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I was looking into have mini TT a year ago but...

I was looking into have mini TT a year ago but decided to wait till I could maintain weight for year. I have had consult and scheduled mini TT doc said I will not need muscle repair or lipo and so I'm very excited but nervous. I love my doctor and his staff have been more than supportive! Now waiting game begins!

Exactly two more weeks

I go tomorrow to pre-op appt. I am so nervous! I feel like I've gained ten pounds in these last two weeks just from nerves! I am super excited too! I will post my before pics tomorrow.

Two weeks before surgery

Went to pre op appt doc and staff made me feel so at ease and more comfortable! I am getting very excited just wanna lose this excess skin! It makes me feel a little vain and selfish but seriously I look at it and feel it and get so insecure and uncomfortable with even my own husband who is not whatso ever worried about the skin like me! I will keep everyone posted!

7 more days

So 7 more days and I am so up and down! I'm excited and worried and nervous, I'm making arrangements like finishing laundry cleaning house good making sure kids and hubby won't be in need of anything! If anyone has any recommendations I am all ears! Like what has been best sleeping arrangement first few nights etc.......?? Thanks :)

Got a cold!

I have a bit of a cold and had to call doc and make sure I don't have to reschedule and he told me to go get Allegra and see how goes and I do feel better just scratchy throat and feel a little run down :( in hoping by Monday I will be much better I am so nervous and just in a roller coaster of emotions right now and I am in my monthly cycle but should be done by Monday! :/ I will post a few more pics tomorrow evening for more pre-op photos!


Today was the day! I was supposed to begin procedure at 1:30 but doc was caught up in another surgery so didn't start till like 2:30 was done by 4 and oh my goodness i felt him burning the nerves and felt every pull etc. I just had local anesthetic so awake through whole thing and a few times thought I was gonna go through roof but honestly not as bad as I thought mostly all in my head thinking about the cutting and stuff but when he was done I was ready to get right up and head home I felt really good a little woozy but not bad! My husband drive home but we stopped at Aldies to grab something and I went in with him maybe shouldn't have cuz it felt a little uncomfortable so now I'm in recliner legs propped up with pillow watching frozen with kids :) I will post pic with wrap on but tomorrow I will post more when wrap can come off for a bit! Totally worth it so far hope rest of days are this good!

All done with wrap on

Finished and getting ready to get dressed :)

Day 2 post op

In so tired and nauseaus. I went to doc this morning and they think nauseau was from hydrocodine I'm not needing painkillers right now during last night it hurt pretty bad, but now I just wish woozyness and nausea would go away! I am trying to get up and walk every now and then so I don't get clots but I'm so tired! Recliner is my most comfortable place :) at docs office this morning I got to see my tummy with wrap off it looked good but it made me feel so lightheaded to look so I didn't get to really check it out I think it just is in my head and I need to stop thinking about how it was cut etc, and think about the aftermath and the results!??!!! If I get nerve up I will take pic later before I shower :)

Day 3 feeling much better!

This morning I still let my hubby get kids off to school but then I got up and made myself some hot tea and took some pics (tried yesterday but got way too woozy) I am so glad to be nauseaus free this morning I stopped taking the hydrocodine and only needed ibp once before bed but not a lot of pain so far :) but I took pics and happy with the one when I'm standing straight but when I bend over I see no difference then before surgery :( please someone tell me that is wil tighten up! My doc did not give me a binder just a wrap with a piece of foam over incisions and he said I could switch to a Bally or maiden form type of support underwear and I switched to those this morning I had a pair already just support panties that come high waisted much more comfy! I am taking arnica for swelling bruising so help that helps! My hubby went to work today so I'm alone so glad I feel better! Sorry I always write so much ;)

4 days post

Feeling wonderful just tired! I am wearing just Bally support underwear per doc he said I don't need binder, I sure hope he's right I don't want to do anything to cause bad results! It is snug well tight and still kinda itchy but it's okay. I have not had to take pain killers for my tummy but I did take ibp this morning due to lower back pain. I took shower last night and did great no wooziness :) I took pics this morning and just can't tell if I am 100% pleased yet or not and if course now I'm looking at my cellulite on legs and thinking hmmmm can't wait to workout to get that taken care of or maybe some good cream (if anyone knows of any I'm listening) I am a little swollen (I guess, I hope) I also catch myself sucking in like I used too, do you think that's okay it's just what i do I'm sooo used to it!

5 days post nothing new

Nothing too new today, feeling good still not doing anything but watching tv/movies playing on phone....googling everything under the sun! Weather here stinks supposed to be sunny and in the high 50s tomorrow so hope to go out tomorrow. I'm having anxiety over not working out I wanna at least workout my arms...has anyone worked out arms after mtt I know I can't strain core but maybe one lb weights just small movements! Unfortunately when I don't work out my arms get big so I don't want that to happen! :)

Woke up feeling down but as day gone on Im feeling better

This morning was rough I get really anxious thinking if I did right thing and I get depressed thinking I still may have loose skin because that was my main factor not fat and my do assured me that mtt is for removal of loose skin so when I bend and see scrunchies (hence my profile name I began calling loose skin my scrunchies) but my husband asked if I wanted him to take pics similar to before pics so I let him and I actually felt better when I looked at them I may have loose skin when I bend but not really kind of hard to explain but I will try to make collage of before and after pics. Just trying to take it day by day. Oh and btw I felt so good today I swept whole house did laundry straightened up made beds and I felt it it was a tightening and uncomfortable feeling in tummy I had I sit but after sitting for bit I felt good again :)

Yay no hanging skin

One week ago feeling sooo nervous

I had an update all typed up and then had to answer a call and it got deleted okay so anyways today is one week postop, and I am happy with my results like I've said before a little concerned with the loose skin when bend certain ways but I cannot expect perfection especially with a mini and not a full with no Lipo. I am feeling good but get tired quickly. I am trying to not do too much but when you Feel good it is hard to sit in recliner all day. But knowing now what can happen if I do too much thank you to a fellow mtt friend on here I will keep it easy! I have a little more swelling I think now then at first you can see what you think when I post pics from today and compare from 1st day post I'm sure the more I get up and just walk around the more swelling because truthfully last week I did absolutely nothing :) but so far so good still happy with going through with it:)

Doc update today

Went to doc today for 8 day post, I was so nervous. I had full page of questions and once doc came in and checked me out he began to take my steri strips off but I began to bleed so he decided not time yet. He have me okay to go back to normal routine, he says I can jog/walk arm and leg workouts but absolutely no ab like crunches/sit-ups so I felt good about that but I am still taking it easy! He told me I could also go back to cleaning homes (my career) but I took 3 weeks off and I'm keeping off! The nurse said to doc even vacuuming when he said I could go back to work and he said yeah but not if I'm not comfortable. He seemed very confident in me returning to all duties but I know what can happen if overdone or pulled oand I still have stitches so even though I am extremely happy with my okay to move on I am only goin to start with walking and work up very very slowly to more! I do need to keep wearing cg and foam piece over incisions. He said especially when I work out to make sure I have foam and garment on. He said that he took 10 centimeters of my skin off eeeeekkkk!!! That made me wooZy! So I will keep updating on what I do day to day and how I feel and affects. I'm still in shock he gave me loose reigns to go back to pretty much normal and he also said I could resume sex with my husband but I am so scared I think he will be too, even though I'm sure he's ready LOL

Treadmill was calling my name

Okay girls so I got the okay yesterday to go back to normal routine everything but ab crunches or any kind of ab workout but I could walk and do arm and leg workouts so I am home alone and it's stormy icky out and I just can not watch another movie or read anything else so I decided to give treadmill a try I went very very easy I started to move my arms a little much and was like "ohhh"......it didn't hurt but I definitely felt a little pull on incision area so it's scared me! I started out thinking okay 10 minutes at 3.0 mph and wanted to burn 50 cals and I was doing good then my usual if not had mtt brain started being like well this isn't too hard let's go 15 minutes so went 15 and was so close to 1 mile and 100 cals so thought okay 20 minutes or until show I was watching was over (recording of modern family) which I fast forwarded through commercials so I ended up going 1.028 miles 100 cals 21 minutes :) and my incision felt a little funny and definitely a bit swollen so I sat and put feet up, and then I got scared I felt an extreme warmth under my foam thingy that I have over incision and I'm telling you what I got sooooo scared I was like nooooo please tell me my stitches are still intact....so I carefully checked about ready to pass out just thinking what could happen and well I am fine I just had heat from working out more than I have in 9 days :) so I am going to post pics of right after working out to show some of the swelling. But to be honest after all that I am feeling great and I am Though NOT going to let this make me do more I am too nervous and I am happy to just do a little and not lay around all day :) sorry such a long boring post but I just kept typing and didn't think about it ;)

Not a lot changed

So not a lot of change from last review but did want to say I walked treadmill two days in row 20 minutes at 3.0 mph and felt fine afterward and today I cleaned my house not an extreme thorough job but bathrooms sweeping and mopping and dusting and I listened to my body and felt no discomfort or pain but as of right now I'm exhausted so I'm gonna take it easy rest of day. I have not had many of those zinger feelings in and above incision last two days I think that's good but then again I'm a worrywart and I worry if I'm not feeling anything is the healing and process done and this is as good as I'm gonna get???!!! I would like to look just a little flatter and hoping I still have wee bit swelling cuz it's not as flat as I want and I am starting to get used to loose icky skin when I sit or bend way over! I am just seriously hoping when I do plank move I don't have a bulge of loose skin that is why I did this mtt and doc assured me I would be so flat and tight so anyways I just need to be happy and get over it and hope that when summer officially arrives I will feel confident in bikini :) there's always gonna be some kind of imperfection and I need to get it in my head that it's okay ;) I did take some pics of me other day in bikini and my scar is actually not covered in these bottoms so may need to go buy different ones. I wasn't ready to post but think I will go ahead. Happy Friday to all!


I like how look in pics but not so much in real life....just okay :)

Front view

2 weeks flew by!

Today I'm 15 days post and I feel so great! I was going to go back to work next week but going to try Thursday. I clean houses so u have been working in my own to make sure I'm confortable doing things like bending getting behind toilets and stretching to clean shower walls the only thing is vacuuming us a wee bit uncomfortable still but I take my time. I have been walking in treadmill, this morning I did 40 mins at 4 mph and felt perfect no uncomfortableness or pain! Weather is supposed to get warmer so gonna try park hopefully before end if week :) I'm posting some pics. My scar still has steri strips but you can tell it's still pretty red i started using jergens skin firming lotion mostly around incision but a little on. I was told by doc to wait to start using something next week but just a little I don't think will hurt and it's soooo itchy! The cg is probably the most uncomfy so far and still can't sleep great I can not wait to sleep on side again! I didn't really add much to this update that I haven't said before but I wanted to keep updating ;) here's to great week!

Worked yesterday

All I got to say is wow I didn't realize how exhausted I could get cleaning house! I went back to work yesterday and cleaned a home I took it slower than usual and watched how I maneuvered so I didn't stretch funky and it took me a little over 4 hrs and by the time I was done I did. It even feel like picking up my cleaning supplies and walking out to my car! I was so lethargic! I was not in any pain or uncomfortable just my body felt like I had been ran over! I had to go to grocery store and pick up kids from school and I seriously just wanted to lay my head down on steering wheel and not move! By the time I got home put groceries away and started dinner I got myself to recliner and fell sound asleep and I wanted to check to see if swollen but I was too tired! I slept pretty much of the evening and my hubby finished up dinner and got kids situated and we went to bed at 8:30. I slept like a rock. Woke up this morning at 6 and still feel a little tired but drinking some coffee and gonna head to cleaning job, I may take it even a little slower today. I want to cancel so bad but unfortunately right now I need the money so I'm gonna hammer through it! If not too tired I will post pics of swelling later on, I'm curious to know how much I swell because I have been doing treadmill everyday and I did not swell from that and my regular housework here at home did not make me swell but I definitely felt it yesterday so we will see. Happy Friday to all! I do wanna share one more thing I know my updates are probably long and boring but I want to share something personal... I finally got to make love to my husband. He made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world! I laughed and I cried it was sooo emotional! I did not realize how really self conscious I was before when that loose skin hung when I would be on top and I was constantly worried about it and the other night I started toget that old insecure feeling back and then my husband made comment how flat and how he loved my belly button and I lost all insecurities that were there! He got worried when I started crying he thought it hurt LOL but then when I said no it's happy tears he took me in his arms and loved me and I have to say that was one of the best feelings in the world! I know it's a little tmi but I wanted to share because as a woman we have so many insecurities and here we go through so much and have out wonderful children and families and should always feel on cloud nine but we don't that's reality! Okay now I'm done and hope everyone has a great Friday feeling flatter!!!! :)

Steri strips are off

Not sure If I'm happy or not but my steri strips were coming off so I pulled them off with no problem but now I kinda wish I wouldn't of I am nervous that they were keeping scar secure so not I feel like I'm not as protected in still wearing my foam thingy and cg 24/7 but I have puckering on left side and I hope it's swelling but I feel like right above the incision there's a ledge?? I don't know if I expected the steri strips to come off and it look Better but it looks worse to me :/ I need to go back over some if you girls reviews and see if you had puckering and if that goes away with time or if I have it forever? I'm also sad because all my bikini bottoms are too low and you can see scar :( today is just not my day! I am also discouraged with skin laxicity like it's not tight enough I don't know it's like I still have loose skin and it reminds me if old days preop! I'm hoping it's just swelling and it will get tighter flatter as time goes in and hopefully when u can start working and out there will be more definition :) okay I'm done venting ;)

Almost 6 weeks

So I have not did an update for awhile. Really not a while lot has changed but at my last ps appt. doc gave me green light to start working abs and I was 4 weeks then and I tried to do some crunches and light ab work and oh boy doc said it was fine but my tummy said no! It did not hurt but very very uncomfortable! So I did add running back into my workouts and started abs again this week and what a week will do because no uncomfortable feeling at all I feel back to normal with maybe some minor twinge feelings now and then. I am cleaning houses daily back to routine and I'm not getting tired anymore like I was so I guess when I said nothing really changed it really has now that I'm typing it up I realize a few weeks I have gotten over some stumps and feeling almost totally normal. I feel good about getting the mtt but some days I still get emotional and worry I should've talked my doc into doing more but then I think how much longer the healing process would've been and I don't know I could handle it so I feel blessed how it has gone. There's always a critic in the back of my mind because I still don't like when I bend over or sit my skin is still lax and scrunched but I try to think about all the positives instead. I have been wearing short shirts which my hubby absolutely loves he always wanted me to sport the crop tops before and I was totally not comfy and did not do it so now the warmer weather has come and I'm living that I get to shop for any shirt/shorts capris I want without worrying about that skin hanging over :) my pics that's I've taken really look no different then last but I took few just to update. Oh and I do still swell in fact a lot lately now that I'm doing ab workouts. It's not horrible but enough that I feel it and you can definitely see it from side view! I still wear cg at all times except sleeping my husband got a little tired if not being able to touch my skin and so I compromised to only wearing days ;) at my month appt doc said to start using lotion and massaging my scar he recommended jergens or coco butter or something with vitamin E so I have been using jergens skin firming on whole tummy and scar and I bought a bottle of vitamin e oil and use that twice day on stretch marks and scar. I think the vitamin E oil is working. I still have puckering but has gone away a tiny but so hopefully it will keep diminishing. Another thing I wanted to mention lately if I eat past my full point my stomach gets this uncomfortable almost like gonna bust feeling it's really bad in wonder if anyone else has that. I'm not complaining too much because it has me control my intake especially at buffets ! LOL but I don't eat unhealthy no fried not breads no starches and I still get that feeling. I guess that's it do now I gotta head off to work hope everyone is happily healing and having great success!
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

So far I have had great experience with doc boschert! He has been caring and he was straightforward with me. I was awake whole surgery and him and assistant talked to me about anything and everything to keep my mind off surgery. He even sang a little during stitching me up! LOL he did hit several if my nerves and I wasn't numbed enough I about went through roof when he hit them but he was so soothing and caring and making sure I was okay he just could not of made me of felt better and he is very optimistic which makes me happy! He was just great and I've only had one postop visit so far and he spent a little time just making sure everything was okay which I was have nausea and he was understanding and said to get off hydrocodine and take ibprophen he assured me it's okay to now take it! So far happy with results a little apprehensive about when I bend down I still have loose skin and I will address that at my next appt Tuesday :)

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