawrence Kass in St. Petersburg. His credentials are impeccable, and after a consult with him I felt comfortable booking with him. We decided the areas that needed the most attention were the lower 2/3 of the face, jowls and neck, along with some skin resurfacing for fine lines around peri oral area.
My surgery was set for 8:30 am on 2/1/16. I had been quite nervous over the month leading up to the procedures, but got calmer as the day approached - of course mild anti-anxiety pills helped! The morning of surgery I took a series of prescribed relaxing meds prior to leaving the house. I had already been on a regime of acyclovir for a few days, and had been eating lots of pineapple, taking bromelain and arnica for a few weeks to help w swelling and bruising. I am a bruiser - fair, light skin.
After arriving at doc's outpatient facility I was given a handful of pills and put in a comfy chair. Before you know it, the surgery was done. Although it took about 3 hrs and I was awake but in a twilight sleep, it was painless except for maybe a little feeling of pressure now and then.
Hubby collected me after I rested a bit. When I got home hubby propped me up in pillows on the couch and I slept for 20 hours - waking occasionally for a codeine/Tylenol pill. Tuesday morning I awoke to a pumpkin face with tight skin where hetter peel had been performed. Had a little discomfort behind one ear but not much else pain. Had doc appt at 1:30 and Dr Kass removed "helmet" and replaced with softer wrap. I must wear wrap until next Monday when I can remove to wash hair. Eek - a whole week with dirty hair! Then have to wear a stretchy head thing. Next Thursday have appt where doc will decide what, if any, stitches come out. I am icing frequently and also putting compresses of water w vinegar to keep scabby skin moist, plus Aquaphor at night. So far, so good!
Will try to post before and now pics.

The old me!

Posting before pics jowls, neck, wrinkles,et al! Will send updates of lovely new me as I emerge.

On the mend

Today is day 4 after mini (weekend) lift and partial Hetter peel. Feeling pretty good, but still swollen and just beginning to "shed" the old skin! Expecting new baby butt skin underneath though I'm sure I've got a long way to go to get there. Had to take a few prescription meds (hydro codone/acetominophen) a few times first few days for a little discomfort but nothing now. I feel I've had less pain and discomfort than others who've had this peel. Skin tight from peel but not painful. A little bruising around jaw and upper chest from lift but looking ok. Still taking prescribed meds for infection prevention, plus bromelain and arnica Montana to quell bruising and swelling.

Day 9 post op

Hi ladies,
Today is 9 days post op. Peeling is nearly done , with exception of areas on extreme left and right sides of face near ears. The new skin looks smooth and wonderful with lots fewer wrinkles showing around mouth area. Still a little swollen so hopefully wrinkles won't return when swelling disappears! Still quite bruised under chin and chest area. I was able to wash my hair after 6 days and that was wonderful- took forever to get yucks out of my hair - hubby had to help! I am wearing the recommended neck support band 24-7 right now but hope that won't last too long, but if it helps swelling and re-adherence of tissues and less slack, I'll take it!
I go to Dr. Kass tomorrow for removal of ( hopefully all) stitches.
I'll keep you posted and will plan to post new pics soon!
Best to all of you!

2 weeks post

Today is 2 weeks post and I'm so pleased. Still some jaw and chin swelling and bruising, but a huge difference in reduction of jowls, neck and facial wrinkles. Today is the first day I'm free of the chin "bra" and it feels free to be liberated! Now I just need to wear it only at night for 2 more weeks.
I've had a pretty good recovery, I feel. I did get some yellow discharge behind ears after stitches were removed. I called Dr Kass yesterday, and though it was Sunday, he called right back and decided to call in a script just in case. It seems better today. Gonna try to attach a few befores and afters.

New pics

Day 14 post - some swelling and bruising but very pleased w neck, chin and wrinkles ( not!)

Day 25 pics

Hi all!
Just a few more pics at day 25.
Still resolving a small bump under left chin area and a ridge along right jaw. Being assured it will take time to completely heal. I had a lot of fat and loose skin to deal woth, sp slower toheal - plus at age 67 things do heal more slowly! Patience is not one of my virtues- lol - but very pleased so far.
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