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I just went in two days ago to get my impressions...

I just went in two days ago to get my impressions made. Was pretty quick and easy. Got an x ray done, got moulds of my top and bottom teeth done, and pictures taken to be sent to invisalign. So now i just have to wait for the trays to come in! Most of the work was done by one of the doctors assistants but he did step in a few times to make sure everything was going well. I expect him to be doing the work from here on out.

I'm having it done at my dentist where i've been going for a few years now and really enjoy. They have an orthodontist on staff too whom with im working with. Every experience ive had their so far has been great so i fully trust them to do my invisalign, though i was cautious after reading some reviews. Ive been pondering it for a few years now and finally decided to pull the trigger and get started. My teeth are not too bad. They are really white and are in good health. But ive always had spaces in the front of my top and bottom teeth and it has gotten worse over the past few years. On top of that i have a bit of an over bite. My front teeth are starting to angle ouwards in the front. the teeth next to my canines are tilting forward a bit if that makes sense. I was recently told i had that "sexy vampire look going on". Ill try to get some pictures posted soon.

The cost was 5250, but my insurance is covering 2000. And paying it all up front i get a percentage off as well. So my total out of pocket cost is 2850.

After about two months, my aligners finally came...

After about two months, my aligners finally came in. Had the attachments put on and picked up my aligners on wednesday. Im going to have 17 for the top, and 14 on the bottom so it isnt too bad. Im two days in to my first set. They are kind of odd to get used to but not bad. The most annoying part for me is not being able to quite close my mouth all the way. I feel the pressure from the trays but the pain isnt bad at all. I only feel it when im taking them out, and eating is a little sensitive as well so im mostly eating softer foods that aren't real chewy.
The attachments were put on by one of the doctors assistants, the same one who took my impressions. The doctor only came in for a few minutes to chat and grind down the attachments. Talking to the assistant that did most of the work, she said over half the people in the office have done invisalign including herself, so that was comforting.
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