Sono Bello with Dr. Dillion - Saint louis

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Very nervous about getting smart lipo but it's...

Very nervous about getting smart lipo but it's well needed. Strongly considering Dr. Dillon at Sono Bello but can't find any reviews on him. Has anyone heard of him? The provider for abdomen and hips was priced at 9k because my BMI is 36. I'm a muscular girl and I don't think my BMI should be the driver to determine the price but anyway....

Ready to Loose This Belly

I really need a complete body lift but I will settle for my upper body first. Had a consultation with Sono bello and to do upper, lower and hips was 9k. Yikes!! I am only considering because they will provide financing with 2k down. Is this the average price? Lipo was only 6k in my area, ?

Sono Bello with Dr Dillon

I am having my surgery this Wednesday with Dr Dillon. I do like him and the staff at the STL facility alot. They were really helpful thus far and even though I was very undecided, they worked with me. I am having my upper, lower, and bra roles done. The cost is 7980. I am very concerned about the pain. My tolerance is very low and I hope I'm medicated enough for this to work. I will keep everyone posted

Today's the day!

I have to be there at 630am. I'm quite nervous and concerned about the pain. I hope this goes well. I will take before photos shortly.

Day 1 Post ops photo

Day 1 post op


My hands are swollen and I'm constipated is this normal?

Day 3

My appetite is wierd. But I am having a craving for fries. Just suck out all the fat but my body is calling it back. Will be eating better going forward. I'm sore but I'm doing fine. I'm moving around and out shopping to get some form of exercise in. I feel smaller in my mid section. But it's only day 3. I lost 4lbs.

25 days later

25 days post surgery
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