38 H to hopefully 38 D !!

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Few days back I took the plunge and made a free...

Few days back I took the plunge and made a free appointment with st marks breast centre in Auckland. The main incentive for this is that it was a free consult with no commitments. Shockingly the dr said he would remove over 600g per breast at a cost of over nz$18000 upfront before the op, something I am in doubt of!

Surgery booked, roll on October !!!

Having just had a consult with NZ's only female private plastic surgeon has definitely put my mind at easy. All the doubts I had about pre and post surgery were calmly answered with lots of reassurance provided, thank you dr. Still awaiting the price of the procedure but this won't stop me!

Ten weeks to go, scary !!

Excited but nervous thinking am I making the right decision and about the what if's all the time, Guess that's natural I suppose!!! Main concern is nipple necrosis, any tips much appreciated .

No going back now !!!

All paid for now with NZ's only private female PS who is very understanding and approachable. Roll on 23rd October!!

Only 3 weeks till the big day, have I made the right decision ?

All paid for, pre op next week but after reading many of your reviews I am having serious doubts as to whether this is what I really want! My main concern being that dropping to a size D from a H cup and with my tummy being slightly on the large side, will make me look pregnant as my "girls" have been the main focus of late!

Not long now and the silly dreams are all ready starting!!

In precisely 10 days I will be feeling much lighter on my chest as well as my head! Have been getting bad dreams about the side effects that can occur, my main worry being boxy girls! How does one prevent this occurring and also any tips on how to avoid the pregnant look is very much appreciated! I am on the slightly large side and have been on weight watches for the last year with a strict gym regime but still unable to lose my tummy and I afford tummy tuck as well as breast reduction, hence why I can't get public funding for the procedure !

All done and dusted now the long road to recovery !

had surgery on Tuesday, went to plan despite few issues with the rudeness of some nursing staff, lucky didn't see her again post op! Surgery went well, down to hopefully size D or DD, at the mo I am an E due to swelling. Spent the night in hospital came home yesterday and feel very lite headed, only taking Advil and Tylenol, pain not too bad just feels very tight, however never realised how much one relays on sleeping on their sides and now can't! Tried the 5 pillow trick with no luck, just wish I had a hospital bed at home that sits u up lol. Any tips to relieve this lightheadedness much appreciated cos that's more annoying me than the surgery, yes I drink approx 2 lit water day and eating well, just very frustrating!

Over two years ago with no regrets

Nipples slightly outta place once everything settled down but unsure whether to have them repositioned due to the post infection i gained that caused them to heal in this position!

Now thinking of lipo to other areas but guess i need to win lotto for that to take place !!!
John Harman

Very informative person, just unsure if choosing a breast surgeon compared to a plastic surgeon is the right thing to do! Apprehensive of the side effects especially the possibility of slow healing due to fat necrosis as I am on the larger side! Decided to go with a female plastic surgeon who totally understood the concerns I was having and put them to bed for me, one very caring professional private/public female surgeon who I would recommend to anyone based at auckland surgical centre.

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