23 Year Old Mother of Twin Girls. Getting a Full Tummy Tuck, Lipo, and Muscle Repair - St. Petersburg, FL

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My motivation on getting this done is wanting to...

My motivation on getting this done is wanting to be able to have the body I once use to have I miss working out and I really miss my abs. I'm also very nervous about the procedure I'm afraid of what's gonna happen after words. I had a c-section with my twins I hope the healing process is similar to that.

Got my TT today.

Today was the big day I got my TT this morning the pain isnt so bad I'm up walking around that's all I can do lol. I've been unable to see what it looks like. I go back in the morning for my 1day post op I'm hoping to see it then.

1 day post op.

I'm more sore today then I was yesterday it's kinda hard to take deep breaths bc of how tight my stomach it .

2 day post op 3/11/2016

I actually had my surgery on the 9th it wouldn't let me put that in the procedure date, but 2 days post op nothing really has changed i actually feel more swollen today then any other day I've been having to take 2 pain pills every 6 hours instead of 1 every 4 to 6 hours. I haven't had a bowl movement yet it's hard for me to even push a fart out lol. I'm hoping I will have a bowl movement soon I just took some laxative.

3 days post op

Not in as much pain today I finally got to take the padding off from where they done the lipo and I can breath a lot better.

Post op day 4

I finally had a small BM this morning I felt a little better after. When I walk im hunched over more today due to my back I believe my back is hurting more then anything els it's harder for me to stand up today. I will have pics of my cut and my belly button coming on or after the 15th. Doc said not to remove any bandages till he does it first.

Post op day 5

No pain meds today the only thing that really hurts is my back from being hunched over when I walk. Tomorrow I go back to the doc and hopefully get my drain removed.

Post op day 6

Doc visit today. Had the staples removed, still have the drain hopefully it will be removed Friday

8 days post op

Went to the doc again today has my drain removed. Lady's it didn't hurt but it felt so weird. My hips will fill out and those indents will be gone it's going to take awhile though.

9 days post op (morning time)

Not as swollen today but it's morning we will see how everything goes today.

10 days post op

I'm feeling really good today I don't have any pain other then my back every now and then. I'm able to stand up straight a little more each day. Don't have any pics of my tummy today. Not much has changed with it i have a little more swelling today. :(

10 day post op (night time)

Anyone ever felt so swollen that it's hard to take a deep breath sometimes? Bc I'm feeling that way now and I don't like it

2 week post op today

Everything's bee good other then the swelling. And the. I find this today called my PS may have to go in tomorrow.

2 weeks 2 days post op

Swelling is more above the insicion now. I can tell the swelling isn't as bad bc I'm able to breath better. The sutures on my hips on the inside still haven't desolved all the way yet, and again lady's that's why my sides r like that my PS done that to prevent dog ears and to prevent the incision from reopening or pulling on the incision when it heals. It can actually stretch the scar make it wider.

2 weeks 3 days post op

Random pics of swelling this morning. An hour difference

2 weeks 4 days post op(blue shirt is today's morning pic)

Yesterday's 2 pics r 2 out of 4 of those spots. They look like they r healing well. All of them look the same they r all healing. The pic with me inter blue shirt is this morning I love not being swollen that much in the morning I can breath better and stand up straighter lol

3 weeks 1 day post op

Went to the doc today. I had pieces of the absorbable staples removed the doc said my body was trying to get rid of them like your body trying to get rid of a splinter. Other then that everything is great PS said my insicion looks great.

B4 my shower tonight

Still not standing straight. :(

4 weeks 1 day post op

Everything is going well, I'm able to stand a little straighter now. My PS said I may have some more spots open back up due to my body trying to push out some absorbable staples, I haven't seen any so far and I'm hoping I don't. I'm getting a tattoo on my left forearm Tuesday the 12th I will be 5 weeks post op on the 13th of this month.

4 weeks 1 day post op

Just another photo of me sitting up as straight as I can. I'm still very swollen.

4 weeks 4 days post op

No pics yet I will have more pics on the 13th. I just wanted to let you lady's know that I weighed 145lbs before my TT and now I'm 130lbs I have not changed my eating habits. Coffee is my breakfast and my lunch lol I usually eat somthing small b4 dinner and dinner is usually the only meal I have during the day. When I'm fully healed I'm gonna start working out (there will be pics in the future) im NOT going to start working out as soon as I hit my 6 weeks post op, some of u might. My PS said that I could but I still feel like it will be to much on my tummy. I'm actually going to start working out around 3 to 4 months post op just to be on the safe side and I don't want to cause to much swelling before then.

5 weeks post op

My stomach is still very swollen. The sutures in my right hip are taking their sweet time to desolve. I can stand straight but I can't stand with a poster like I have my whole life maybe in another week I will be able to stand with a poster. No more back pain since I'm not all hunched over anymore...infact I don't have any pain at all unless I laugh. I am unable to use my scar away strips bc I found out through this surgery that I am allergic to the sticky stuff (not sure what it's called) but I'm using this stuff called Bio Oil I only use it once a day I feel it's not really doing anything, anyone know anything els I can try? I've never been big on using stuff like that, when I had my c-section I never put anything on my scar and within a year I couldn't even tell it was there. It looked like a tiny scratch. Come to think of it I wish I had pics of it lol. My PS cut where my c-section scar was so its gone. Pls read anything under the photos :) I may have some more pics later on tonight.

5 weeks 2 days post op

Morning time pics. I'm feeling great today as of last night I'm now 128lbs, I still can't stand with a poster hopfully by the 20th(6 weeks post op) I will be standing and sitting with a poster. The burn in the center of my incision is getting better it's really tiny now. My PS told me yesterday that I can lay on my stomach or my side and that my body will let me know when it's to much. I'm still sleeping in my recliner I will lay on my bed some during the day. I can lay flat I just have to keep my head propped up on a pillow. Lol it's kinda hard for me to get up though I'm trying as less as possible to not use my stomach muscles. So far I'm happy with what it looks like I'm so happy I had this done. I'm glad I picked Dr Dreshan he's an amazing PS and he's done an amazing job on my stomach... I'm hoping it will get better each day and I'm hoping nothing will go wrong. I'm hoping I don't need a revision.

5 weeks 4 days post op

I just wanted you ladies to know I DID NOT have lipo to the flanks I just had lipo to my abdominal in verious spots. My sutures in my right hip r still taking thier sweet time to dissolve lol. I'm still very swollen more so in the eavning. I'm so happy I got this done I'm loving my results so far. But I would not go through this again lol, my stomach is still hard and tight it's not as sore to the touch as it was a few weeks ago. The past 2 nights I've been able to sleep in my bed lol I actually rolled on my side last night and my fiancé woke me up to make sure I could do that.

Photo grid

9 days post op (batman undies)
3 weeks post op (black undies)
5 week post op (red/black undies)

6 weeks 3 days post op

Everything's been great I still swell more in the eavning my fiancé says it don't look like I'm that swollen in the eavning but I can feel I'm more swollen. These pics were taken last night. My PS said I can start doing light work outs at 6 weeks but I'm gonna wait a little longer bc I'm a smoker and smoking can pro long the healing process. And I don't want to get to swollen bc my stomach gets really tight and I can't stand as straight. I'm standing straight but I still can't stand with a poster like I always have so its still a little uncomfortable for me to stand.

Tomorrow is 7 weeks post op (27th)

I might as well say I'm 7 weeks post op, i went shopping for a bathing suit today I didn't want to get a bikini just yet so I got like a wide band bottom bikini. I love it lol :) I'm not suppose to get any sun on my incision for a year so it will prob be a year before I get a tiny bikini and ladies I'm not worried about my scar showing at all I don't mind them and if it bothers someone els then they don't have to look at me ;)

Photo grid.

Left pic is 5 weeks post op
Right pic is 7 weeks post op

7 weeks post op TODAY!

Random pic

7 weeks 2 days post op

Low cut jeans

Almost at 2 months post op :D

Yesterday was a bad day, where I've been doing light crunches I had this one spot in my upper abdomen that was hurting like hell yesterday it only felt great when I had my binder on. And I was eating all day yesterday day my boobs were sore all day yesterday and I got this pimple coming up on my forehead..... Ladies you know what that means, ugh PERIOD! Even though I don't really have one if I do it's really light and it only lasts maybe 2 days, (marina IUD birth control) yesterday=bloating :( today I'm feeling pretty good though, pics to show u the difference from yesterday and this morning, usually the morning I'm flatter I usually don't get swollen till after I eat dinner.

2 months post op

I'm loving my results so far just wish the swelling would stop during the evening.

9 weeks 1 day post op

Loving my results so far!! I still have some swelling. I was able to stand completely straight with a poster at 5 weeks post op. At 9 weeks now I'm finally able to lay on my stomach and prop myself up with my elbows. I've been sleeping in my bed since my 4 weeks post op. I've been sleeping on my stomach since a few days after my 4 weeks post op.

Another pic from yesterday.

I haven't taken any pics of my scar yet I'm going to wait till my 12th week, most days it's red and other days it's not so red. I go back to my doc on the 24th of this month for post op pics there but my PS said if it's still red by that time then to just reschedule the appointment. I'm still unable to use the scar away strips so I'm using bio oil.

Sorry it's been so long for the updates but here is a few photos.

I'll post some more later, I'll have to look at my calendar for my post op info.

6months post op!

Having a tubal 7 months after a tummy tuck!

I need help!! I'm now 7 months post op tummy tuck and I'm wanting to have a tubal. I need some information on what to expect and if it can be done without messing up my tummy tuck. I have talked to my plastic surgeon and I have talked to my OBGYN that's going to be doing my tubal they say everything will be ok but I'm still freaking out bc I have permanent stitches in my stomach holding my muscle tight together(from my TT) I really really feel like I need some more information PLS HELP! Pls talk to me about it if u have had a TT and then had a tubal I'll read anything and everything!!!
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