56 Y/O 38DDD Pre-op, 5'3", 163# (25 0r So Overweight) - Saint Paul, MN

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56 Y/O 38DDD pre-op, 5'3", 163# (25 0r so...

56 Y/O 38DDD pre-op, 5'3", 163# (25 0r so overweight), surgery was Oct 26, 2015
Doctor thinks I'll be a lovely, firm 36 B/C when all settled and done swelling (total finished result can take 6-12 months so need to take exceptional care of them and be patient) It's a huge investment: financial, emotional, physical, mental, etc. I plan to protect it!
Dr. Aldridge, St Paul Plastic Surgery, MN; He and his team get 5 stars +: Surgical Center --Health East Midway, St Paul--again, 5 + stars for Nurturing attitudes, cleanliness, etc
Felt like I was in the best possible care from start to finish. Everyone was professional but nurturing, accessible, informative, responsive!
Nov 2 : my first 7 days post op--I am sooo happy I did this! Took an extra year to make the decision and thrilled I've finally done it. Pre-op: I did not consider that I'd be in a leisure/comfort bra for weeks. Doc put me in one, but I wish I'd asked for / bought extras in advance (they suggest Target, K or Wal mart). I prepped my house ahead of time (because post op no stretch-reaching, overhead movement, pulling, lifting over 10 lbs, etc allowed). Got everything clean and within easy reach (I mean everything from shampoo and dishes to toilet paper. Trust me on this--I don't want to rip stitches). I filled my kitty auto feeder and poured her food and litter into gallon containers then stacked them on the floor. Ear plugs--I planned to sleep without interruption. Foam wedge for sleeping. I just happened to have one. Soooo glad I did because I'm supposed to stay elevated. I put a small heat pack roll under my neck for support. Soup. I made lots of soup for the freezer because "easy" foods are not the best. Healthy, low sodium canned varieties are okay too. Pain meds cause constipation. Salt retains fluid (you're already going to be swollen enough). Plan to eat soft foods, smoothies, veggies and drink plenty of water. IMHO this regimen helps flush the anesthesia out faster as well, the "light" foods are easy on digestion, and the body is in healing mode--don't make extra work for it. The body heals faster if that's all it has to focus on. Clothing; its cold here so I wore XL fleece pants and a zip up fleece sweater, warm slippers and a large warm coat. ID, glasses and a few bucks for post surgery prescription co-pay in pockets. Nothing else. Why bother? I planned 4 days rest from work. My boss made me take 6--Bless her--Sunday for house prep, Mon surgery, then T - Sat afternoon off! My healing post op is amazing. I attribute it to my doctor and staff, the surgical center staff--so sweet and nurturing, and to my commitment to rest, fluids, nutrition and support of friends and employers. My doctor uses dissolvable stitches and no drains. Recommends no cold packs so the blood vessels aren't contracting and impeding blood flow. No anti-inflammatory--aside from being blood thinning, they counteract the body's natural rush to heal the newly inflamed area. Post op, great pain killers--no pain. Stay ahead of it. The body can't heal while trying to fight pain. And sleep. Company is fun and supportive but I need to sleep when healing. So I did. Quiet house, short visits, everything on my schedule. Seven days out I'm doing fantastic. Want to change my sheets, hmmmm. Need to get some help for that and hauling the trash out (should've used small trash bags). I'm now alternating the power drug with Tylenol 3 and taking them way less frequently. Still lightly bruised, swollen /tight--like over-filled balloons, sore (I can tell when I go a touch too long without meds). Worked 4 hours each yesterday and today--light duty, all good. Trying to find soft leisure bras like the one doc put me in is impossible. I'm alternating with an old stretched out sports bra (not so good because the fabric isn't really smooth and soft). At my first checkup (the girls look fab) the doc sliced the bottom of the bra he put on me. It fell apart today--oh-oh, hmmmm. Still have some drainage and my other bra band is not comfy. I've been wrapping myself in oversized pillow cases, scarves, anything supersoft and sanitized. And yes, kotex pads are quite lovely where needed. Allowed to shower third day but no direct spray on breasts, no creams, ointments etc. Itchy like crazy!!! And when I don't lay down during the day, extra swollen at night--what does that tell me? My bestie been looking after me--chat, watch a movie, play yahtzee, whatever. She checks my surgery every day: "OMG they're perfect!" she says and then calls our other friends "They're perfect and she's healing like no one I've ever seen" she says. Her enthusiasm is infectious. But she's right. A few more weeks recovery and it's my job to follow docs orders to the letter so I can revel in having a future without chronic neck, back and shoulder pain. Fitting in to clothes appropriate for my frame will be nice bonus as well. Thank you, thank you!

Photos pre-op to 45 days PO

My recovery has been completely on schedule except for a few minor issues: mostly a few compression fissures that needed a little extra care to heal. Everything looking outstanding! Despite a bit of tingly-numbness on the undersides, all feels great. Swelling gone, shaping progressing, full nipple sensation. Neck and shoulder pain gone--yeehaa. Color stabilizing, haven't started scar reduction massage or treatment yet. Extremely happy with results so far. I believe this will continue to get better and better. Check in with surgeon again in 6 weeks. My team is awesome!!! and I'm so happy for this site and all the wonderful information and support. Thank you everyone and best wishes to all.

45 days PO

That's me. In a sundress. Without a bra. For the first time in longer than I can remember!
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Dr. Aldridge and Partner Already described with 5+ stars in review but also want to add--flexible. I was sick the week pre-op and they were so responsive about rescheduling if necessary. Didn't need to (really didn't want to) but we were in close communication right up to that weekend to make sure I was good to go. Health East Surgical Center ; Midway, St Paul also get 5+ stars--awesome staff! Made me feel like I was coming out of the womb when I was coming out of surgery. Quiet, pleasant, welcoming, nurturing!

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